What We Need To Know About The Dark Occultists And Satanists Running Our Institutions (1)



As it emerges that many of the top leaders in government, business, banking, law enforcement, politics, military, religion, education, technology, science, philosophical societies, the entertainment industry and Hollywood, the music industry, big pharma and media are practicing Satanists and Dark Occultists, we would do well to understand the mentality of their behavior and religion.
We need to understand what methods they are using against us to institute their New World Order. As Sun Tzu said: “Know thy enemy”.

Enter Mark Passio

Former Satanist and dark occultist Mark Passio was brought up in an average semi-religious Roman Catholic family in Pennsylvania. After becoming disheartened with his religion and feeling it was nothing more than a mechanism of control for his family and society, he became angry and developed a downright hatred towards organized religion.

By high school, having no other base of real knowledge to draw from and looking for a form of rebellion against organized religion, he discovered Satanism and dark occultism, or what he thought to be the complete antithesis to organized religions at that time in his life. Later he discovered he was dead wrong.

Mark specifically gravitated towards Satanism for many years. “Many people who are not in Satanic cults get scared when they hear talk about Satanism. They don’t really seem to understand its philosophy or know what it really is. Many people have a picture in their mind of what they think it really is, but it’s actually very different in reality than what most people believe that it is.”
Here is what Mark has to relate about these Satanists and Dark Occultists who are running a large majority of the world today. In one way, Satanism is the opposite of religion in that it is diametrically opposed to ALL morality.

The 4 Tenants of Satanic Ideology

“There are 4 basic tenants to the Satanic ideology. The first tenant of Satanism is the ‘self’ is essentially the ‘god’ in this religion. The ‘ego’ is put up on a pedestal. It is not that the ego is worshipped, but it is the highest thing to aspire to in Satanism. It is the act of self-preservation and aspiring to serve the self only and not others.
It is a self-serving ideology all about me, me, me. It doesn’t matter if the Satanist has to step on somebody else to get what they want, or if somebody else has to suffer or lose in order for the Satanist to win. It is about doing whatever the Satanist wants to put themselves in an advantage over other people, with no regards to ethics or morality. It is about controlling other people and serving the self, no matter who has to get hurt in the process.”

“The second tenant is ‘moral relativism’. Moral relativism simply means that you do not believe there is any real difference between ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. There is no objective right or wrong, morality means nothing.
Whatever is good for me, I try to do. Whatever is bad for me, I try to avoid. It is pure selfishness. It doesn’t matter if there is injustice going on all around the Satanist. As long as they are o.k., they don’t get involved. There is no morality, the rule is ‘do whatever you want, just don’t get caught’.”

Aleister Crowley’s “Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” comes to mind when considering this mindset.

“The third tenant of Satanism is ‘Social Darwinism’. Since they believe in self-preservation as the highest aspiration and also moral relativism, Satanism is an easy pathway into Social Darwinism because this ideology postulates that whoever in society is the most ruthless, should come out on top and should rule the rest of humanity.
It is a ‘survival of the fittest’ mentality with a dark twist. It is the idea of taking Darwinism into the social realm. In other words, whoever is the most cunning in society should come out on top, with no regard for morality or others in getting to the top.
This mentality says that if you can acquire more resources, more money, more power, more wealth, more influence, do that, that’s o.k., no matter what you have to do to others to get those things or who gets harmed in the process.”

“The fourth and final tenant of Satanism is the logical conclusion of the first three tenants, ‘Eugenics’. If you have a self-serving ideology that puts the self above all else with no regards for others, you don’t care about the difference between right or wrong and you also think that the most cunning, brutal and ruthless should be rewarded the most in society, you can see that it is a slippery slope and the easiest path to Eugenics.

Eugenics is the idea that there is a super class essentially that should get to decide who lives and who dies, who breeds and who does not breed, who propagates their genetic make-up and who is not permitted to do that. Eugenics is about population reduction, introducing slow kill methods or soft kill methodologies into the population to control them.
Ultimately it’s about population ‘culling’ programs and thinning the population if need be.”

“We can see how Eugenics is a comfortable fit for people who believe that they are ‘gods’ on Earth, which is what the Satanic and Dark Occultism ideologies are all about, and are thus either borderline or fully psychopathic with extreme sociopathic tendencies and inclined to practice social Darwinism.
These practitioners feel that they are superior to everybody else due to the nature of the secret metaphysical and alchemical knowledge they gain in these cults and think their own genes should propagate and not the genes of the ‘ignorant, profane or vulgar’.”

Who are these Satanists?

Mark Passio

When Mark got into Satanism he had no idea that this was the ideology that was controlling the world. He did not recognize it at that time. Mark was under the delusion that these were just isolated individuals working towards their own self-betterment in society. As he began to get more deeply involved into Satanism he became aware that this was an extremely large, tightly knit society and network of important and influential people.

“These groups were working with ancient occult (hidden) knowledge for reasons of gaining more influence and power in society and working together towards a common goal. This goal was to increase their own collective power at the expense of everybody else’s freedom. They were about controlling ALL of society and ultimately enslaving other people. This is what the agenda was at the highest levels of Satanism and Dark Occultism.”

“They comprised an organized syndicate of networks. These networks operate as psychological filtration systems. In other words, the low level groups such as the Church of Satan (which Mark was involved with), The Temple of Set, the Order of the Evil Eye, etc. were acting as psychological vetting systems.
They were trying to identify people with certain characteristics, traits and talents that they could exploit and bring up into their system for the purposes of furthering their agenda. These low level organizations are sort of like the Army recruiting offices for Satanism and Dark Occultism if you will. These networks and organizations are involved in the control and manipulation of all of human society.”

Mark left the Satanic cult when he realized what it was actually about. While he was into the idea of increasing his own power, he was not consciously able to commit to the idea of the enslavement of other people. While in the Church of Satan, he met people in these networks from every single aspect of society and every single social institution on the face of the earth.

At many of the Satanic “rituals” and meetings Mark met high up people in medicine, banking, law, military, police, entertainment, technology, media, education, etc. They were all working together towards a common goal, as well as gaining personal power and knowledge in society individually.
“The goal is to rule over other people from the shadows as their ‘gods’. These networks are a hidden establishment who have been working together and grooming people to be put into positions of power to benefit the entire network. It is a hidden establishment, the hidden hand we often hear about.”

If you have ever seen the movie Eyes Wide Shut by Stanley Kubrick, you will get a very real sense of what is going on with all of these top occultists in positions of power and influence. Stanley died suspiciously during the editing of this film. It really makes one wonder.

You can find on the internet highly disturbing testimonials by people who were forced into sex slavery by these ritualistic groups of power elite. There are thousands of these stories out there in print and certainly many more than that kept quiet.

How are people duped into joining?

“One of the ways these organizations get people to continue to be susceptible to their influence and methods of mind control is that they get certain people to ‘buy into’ a lower level, less intense variant or ‘sanitized’ version of the Satanic belief system. The person being manipulated might not think they are personally a ‘god’ or in control of anything, but they are implanted with the idea that they only care about themselves.”

In other words, they get people to buy into the first tenant of Satanism without having to be knowledgeable in the other three tenants. They have been working towards creating a society that is so tough and taxing that the average person only has time and energy to care about themselves, be self-serving and do whatever it takes just to make it through the day and survive, with no regards to whether their actions or the organization they work for is doing some type of harm to others or society.

This mentality is in fact a low level version of the Satanic ideology.

“If they can keep people locked into this self-serving mindset, these people will always be able to be ruled by the ‘Alphas’ of this mentality, mindset and ideology. This is exactly where they have the majority of society today. They have a majority of society already in a Satanic mindset, unknowingly.”
How do Satanists and Dark Occultists actually control populations?

“Most people are practicing low level Satanism and don’t even know it, because they have this self-serving mentality, serve to self before anyone else, I don’t really look outside of my own little circle or group of my friends or my family. This mentality says that it doesn’t make a difference what’s happening in the world, what injustices are being committed, what freedoms and liberties are being usurped, as long as I’m o.k. and my little circle of friends and family aren’t suffering, I’m willing to do nothing and turn a blind eye to the rest of it.
If I have my house, my bed and food on my table, I don’t care what’s going on with anybody else in the world. How many people are locked into this mentality every day?”

This is how these networks maintain control of people. As long as people are kept in this selfish mindset, people can be easily controlled by the most ruthless, vicious Alpha members of the Dark Occult networks.
These “Alpha” members constitute the “Priest Class” of these Satanic and Dark Occult Networks. Can someone say “Bohemian Grove”? The Alpha Priest Class is always going to rule anybody who has this very low vibratory level and state of consciousness.

“Only when a person comes out of the mindset of self-serving interests and service to self and your small surrounding network only and you pull back and look at the wider global picture, understand what’s going on with human freedom at a deeper level and start to understand the true differences between right and wrong, do the controllers of these organizations lose the power to control you any longer.”

This is known as “Natural Law”. Natural law is made up of universal spiritual laws that govern the consequences of human behavior.
Only when we start to understand this higher level of consciousness, awareness, when we take this understanding into ourselves and achieve these higher understandings and consciousness are we not going to be susceptible to their control and their methodologies of control that take place psychologically in the mind.

“We can see this is easier said than done. Some of the methods they use to keep us in a state of shortage, lack of time, fear and ignorance to the point where we choose to work for their corporations that do harm to the planet and others, choose to join their militaries and police and kill or hurt people, join their fractional reserve banking systems or collection agencies and rob peoples personal money and possessions, rob or harm people to steal their money, or even turn a blind eye to injustices in other countries because we are just barely getting by ourselves.”

Money is a magic talisman. The belief that it holds value and the belief that a human doesn’t have the right to live on this planet without paying for it and working a slave job to acquire this magic paper is just one method they use.
The use of the media and propaganda to paint other humans as bad or villains that need to be killed in order to protect us from their ideologies is another form of this occult magic.
The idea that you have to work 40 to 60 hours a week in order to get the proper money to live or proper health care if you are sick and thus only have time and energy to think of yourself and not help others is another method that is constantly used against us.

Statutes or spells?

The Satanists believe there are controlling laws that say you can’t feed the homeless or other absurd bundles of laws and statutes that make it too hard to help anyone else anyway.
Laws are nothing more than “spells” they say, words on paper that only have power because we falsely believe those who wrote those words have the power to rule over us and we are kept in fear of their enforcement officers hurting us or even jailing us if we don’t follow these fictitious pieces of paper or magic talismans, if you want to call them that.

The law enforcement officers are under the same mind control as the rest of us and many of them are in these Satanic networks themselves. We could simply non-comply at any time we choose if these rules and laws are unjust and don’t serve society in a positive way.
There is a constant control of the economy and a heavy taxation system by these networks to make sure most of us don’t have the financial means to help anyone else other than ourselves even if we did have the conscious desire to do so.
Other methods glorify musicians, movie stars and even elite business people and brainwash us to think that we are not successful unless we acquire money, fame, material wealth and or power. The list goes on and on.

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June 8, 2018


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