Valentin Stan: “The essence of accepting such a vaccine that is not approved by standard procedure makes it very clear that no one can force you to get immunized”

The vaccination campaign in Bucharest is going well, but the threat of new strains casts a shadow upon the joy of immunization. From the Ministry of Health we are told not to rejoice too much, and Cîțu promises equality, but only for the puppies… sorry… the vaccinated.

What do we do with the new strains and how do we react when a foreigner comes to our country and does what he wants? Is Romania on the verge of a diplomatic scandal? How should we remember the historic day of May 10th? These and many other questions were answered by Professor Valentin Stan, a guest on the Marius Tucă show.

“I haven’t been vaccinated and I will not do it

Valentin Stan: “I haven’t been vaccinated and I’m not doing it. All Romanians who believe that the vaccine is a solution should go and get vaccinated. Each Romanian should act as they feel. I have a personal management with this disease, we are not gods, we get sick. We respect people who don’t want to get vaccinated.”

Marius Tucă: “But why doesn’t the state respect them?

Valentin Stan: “These stupid agents of the ‘Securitate’ (Romanian Secret Services) who run Romania have no problem if you tell them they steal, stealing is a noble gesture. Cioran says it: ‘In Romania it is like nowhere else in the world. Here, if you have money without working and you brag about it, people will say that you get along, they will envy you, everyone would like to have money without working.’ Do you think stupidity comes in doses? You can treat yourself for stupidity, or you can treat yourself for thrombocytes.”

“Mrs. Mihăilă doesn’t give incentives, but there are some who are kind of stupid. The Americans give them cocaine, joints. Give us! Look, the city of Detroit, USA, have a look at what they give money for. 50 bucks per person for shots. How many people you bring in for shots… For every person you bring in for shots they give you 50 bucks. You also become an agent.”

These vaccines aren’t approved, they’re under emergency use procedure

Valetin Stan: “If you’re a member of the Romanian government you can’t have a cell division of Homo sapiens. We help you. What do we see there? We find out what an EUA is. An emergency use authorization is a mechanism to facilitate some measures… These vaccines are not approved, they are in the emergency use procedure. FDA authorized the emergency use of the vaccine, the recipient has the option to accept or decline. The essence of accepting such a vaccine, that is not approved by standard procedure, makes it very clear that no one can force you to get the vaccine. So much for the compulsory vaccination!”


June 19, 2021




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