Why Cell Phones and Tablets are Absolutely NOT Safe for Children


Cell phones and tablets, and the EMF radiation they emit, are definitely not safe for children. Not a tiny bit.

It is shocking that the website Parents.com has called the iPad the “best babysitter”, and a 2014 survey showed that up to 75% of 4-year olds in certain US neighborhoods already own a cell phone…

Unfortunately, you’ll see that the five science-based facts below reveal a concerning truth: our wireless technologies are simply not “safe”.

EMF Safety Standards Have Not Been Updated Since 1996

Most people raise an eyebrow when they hear that the last time the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) updated its EMF safety standards was back in 1996.

Yes, that’s back when virtually no one even owned a cell phone, and back where no child had access to any wireless device whatsoever.

Several US agencies like the US Department of the Interior, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) have urged the FCC to update these deprecated safety standards throughout the years, but to no avail.

There Are No EMF Safety Standards For Children

Did you know that cell phones, tablets and other wireless devices are tested on a mannequin called “S.A.M” (standard anthropomorphic mannequin) who has a head as big as a 6’2’’, 220-pound man?
Did you know that S.A.M.’s head is bigger than a whopping 97% of cell phone users?

Researchers like Dr. Om Gandhi have been saying for more than 20 years that the way engineers test wireless devices simply doesn’t make sense for children and that standards should be updated. Unsurprisingly, Dr. Gandhi rapidly lost the funding the industry was providing him when he started publishing his concerns and findings.

So even though most children nowadays use wireless devices very regularly, it turns out that the tests supposed to ensure their safety does not take into consideration the fact that they have smaller heads and developing brains, or that their body absorb twice the EMF radiation when compared to an adult, pound per pound.

90% Cell Phones Fail This Bogus Safety Testing In The First Place!

Cell phones and tablets should never be held right on the body… according to a fine print inside your phone, that is.

Virtually all wireless devices are tested in such a way where there’s a separation of 5 to 15mm is added between poor S.A.M.’s head and the device… but does anyone really follow these downright bizarre instructions and keep their phone at a distance?

This is the key question French government officials had in mind when they started testing hundreds of different phones in July of 2016, and this time right on the body, with 0mm of separation.

Their findings were nothing short of horrifying, and so concerning that it led French physician Dr. Marc Arazi to launch a nonprofit organization about this industrial scandal called “The Phonegate Alert”.

French independent tests found that 90% of all cell phones exceed the already-obsolete safety limits by up to more than 10-fold.

The Phonegate Alert has led to a handful of cell phones being recalled or updated, but has mainly been swept under the rug by the industry and most politicians who seem very happy to take the “wait and see” approach and avoid liability.

Recently, Dr. Om Gandhi himself analyzed these tests and confirmed their validity, publishing his study in IEEE Access, a peer-reviewed open access scientific journal of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Safety Standards Are Based On False Assumptions

EMF safety standards are based on the false premise that the only way EMFs can hurt the human body is by overheating it. Engineer and EMF activist Daniel DeBaun couldn’t have said it better: “that’s like saying the only way cigarettes can harm you is if you burn your fingers.”

Thousands of studies have proved that this assumption is wrong, and that we desperately need to develop safety standards based on the biological effects that EMFs have been shown to have on human cells – including oxidative stress, DNA breaks, loss of fertility, impaired brain development and a slew of others.

As researcher S. Pockett summed it up perfectly in a 2018 paper: “The prevailing official narrative concerning the relationship between public health and the radio frequency emissions (RF) from cell phone technology, WiFi and electricity smart meters is scientifically and ethically flawed.
Safety standards are 20 years out of date and ignore existing laboratory evidence disproving its core assumption that the only biological effect of non-ionising radiation is tissue heating.”

EMFs Are The New Smoking

The comparison between smoking and using a cell phone or tablet is not exaggerated. In fact, handing children a tablet or phone might be regarded one day as something more dangerous than giving them a cigarette.

In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified radiofrequency radiation emitted by WiFi routers, cell phones and Bluetooth gadgets as a Class 2B “possible carcinogen”. Some people at this point think all is merry, because a classification of 2B is pretty low.

But the problem is that a lot of new EMF studies have come out since 2011. In fact, so many studies have reinforced the cancer-EMF link in the last years that many independent scientists now state that EMF radiation should be re-classified as a Class 2A “probable” or even Class 1 “definite” carcinogen, right next to asbestos and smoking.

Dr. Anthony Miller, one of the world’s top epidemiologists, sent an urgent and emotionally-charged warning in a recent presentation:
“My conclusion is, based on the evidence, that if the IARC were to reconvene a working group to re-evaluate EMF radiofrequency radiation, they would be bound to conclude that this exposure is a human carcinogen.
That’s something we learned to do with ionizing radiation, like X-rays. You no longer see the X-ray machines in shoe stores, because we learned that was wrong. X-rays and pregnancy – we cut down to avoid leukemia in children.
All this evidence came, and we acted. We’ve now got the evidence for radiofrequency radiation, and we MUST act.”

What Can You Do About It?

But it’s only the tip of the iceberg, because cancer is just one of the many conditions linked which could be caused or aggravated by EMF exposure.
EMF-emitting technologies are clearly not safe for adults, let alone for children.
The good news is that reducing your EMF exposure and minimizing these risks is relatively simple.

Whenever you hand a tablet or phone to children (which we don’t recommend anyway because screentime is a problem by itself), make sure you put it on “Airplane Mode” first. Pre-download movies and opt for apps and games that can be played offline. But most of all, if anything you read in this article interests you, inspires you or warns you, take action and start getting educated on EMFs.

Whether you’re a health professional looking to protect your patients from these new health risks or someone who wants to protect yourself, your family or your friends, the best way to get started is to research on how 5G and EMF radiation impacts your health. If all of us spread awareness wide enough, we will maybe see the day when safe technologies compatible with human health become the new norm.


March 6, 2020


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