Whistleblower: How To Detox And Protect Against Chemtrails, Microwave Towers

The dominant elite created chemtrails as a means of secretly microchipping all of us to create antennas within us via nanotechnology.

This is planned to make us fully controllable through a “Psicocivilizada” Society (controlled by the mind). Using Microwave Antennas, the National Security Agency can establish a direct link from the computer directly to the brain, but first, they are using chemtrails to put nanoparticles in clusters that are back in our bodies to form the antennas. Fortunately, we can stop this foreign invasion of our bodies and minds!

When people were complaining about the highly sinister name and logo of the “Information Awareness Office,” the name of the office was “sanitized,” changing it to the “Terrorist Information Awareness” in 2003.

Who are the supposed “terrorists”? The entire United States.

We are tired of this secret totalitarian situation and we are ending the game of the New World Order now, through detailed instructions on how to derail this mind control attempt. So now, you can clean the chemical trash out of your body.

The herbs discussed in this method can be used to remove nanoparticles from chemtrails and prevent them from being able to reassemble within our bodies to form the antennas within us through which they intend to control our minds. These satanic forces are trying to kill 90% of us and control everyone else, but we don’t need to allow it and we sure don’t need to comply.

Chemtrails contain an unpleasant mixture of parasites, pathogens, toxic heavy metals including barium and aluminum, and the worst of all, high-tech NanoEngineering particles. These particles are designed in laboratories to group within our bodies in nanomachines with microchips inside, and unless we clean and remove these particles and prevent them from falling inside our bodies we are at risk.

Below, you will see instructions on how to do a simple test that proves that you have these nanoparticles in your body now and you will find information on how to detoxify this trash and get it out. This is very serious and not a joke.

See http://curezone.org/forums/fm.asp?i=1206933

A whistleblower named “Dr. Ian Revson,” who works with a defense contractor as a pharmacologist in bioinformatics that publishes on curezone under the name Sunver is writing an e-book about the immense threat represented by chemtrails and needs to help spread information before finishing his book to help protect his life. 

Here is a sample of one of his articles: “‘Chemtrails’ are a component of an integrated system of atmospheric weapons, with various objectives, including climate change, population control, advanced surveillance, biological warfare, and artificial intelligence. In North America and Europe, the program is run under the umbrella of the Pentagon and NATO, obviously, with the help of US and European defense service providers (Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Boeing, EADS, Honeywell, etc.) many others are involved such as Monsanto.

1) ‘Chemtrails’ are currently in operation for climate change (Disaster Induction).

2) ‘Chemtrails’ contain organic NanoEngineering products. This is an armed parasite. Host saturation is 99% that means we are all infected. The infection includes intracellular anomalies in human macrophages and red blood cells (Red blood cells), apparent fungal infection of soft tissue and ‘again’ synthesis of new foreign protein crystals.”

For not being a pathologist, he wants our help to contact pathologists and microbiologists who can help assemble the puzzle. If you can help him, contact him at ian.revson@gmail.com.

He says, “As evidence and concrete details can be accumulated, specifically on organic products, it may be possible to provide information to defense network employees encouraging non-participation, because it depends a lot on the cooperation and ignorance of the unconscious employees of the main.”

There is a simple diagnostic test for infection (the biological nanotechnology) that can be performed for approximately $10 in materials.

Using a simple oral rinse with red wine, you can produce complex nanofibers of your gums, which appear to be fungal, containing a complex internal structure of submicron filaments. Everyone’s update is positive for this test. Could include potential billions of people. The pathogens must be identified immediately. 

Preliminary data indicate the identity of the fungal form similar to fusarium solani and ‘Clade Clade’, as well as a possible association with armed mycoplasma nanotechnology and Anodized Aluminium Oxide (AAO). Additional data indicate that chemtrails infection mimics trypanosomiasis and prototecose with synthetic characteristics.

No one can be excluded from the infection. Brush your teeth well. Rinse with water. Rinse your mouth strongly for 5 minutes with 1 teaspoon of peroxide and 2 teaspoon of Merlot Red wine. Prepare to be shocked and upset with the nanotechnology you will discover when you spit the liquid out of your mouth.


November 21, 2019


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