VRIKSHASANA or the tree posture

Starting position:
The two lovers will put their legs one next to the other.

Execution technique:
The hands from the interior will be placed on each other’s back, like in an embrace. Then the two lovers will touch their hands from the exterior. Also, the legs from the exterior are placed with the soles pasted on the interior leg. To ease the maintaining of equilibrium, the posture is performed with open eyes, and the eyesight will be focused on a fixed point.

Execution time: 2-3 minutes, after which it will be performed on the opposite polar side.

Awareness: The two lovers will synchronize their respiration. They will become aware in unison of the activation of AJNA CHAKRA mainly and ANAHATA CHAKRA secondarily.
In the end, the two lovers will become aware of the activation of the two force centers (AJNA CHAKRA mainly and ANAHATA CHAKRA secondarily), capturing in their being the beneficial specific energies from the Macrocosm as well as the mutual harmonization of their beings in the energetic plane.


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