Amazing coincidences and synchronicities

by yoga professor Gregorian Bivolaru

Life is sometimes full of significant coincidences and in some situations it provides us with huge surprises when extraordinary synchronicities occur. In the following we offer you 15 such extraordinary coincidences and synchronicities.

The childhood book

The American novelist Anne Ann Parrish was once visiting the old books stores in Paris and, at a moment, she found one of her favourite books from childhood. The title of that book was “Jack Frost and other stories”. Since she was very interested in the respective work, she bought the old book ands showed it to her husband, telling him in details how much she enjoyed the book when was a child. The husband became curious, opened it and, to their both amazement, they found the following ink-written note: “ANNE PARRISH, 209 N. WEBER STREET, COLORADO SPRINGS”. The husband thus discovered that the respective book that Ann Parrish had bought from the old books store was her own.

Remarkable poker luck

In 1858, Robert Fallon was revengefully shot by some persons he used to play poker with. They claimed that Fallon had won the 600 dollars big pot by cheating. Since Fallon’s chair was now empty, none of the other players wanted to take the 600 dollars, because they thought it would bring them bad luck. Eventually, they invited a new poker player who was willing to replace Fallon and entrusted him the 600 dollars which should have been Fallon’s who had died. Until the moment the police arrived for investigating the murder, the new player came to win 2200 dollars, by using from the beginning the 600 dollars that had been offered to him. The police asked for the 600 dollars that should have been Fallon’s are sent to his closest relative. After the police performed the proper investigations, they have found with amazement that the new player who had been replacing Fallon on the empty chair was nobody else than Fallon’s son, who had not seen his father since 7 years.

Twinned deaths

In 2002, two twin brothers aged 70 died in the same day, at an interval of a few hours from each other, as a result of separate accidents, that occurred on the same road in the North of Finland. The first one died hit by a truck, while he was going on bicycle, towards Raahe, at about 600 km from Helsinki. He died at about 1.5 km distance from the place where his brother had been killed.
“This is simply an extraordinary coincidence, which we can even call historical. Such accidents do not occur every day and, what’s amazing in this accident, is that at that moment the road was not crowded”, declared the police woman Marja-Leena Huhtala for Reuters news agency. „Finding out that the two brothers were actually twins and died in the same day was simply hair-rising for me. But suddenly the idea came into my mind that maybe someone up there, God the Father, has something to say in this respect”, she said.

The mysterious savior monk

In Austria of the 19th century, Joseph Aigner, a well known painter, tried to commit suicide several times throughout his life. During his first attempt of hanging himself, which took place when he was 18, Aigner was prevented from doing the sinister act by a mysterious capuchin monk. Again, at the age of 22, he was again prevented to hang himself by the same monk, who appeared mysteriously at the right time. Eight years later, he was sentenced to hanging for conspiratorial activities. But, again, his life was saved at the last moment through the same mysterious monk’s intervention. At the age of 68 Joseph Aigner finally succeeded to kill himself, by shooting himself in the head with a gun. Not at all surprisingly, the funerals were carried out by the same capuchin monk. How did the respective monk intervened each time at the right moment, saving Aigner from death several times, still remains a mystery.

An astounding photographic coincidence

A woman from Germany, who photographed her boy in 1914, left the film for being processed in a specialized store in Strasbourg. At that time some of the photo plates were individually sold. Then, the First World War started, and the woman, being unable to go back in Strasbourg on the date set, gave up that photo for ever and was sure that it was lost. Two years later, she bought a photo plate in Frankfurt, from an antiquary at 200 km distance, for photographing her newborn baby girl. When the film was processed, it proved to be a double exposure and the image of the girl was over imposed on the previous image of the woman’s boy. Through an extraordinary turn over of the fate, her original film, that had never been processed, was labeled by mistake as being unused and eventually sold again to her.

The amazingly rediscovered book

In 1973, the actor Anthony Hopkins agreed to play a role in the movie „The Girl from Petrovka”, by a novel of George Feifer. Since he was unable to find a copy of the book anywhere in London, Hopkins was deeply surprised to find a copy of it abandoned somewhere, on a bench, in a train station. Then it turned out that it was exactly the annotated copy of George Feifer, which Feifer had borrowed to a friend, from whose car it was stolen.

Astounding twin lives

Two twin brothers, Jim Lewis and Jim Springer, were separated at birth and then adopted by different families. Without knowing of each other, both families called their boys James. Both grew up without knowing of each other, but, however, they both attended a police school; both were talented in mechanic drawing and carpentry and both married women with the same name: Linda. Both had children, who were boys – one of them was named James Alan and the other one James Alan, too. Then both divorced from their first wives and remarried other women, who both were named Betty. And each of them had a dog that they both named Toy.

The bullet’s amazing revenge

In 1883, Henry Ziegland broke up with his girlfriend, who committed suicide in distress. The girl’s brother got very angry, looked for Ziegland, found him and shot him. Thinking he killed him, the brother of that woman went home and killed himself. But Henry Ziegland did not die after he was shot. The respective bullet only scratched his face and then jabbed in a tree. Many years later, in 1913, Ziegland decided to cut off the very tree that still had the bullet in it. The huge tree seemed so resistant that he decided to dynamite it. The explosion that followed projected the naughty bullet in Ziegland’s head and killed him instantly.

The extraordinary sawyer from the dream

In his famous work “The structure and dynamics of the psyche”, Carl Gustav Jung writes: “A young woman that I was treating had, at a critical moment of this treatment, a dream in which somebody appeared to her and gave her a golden sawyer. While she was telling me about the respective dream, I was leaning against the window of my cabinet that was closed. Suddenly, I heard a quite strong noise at my back, which seemed like a light knocking. I turned, amazed, and a saw a flying insect that was just hitting the external window. I curiously opened the window, I caught that insect and I brought it in my palm, in the middle of the room. That insect was a very golden sawyer, that can be found at our latitude: a beetle (Cetonia aurata), which, unlike the habits of other insects, obviously felt the impulse to go towards the window of my cabinet, hitting itself from the window of my cabinet and making the noise that I had heard. I must admit that nothing similar had ever happened to me before and after this event. But I confess that the dream of my patient, accompanied by the appearance of that sawyer at the window of my cabinet, remained like a unique synchronicity in everything that I ever meet and marked me as an extraordinary experience.” It worth being remembered that the extraordinary event contributed in the healing of the respective patient, after what all the treatment methods that Jung used in her case did not result in any effect at all.

The taxi and death

In 1975, while a man was going on the motorcycle in Bermuda, was seriously hit by a taxi and killed. One year later, the brother of that man was killed exactly in the same way. Actually, it worth mentioning that he was going with the same motorcycle that belonged to his brother. Moreover, he was hit by the very same taxi, driven by the same driver who was having the same passenger!

Amazing discoveries in hotel

In 1953, Irv Kupcinet, a journalist and reporter of the American Television, was in London for making a report about crowing the Queen Elisabeth II. In one of the drawers of his rooms, he discovered some objects that, judging by the names imprinted on them, belonged to a person called Harry Hannin. The coincidence made that Harry Hannin – a well known star from the famous team Harlem Globetrotters – was a good friend of Kupcinet. But we must also add that this amazing story had another extraordinary turnover. After only two days, and before he was able to tell to Hanin about his lucky discovery, Kupcinet received a letter from Hanin. In that letter, Hanin was writing to Kupcinet that while he was accommodated in the Hotel Le Meurice from Paris, he found in one drawer a necktie that had Kupcinet’s name on it.

An amazing historical coincidence

The lives of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, two of the founding parents of America, had very interesting connections. Jefferson composed the Declaration of Independence and showed some drafts of it to Adams, who (together with Benjamin Franklin) helped him to complete it. Then the document was approved by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776. Surprisingly, both Jefferson and Adams both died on the same day, July 4, 1826, at precisely 50 years after the Declaration of Independence was signed.

An amazing coincidence of the writer Edgar Allan Poe

In 1838, the famous writer of fantastic stories Edgar Allan Poe published his only novel: „The story of Arthur Gordon Pym from Nantucket”. It was about four survivors of a shipwreck, who remained in a boat for several days, without any kind of supplies, and eventually decided to kill and eat the steward, whose name was Richard Parker. Many years later, in 1884, after the shipwreck of schooner Mignonette, only four survivors remained; they wandered in a boat for several days. Eventually, the three older members of the crew killed and ate the steward. Subsequently, it was discovered that the steward’s name was Richard Parker.

An extraordinary royal synchronicity

In Monza, Italy, the king Umberto I went for dinner in a small restaurant, accompanied by his adjutant, the general Emilio Ponzia-Vaglia. When the owner of the restaurant took the order of the king Umberto, the king noticed that the restaurant’ owner was extremely similar to him: both were virtually identical at face, as well as in stature. Being very curious about each other, after they introduced themselves, they started discussing about the obvious similarities between them. In the discussion they discovered several extraordinary similarities:
1. Both had been born in the same day and in the same year, March 14, 1844.
2. Both had been born in the same town.
3. Both were married with women having identical names: Margherita.
4. The owner opened his restaurant in the same day when Umberto was crowned as king
of Italy.

On July 29, 1900, the king Umberto was informed that the owner of the restaurant had died in that very day, in the wake of a mysterious accidental shot and, while he was expressing his regret, the king was assassinated in his turn by a young anarchist in the crowd.

The lucky child

In the town Detroit of the years 1930, a man named Joseph Figlock became an amazing character in the life of a young woman who apparently was an incredibly negligent mother. When Figlock was on the street, the child of that young woman fell from a big height; while he was falling, Figlock caught him as if by miracle. The falling of the baby, which could have been deadly, was thus providentially stopped and both escaped uninjured. One year later, exactly the same child fell from the exactly the same window, again over Figlock, who was just passing by the respective window. Again, Figlock caught him in his arms and both survived to the respective incident as well.

From The Spiritual Program of The International Yoga Symposium, Herculane 2010


August 2010


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