Transcending the Ephemeral Personality

There are four main methods for transcending our small ephemeral personality and for attaining Communion with God:

  • In the first method, also called the negative non-dualistic method, the seeker denies the existence of everything that is manifested around him, as nothing represents the Absolute Reality. For instance, he says: “I am neither the body, nor the mind. Only God alone is true (real). My inner soul is identical to the Absolute.”

  • In the second method, also called the positive non-dualistic method, the aspirant aims to directly experience that “Everything is God”, everything is nothing but the Inner Self and that nothing exists besides God.

  • The third method is Bhakti Yoga, the Yoga of devotion. Here the aspirant insists on totally offering himself, in absolute surrender to the divine will, on the endless love of God.

  • The fourth method is through total sacrifice, where the aspirant unconditionally offers all the fruits of his actions to God. This is Karma Yoga.

    The reality of the Samadhi state must be effectively experienced: it is not enough to seek information about it nor try to imagine it, as this is impossible anyway. The truth of its existence without living through it is a partial truth. One this is achieved, nothing negative can happen again to the spiritually liberated one, as everything for him is divine, beatific, eternal and essential. Here, the becoming, the dissolution, illusion, ignorance, separation and death cease forever. In this state the divine being alone in its original form is united with God – The Father.

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