Who are we…

We are a group of instructors and students of MISA Yoga School.

The site yogaesoteric.net is the official site of the Movement for Spiritual Integration in Absolute (MISA), whose spiritual mentor is the yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru.

MISA Yoga School is the largest yoga school in Romania and Europe.
The success of this yoga school, both in Romania and abroad, comes from a traditional rigorous approach of the yoga system, from a great number of both theoretical and practical aspects studied and the coherent integration of the yoga values and practices in the Western cultural environment.

MISA is member of International Yoga Federation and the European Yoga Alliance and Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru is member of the European Yoga Council.

This site reflects the official position of MISA, Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru and the leadership of our yoga school. The site offers correct information about the courses of our yoga school and about various activities going on under MISA aegis and has a great number of articles about yoga, parapsychology, spirituality, naturism. It is the largest site about yoga in Romanian. This site does NOT necessarily reflect the personal opinions and beliefs of ALL yoga students or of all those who participate at various actions organised under MISA aegis. 

Also, this site offers to Romanians (and not only) some information which usually are not shown by mass media regarding the devilish plans of the monstrous satanic sect which is the world Freemasonry. If you want to find out some forbidden truths, read us and you will find the hidden truths, the facts and realities of the world you are living in.

For info regarding the site content and possible co-operation, please contact the chief editor at: redactie@yogaesoteric.net 

Also available in: Română Français

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