Exposed: CIA – The Swamp Monsters (3)

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Faction #3: Ex-CIA

At this point, there are open hostilities between the GB-CIA and the Bush-CIA and when you add the third faction of the CIA, the Ex-CIA, all hell breaks loose. When the GB-CIA and the Bush-CIA operatives saw what was going on between the GB-CIA (that likes to change regimes and blackmail politicians and operatives with the most grotesque personal perversions) and the greedy, out-of-control power mongers of the Bush-CIA, the third CIA faction thought they should steal a part of the “action” themselves. So many ex-CIA operatives left the government and went into the lucrative private intelligence agencies that do 65% of the intelligence work for America.

This faction of the CIA is composed of ex-CIA and intelligence directors, agents, and operatives who are shuffled through the highest positions in government, banking, and the corporate world. The Ex-CIA was born as a chaotic group of operatives who have worked for the GB-CIA or the Bush-CIA. They have seen the endless money available for insiders and the Bush-CIA’s penchant for using private intelligence agencies to manipulate politicians, governments, and markets.

What is unique and telling about this third faction of the CIA is how their members rotate through the most powerful governmental and corporate jobs. Let’s just take James Comey, former head of the FBI as an example. Comey is a lawyer who was the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Deputy Attorney General, Senior Vice President of Lockheed Martin (one of the largest military contractors that “loses” trillions of dollars), General Counsel for Bridgewater Associates (CIA corporation), Board Member of HSBC (CIA Bank), HSBC Holdings (depository for GB-CIA gold), and then the Director of the FBI. This is the usual type of career path of high level CIA operatives.

Soon, we can expect Comey to move to another position where he makes a fortune protecting the very criminals he was supposedly prosecuting weeks before. Comey protected the Bush-Clinton-Obama Crime family starting with his appointment as special counsel to the Senate Whitewater Committee. He was also prosecutor in the Khobar Towers bombing, lead investigator in the Clinton pardon of Marc Rich, the investigation of Credit Suisse First Boston and foreign exchange trading scams, the domestic surveillance by the NSA, the HSBC Holdings scandal involving money laundering, and terrorism financing, the U.S. Attorney dismissal scandal, Hillary Clinton email scandal, the Apple scandal to install “back doors” on their computers, and many other similar cases. Comey is always there to do the bidding of all three factions of the CIA.

John Brennan, the former Director of the CIA was Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security, Station Chief in Saudi Arabia, Director of the National Counterterrorism Center, CEO of The Analysis Corporation (intelligence network), Chairman of the Intelligence and National Security Alliance (filled with ex-intelligence agents), lead intelligence officer for Global Strategies Group, Global Intelligence Solutions, and GTEC. Brennan’s term as CIA Director is noted for pervasive levels of global surveillance, massive number of drone strikes, hacking U.S. Senators, and CIA torture. When Obama wanted Brennan to be CIA Director, his nomination was blocked so Obama created a new position for Brennan called the Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, which did not require Senate confirmation.

Almost every former head of the CIA or FBI has similar career histories. One appointment after the next places them in key positions that protect the three factions of the CIA. Ex-CIA operatives play both sides of the fence working for the GB-CIA and the Bush-CIA. Just look how James Comey was positioned to protect the Bush and Clinton families in his government appointment and then quickly moved into HSBC, one of the most corrupt CIA banks in the world, to protect them during its investigations. He protected Lockheed Martin when it was caught laundering money for the Bush-CIA. Then Comey jumped back into the highest national intelligence position at the FBI to protect the Clintons again.

Comey is a very good example of what has been the revolving door of CIA operatives in the government. Comey is an ex-CIA intelligence operative who works for the Bush-CIA and knows all about the GB-CIA. Comey is a shining example of the corruption that pervades American politics and international corporate warfare. Comey, Brennan, and Clapper provide the intelligence for the president, the military and all agencies in the U.S. government. They ostensibly control America because US military and politicians are only as good as the intelligence they are provided.

Three CIA Factions Fight One Another in Syria

If you were confused by who and what is the CIA, now you can see why it has all been confusing. It is hard to know who is on whose side. The operatives change sides frequently and pretend to support one side or another depending upon the situation. When one faction or another decides an operative has been compromised, they simply kill him. There has been a long list of ex-CIA operatives who have killed themselves even though they had all the riches and power a person could imagine. The hostilities between the three factions eventually boiled over into total chaos during the Obama years. You can now read in the headlines of mainstream media news that Obama created and funded ISIS. Obama sent ISIS into Syria under orders of the GB-CIA to conduct a “regime change” because Syria would not let a pipeline be built from Iraq to the western shores of Syria. Obama supplied and funded the mercenaries (ISIS) who claim to be Muslim terrorists who are fighting Syria’s sovereign king. Obama also used the Bush-CIA to fund, supply, and train Syrian rebels. Obama also uses ex-CIA operatives to fund, supply and train Kurdish rebels.

All three CIA factions are operating in Syria and the entire world has noticed. Reports in mainstream media point out that the CIA is fighting Pentagon supported troops in Syria. In one instance outside of Aleppo, three different American supported groups were fighting each other. This embarrassment has caused Obama to go into high gear and force James Clapper to “invent” intelligence that would distract from the Syrian fiasco. Fake news about the DNC election hacking, nonsense about Trump being blackmailed by Russia, and Homeland Security’s pathetic attempts to hack into voter databases have all been a smoke screen to distract from Obama’s personal war in Syria.

Clapper, Brennan and Comey were happy to agree that 17 intelligence agencies all agreed to these false flag attempts at perception management. All these ridiculous attacks on Trump have backfired and instead have shown a glaring light on the corruption, collusion, globalism, and Anti-American disposition of the three factions of the CIA.

Trump – the Anti-CIA Warrior

Trump has become enemy number one for all three factions of the CIA because he stands against globalism and promotes the rule of law. The CIA factions thought they were above the law and had become so lax in their gross misuse of power that they were in shock and awe at the victory of Trump’s anti-globalism, anti-New World Order platform. They are now frantically trying to cover their evil footprints and muster all three factions to openly discredit and stop Trump from doing what Kennedy had promised – dismantle the CIA.

Trump is fully aware that his life is in extreme danger from the people who murder without hesitation to protect the CIA and its various interests around the world. Trump was the wild card they could have never imaged and they have no real “dossier” on Trump because there is no more dirt on Trump than already came out in the election. Trump is clean of involvement with all three factions of the CIA and knows that the only way to win America back for Americans is to confront the CIA and the corporate intelligence networks and close them down. Trump knows that he cannot trust any Washington insider because they may be compromised already and under the thumb of CIA blackmail and control.

Side note: Trump is wise not to set up office at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue where every room in the place is infested with CIA listening devices. Americans would benefit from a total interior gutting and renovation of the White House!

Even the international players in the global CIA game have come out from hiding and are attacking Trump with everything they have. George Soros, who works for all three CIA factions from time to time, has now come out proudly on the world stage to attack Trump openly and he is using every one of his political groups to foment dissent. Even the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateralists, the members of the Bohemian Grove, and the Council of Foreign Relations had extraordinary meetings to plan strategies to stop Trump from becoming president. Every evil cabal in the world is nervous, if not downright “out of their minds” at this point. They have tried killing him, bribing him, offering him endless power, and all the usual methods that work on others… all in vain. Trump is still moving forward with a cabinet of the most powerful people in America. All three CIAs are terrified by the fact that no one can control Trump and that he is not interested in the vices the CIA usually deals in.

How to Stop the Overthrow of America by the CIA

The Americans can find on the internet articles so bold as to lay out a plan to stop the overthrow of America by transnational interests. These ideas will only work if the three factions of the CIA are first brought under control or defeated. This will be the most difficult task of all that the US president faces. None of these ideas can be accomplished without a fantastic team of honest lawyers who will have to prosecute many people. That is why investigating, auditing and assessing governmental agencies will be one of the first tasks. These lawyers will have to gather the evidence for convictions by “following the money” and seizing assets and prosecuting individuals and corporations.

Here is a list of the tasks needed if the CIA control of America is to be broken:
– Investigate George Bush Sr.’s involvement in Kennedy’s death, the assassination attempt on Reagan, the economic collapse of the USSR, his involvement with Barrick Gold, Riggs Bank, Velment Bank, the Brady Durham Bond scandal, the attacks of 9/11, his involvement with the Azerbaijan Commerce Committee’s theft of oil, both Iraq wars, and his work with the Carlyle Group.
– Dissolve the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and let the NSA again resume its role as the leader of the intelligence community.
– Repeal the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act and dissolve the office of Homeland Security.
– End the NSA surveillance of Americans through Cisco routers, Intel processors, I-phones, Microsoft software, Google spying, Facebook spying, and network broadcasting of subliminal programming.
– Audit and dissolve DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, where the technology for surveillance and weaponized information systems are developed.
– Audit and dissolve In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s form of DARPA that uses the SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation) as its industrial application arm.
– End the Highlands Forum (Group) that tells DARPA and In-Q-Tel what to focus their research on.
– End the Council on Foreign Relations because it is the policy maker for the military industrial complex of America and keeps America entangled in continuous war and conflict. It is another home for globalism like the United Nations.
– Audit the Economic Stabilization Fund and then end the CIA’s control of the ESF returning control to the Treasury Department.
– Seize the assets of Barrick Gold Corporation and prosecute the company for theft and gold laundering.
– Return the assets stolen from USSR satellite countries that Bush Sr. and Henry Kissinger orchestrated. Prosecute the entire Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce (Dick Cheney, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Brent Scowcroft, James Baker, Lloyd Bentsen, Richard Armitage, and Richard Perle).
– Dissolve Obama’s ISIS mercenaries and end the fake war on terrorism.
– Rescind Obama’s additions to the National Defense Authorization Act and his executive orders that consolidate presidential powers that establish control over Americans that bypass existing U.S. laws.
– Try Obama and Clinton for war crimes for bombing seven sovereign nations without congressional approval.
– Investigate George Bush Jr.’s involvement with the second Iraq war and the false flag events of 9/11.
– Investigate, audit, and close the CIA. Audit all companies that are alleged to have been started with CIA funds and seize their assets.
– Establish new laws that prevent U.S. intelligence operatives from working for international intelligence agencies.
– Stop using privately owned intelligence agencies for U.S. governmental contracts.
– Establish new laws that prevent U.S. intelligence personnel and government regulators from working for companies that they previously monitored and regulated.
– Seize the stolen gold that the CIA holds and launders through Barrick Gold, CIA banks, the Zurich gold repository, and the U.S. Federal Reserve System and central banks throughout the world.
– Seize all CIA offshore accounts.
– Release the stolen CIA funds George Soros and Leo Wanta acquired through currency manipulation in Russia.
– Return the CIA stolen gold to its country of origin: Spain, China, Germany, France, Russia, Japan and the other countries it was taken from.
– Audit gold throughout the world and establish a new base-line for gold commodities worldwide.
– Streamline U.S. intelligence and stop contracting with transnational, global, corporations.

Trump as Defender of the Spirit of America

These suggestions are a beginning and can only be accomplished through great effort and sacrifice. America is in a Second American Revolution and Donald Trump is a new George Washington, a reluctant president himself, who took the job because of the deplorable conditions of his time.

Washington was a seasoned soldier who had led the first charge of the French and Indian War and had two horses shot out from underneath him during the battle but continued on to victory. Afterwards, he found nine bullet holes in his hat and clothes. Trump is similarly on his third horse, having defeated the many Republican contenders and then defeated Hillary, who already had put the crown upon her own head. Then the many bullets that Clapper, Comey, and Brennan have aimed at him came close and put holes in his clothes but have not injured him.

Trump is being protected and inspired by the same spirit that inspired America’s founders who “put their lives on the line” for the country they loved. And like those founders, Trump envisions an America where the tenets of the U.S. Constitution are worth fighting for to establish freedom and American liberties.


February 17, 2018

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