TRIKONASANA or the triangle posture

Version for couples

Starting position:
Stand back to back with your partner, while your feet are distanced and your soles are parallel. Raise your arms laterally in horizontal position, with your hands facing the floor.

Execution technique: Bend slowly to the right, maintaining the body in a vertical plane (without twisting it). The final position is the one you can see in the picture. The right hand will rest on your lovers’ leg, and the left arm is in vertical position. The had is slightly twisted, with the gaze focused on the tip of the fingers of your left hand. The posture is to be executed symmetrically, first with the left arm up, and then with the right arm up.

Practical indications: Make sure that your feet are about 1 meter distance one from the other. As a standard, you will always choose the position of the one who is shorter or less flexible between the two of you. When you are back to back with your lover, depending on your body constitution, you will touch one another’s leg, breech or back. Try to permanently maintain this easy body contact, and in the meantime make sure that the posture is correctly realized, without twisting your trunk. In order for the posture to have maximum effects, it is better not to place your body weight on the arm you are touching your lover with. After you entered correctly in the final posture, you can close your eyes.
Execution time: minimum 3 minutes on each side, possibly in several executions.
Awareness: The two lovers will try to synchronize their respiration. They will become aware in unison of the circulation of the fluid energies which ascend through the legs, energize the abdominal area and activate MANIPURA CHAKRA.

The two lovers will also notice the descending of the cosmic energies through the lifted arm towards the abdominal area. They will become aware also of the connective harmonization on the psychical level, a state of courage, inner harmony, self trust and trust in the other and in the love relationship.

August 2010


Also available in: Română Français

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