Aphorisms and thoughts about responsibility

by  yoga professor Gregorian Bivolaru

1. To be free implies, among other things, the inner certainty that every human being is responsible both before the entire humanity and before GOD.

2. The wise man always judges himself as being responsible for all he does.

3. When we look from a certain perspective and see what is happening on this planet (Earth), we discover that, in reality, each of us is, in a certain measure, responsible for all the others.

4. Because of the holographic structuring of the Manifestation (WHICH MAKES THE PART BE SIMUTANEOUSLY PRESENT IN THE WHOLE AND THE WHOLE BE SIMULTANEOUSLY PRESENT IN THE PART), both the wise men and the great initiates consider that every human being is, in a certain measure, responsible for all the others.

5. Given that always, each of us does only what he/she wants to, as we are completely free, precisely because of that we are and we remain every time responsible for what we have become.

6. No human being may feel responsible and desperate at the same time.

7. Even when it is no longer capable to realize this, the demonic human being is and remains an absurdity responsible of the state in which it indulges itself.

8. Most of the times, when you try, by all means, to find a guilty person, look first of all into a mirror and not into a telescope.

9. Each of us experiences in the present what he/she has already chosen in the past and, beyond appearances, our future will depend extremely much on the choices we make in the present.

10. One of the most significant years of our life is the year when we realize that most part of the problems we confronted or we confront with were once caused by ourselves. Only then we will stop blaming our parents, accusing our friends, we will give up blaming what surround us and, at the same time, we will discover that we can be capable to control and even transform (in better) our destiny.

11. When we finally become capable to understand that, in reality, we are the artisans of our own unhappiness, we may say that we are ready to take an important step on the path of happiness.

12. Even when we do not realize this, almost everything in out life is in close connection with the good or bad choices we made.
13. If most of the times it seems to you that you are not responsible for the mind you have, at least become aware, as soon as possible, that you are totally responsible for the mind you are creating to yourselves. This way, you create the premises for a profound transformation in your being.
14. In the case in which you will manifest the necessary lucidity, attention and detachment, next time when you are either very furious or very upset, try to annihilate immediately that poisonous emotion,  saying instantly to yourselves: “NOW, IN THIS UNIQUE MOMENT, I AND ONLY I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DESTRUCTIVE PROCESSES OF OCCULT RESONANCE WHICH I UNLEASH IN MY INNER UNIVERSE.”

15. The wise ones can show us the right path we have to follow and more than that, some of them can even impel us, in a paranormal way, to walk on it, but still, it is obvious that this path must then be walked by ourselves, with the help that comes to us from GOD.

16. If you aspirate with your entire being for your life to be and remain a magnificent history both for you and for the others, realize that, first of all, you are its author and that, more than this, each day you have the opportunity or the chance to write a new wonderful page, able to delight you.

17. It is important for us to realize as soon as possible that, before trying to conquer the world, it is much more important to start by conquering, revolutionizing and transforming ourselves.

18. If you are in the situation of being almost always used, decide firmly that, beginning with today, you become useful most of the times. In order to accomplish this, it is essential, above all, to aim at doing only GOD’s will.

19. We could never hope to achieve full success as long as we do not look attentively and lucidly into the mirror to discover which the real causes of our failures are.

20. We should never accuse the sea for our second shipwreck.

21. For the human being who is full of commons sense, benevolence and intelligence, the past is a springboard and not a hammock (the hammock is a suspended bed made of a piece of resistant cloth or of hammock netting and, most of the times, it is used in open air or in small rooms).

22. It s not possible to built or structure something really good and extraordinary, ceaselessly relying ourselves exclusively on the past. Even if we continue to do this mistake, we shall realize sooner or later that we have missed the extraordinary chance of the present.

23. It is always possible to discover and observe the greatness of a human being considering the greatness of the responsibilities it assumes.

24. Even when (for the moment) it does not realize this, every human being is responsible and, precisely because of that, it can reinvent its destiny, with the help of GOD.
25. The worthy human being does not wait for miracles in a state of total inertia or in a larval state. It strongly believes that miracles are possible and acts being full of
hope and optimism, so that, this way, GOD has mercy on it and makes possible the
miracles it needs.

26. The most appropriate place and time we always have at hand in order to come to accomplish what is good, divine and sublime is “HERE AND NOW”, with all that we have already succeeded in awakening in our inner universe.

27. The human being who is responsible, intelligent and full of common-sense, always finds original or even brilliant ways of solving problems, while the lethargic and irresponsible human being finds always only excuses.

28. Few realize that before a human being might really achieve his wonderful aspirations and to fulfill his sublime ideals, he has to be spiritually awakened first.

29. The weak ones who are in the same time unconscious, larval and irresponsible have problems. The strong ones, awaken from the spiritual point of view have creative solutions that are filling with amazement and admirations the inertial ones.

30. The intuitive, intelligent, responsible and full of common sense human being is
constantly analyzing himself with attention and lucidity in order to discover in his inner universe the possible causes of his mistakes; the reckless and irresponsible one uses to ask the others what are the causes of his errors.

31. When the choices and actions of a human being are profoundly beneficent and full of wisdom, we should assume, at our turn, what that human being is doing. Moreover, in this kind of situation, it is of our duty to let him free, and in the same time to aim to understand him, having a creative attitude of relating to his example.
In this kind of cases, it is even very good to aim to imitate him, at our turn, in order to assimilate, in this way, in our inner universe his example. This kind of wise attitude is what we might call ”the shared creative responsibility”.

32. The wise ones are always respecting ”the golden rule of the 3 R”: full of dignity Respect towards ourselves; full of common sense Respect towards the others; complete Responsibility of all the actions we are doing.

33. No human being with dignity and common sense can be or remain always frustrated in a world of perverted people.

34. Even when we are not realizing it (for the time being), we are completely responsible for our thoughts, intentions and deeds. Not even if they would take refuge on the Moon, neither if they would submerge somewhere on the bottom of the depths of the ocean, nor if they would hide in the deepest cave somewhere in the mountains, no matter where will he try to take refuge in this world, there is no realm where the human being might escape, even for one minute, of the inevitable consequences of his actions. In the same time, we should never forget that even in
the world beyond (the Astral Universe), it is impossible to escape from the consequences of our actions (that have not been burnt or annihilated).

35. The responsibility that we have involves, in the same time, not only the capacity to generate or to do something, but also the will to accept, sooner or later, all the results or consequences – good or bad – that are resulting from our actions, without ever assigning them to another person other than ourselves.

36. In some situations, due to our ignorance in which we are continuing to indulge, we feel paradoxically and abnormally guilty where, in reality, somebody else is responsible.

37. Responsibility is, together with self-control, common sense, love, intuition, intelligence compassion and authentic knowledge, one of the basic components of the beneficial and profoundly serene force that the human being is emanating powerfully and which is awakening in him wisdom and stability.

38. Without almost any exception, each one of us should always aim to do all that is good, offering every time to those who are ready to receive it, the goodness that already exists in our inner universe and can be manifested. This is one of our sacred responsibilities, that we should have in our sight in the case in which we are truly aspiring to become a human being.

39. The efficient instrument of every divine revolution is and remains the fully responsible Man, who is in the same time full of common sense, intelligence and love. This kind of man makes beneficial and full of wisdom choices.

40. Due to the fact that, beyond appearances, each one of us is responsible, to a certain degree, for everything that is happening (even when we do not realize it for the time being), we should allow to ”resound” (or, in other words, resonate in an occult way) in our inner universe all that we encounter each time which is good, divine, beautiful and wonderful (that in reality is known only by God and is never just happening).

41. An authentic and profound knowledge that is, in the same time, full of wisdom is always triggering in our being a certain state of responsibility, that will cause the decisions that we take to be on the same level.

42. If humanity, in its ensemble, will not discover as soon as possible a new and profoundly transforming way of living, which is based on godliness, wisdom, love, common sense, compassion, benevolence, altruism, goodness, humbleness and mutual help, it will drown more and more into the terrible state of decay that we are all observing in the world that we are living in.

43. We should all realize that, in reality, every choice and every intention that we are manifesting is in the same time influencing the whole humanity. Even when we are not (for the time being) realizing it, each one of us is, to a certain degree, responsible for everything that is happening on this planet, either it is about our daily existence, either it is about this world that we are all living in. Since we understand this, we should ask full of humbleness and faith for the help of GOD THE FATHER, so in this way, our thoughts, intentions and actions will influence in a good, profound and durable way, the whole humanity. Doing so very often, we might have a significant contribution, which could impulse the gradual transformation, in a good way, of the whole humanity in its ensemble.

44. We should realize that we are simply not mere biological beings, because in the beginning, GOD THE FATHER made us upon his image and alikeness, and when we are acting full of intelligence and common sense, it is possible to discover that, in reality, each one of us is a creative consciousness. That is why we should urgently realize that our responsibility is on the measure of this privilege.

45. When we are looking with lots of attention and lucidity upon the past, we are realizing that, in reality, the concept of responsibility is referring in a great measure to the potential consequences of our intentions and actions. Taking into consideration this aspect, we should prove common sense, intelligence and precaution, offering in the same time to the intuition the place that it deserves. It is then urgently necessary to do this, because there are many signs showing that our planet, the nature, the human space itself and even the biosphere are perishable. Knowing this, we should not lose from our sight the fact that, to a great degree, their fate is, at this very moment, in our hands.

August 2010

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