Hippocratic Hypocrisy – A tale of two snakes (2)


Transcript of the Hippocratic Hypocrisy, a collaborative film by Spacebusters and Dr. Andrew Kaufman about how authentic medicine was hijacked by the power elite and turned into a deadly, sickness for profit industry.

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After a hundred years, we must raise the question: what went wrong?

Despite the huge amount of money accumulated by the pharma industry, there are more dreadful diseases and sick people today than ever. You will find the answers in the Flexner Report – a document that created and enabled the terms of a centralized medical system and the pharma industry to take over the control of healthcare for profit.

“When we interfere with the processes of nature, and breed efficient plants and efficient animals, there’s always some way in which we have to pay for it. We do not really know how to interfere with the way the world is…
The way the world actually is, is an enormously complex, interrelated organism. The same problem arises in medicine because the body is a very complex, interrelated organism. And if you look at the body in a superficial way, you may see there’s something wrong with it.

Here’s chicken pox. And there’s spots that itch that come out all over the place. Well, you might say ‘Well, spots are there. Cut ’em off,’ So you kill the bug. Well, then you find you got real problems. Well, then you think ‘Well now, wait a minute, it wasn’t the bugs in the blood. There are bugs all over the place. What was wrong with this person? His resistance wasn’t out there. For what you should have given him was not an antibiotic but vitamins…

See, we always look at the human being medically, in bits and pieces, because we have heart specialists, lung specialists, bone specialists, nerve specialists and so on. And they each see the human being from their point of view. There are a few generalists, but they realize the human body is so complicated that no one mind can understand it.” – Alan Watts.

And that’s the problem with compartmentalized allopathic medicine. Imagine your car doesn’t work because it’s out of gas and has a dead battery. The allopathic, Big Pharma approach is to charge you big money to send five people to push your car. And then they say ‘See, it’s moving. We’ve fixed it.’ Sure it’s moving, but not very fast. Nothing inside works without power and you won’t make it more than a few miles before those people are too tired to push, no matter how much you pay them.

A mechanic wouldn’t fix a blown engine valve or gasket leaking oil by telling you to just add more oil every day. That would be stupid. You have to fix the cause. But this logic is perfectly normal in modern medicine. We end up with specialists and general practitioners trained in which symptoms hint at which specific part of the physical anatomy may be in dis-ease – but have zero non-specialized education in nutrition, biochemistry, plant medicines, molecular biology, naturopathy, homeopathy, exercise, psychology or any other sciences that can tell them how to diagnose and eliminate the cause of cellular dis-ease. So out of ignorance and frustration, they are left with three unholy options.

Synthetic drugs

Most synthetic drugs circulate through the entire body and have a chemical effect on every biological system in the body, not just the specific area of cellular dis-ease they are meant to help. While they may sometimes help the problem area, they simultaneously disrupt perfectly working functions in other parts of our body.
Have you ever noticed the dozens of side effects listed on drug inserts or at the end of commercial disclaimers?

This is why: [Commercial for Chantix
“Kurt quit smoking with Chantix and support. Talk to your doctor about Chantix and a support plan that’s right for you. Some people have had changes in behavior, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping Chantix. If you notice agitation, hostility, depression or changes in behavior, thinking or mood that are not typical for you, or if you develop suicidal thoughts or actions, stop taking Chantix and call your doctor right away. Talk to your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems which can get worse while taking Chantix. Some people can have allergic or serious skin reactions to Chantix, some of which can be life-threatening. If you notice swelling of face, mouth, throat or a rash, stop taking Chantix and see your doctor right away. Tell your doctor which medicines you’re taking as they may work differently when you quit smoking. Chantix dosing may be different if you have kidney problems. The most common side effect is nausea. Patients also reported trouble sleeping and vivid, unusual or strange dreams. Until you know how Chantix may affect you, use caution when driving or operating machinery. Chantix should not be taken with other quit-smoking products.
‘The urges weren’t like they used to be and that helped me quit.’
Talk to your doctor to find out if prescription Chantix is right for you.”

Talk to your doctor to see if a drug twenty times more dangerous than smoking is right for you? Then these “side effects” require more drugs to balance the new problems caused by the first drug. And on and on this vicious circle goes. Because these drugs relieve symptoms, but don’t eliminate the cause of the cellular dis-ease, many people are on their meds for life – raking in huge repeat customer profits for the big pharma snakes.


After enough neglect – cells, tissues and organs eventually die, putrefy and go into sepsis – inducing internal bacteria to eat you alive. Rather than addressing and reversing the reasons why, the allopathic strategy is to just remove parts or all of various organs, or even hack off the limbs – not stop the cause.

And when the dis-ease expresses itself again, they’ll just cut out more of you, until there’s nothing left of you to cut out anymore. But don’t worry, your insurance will pay for it. And, if not, they’ll take your house and life savings in return for the “favor”.

Surgery has been around since ancient times. And there are brilliant trauma, heart and transplant surgeons – and others – saving millions of lives when absolutely no other option is left. This is in no way meant to attack them. But allopathic medicine is the reason we now need so many of them so often.


You already know about the effects of acute radiation syndrome on cellular biology. To even discuss the absurdity of this allopathic form of medical treatment, as some sort of cure for cellular dis-ease, is an insult to human intelligence – sheer lunacy. So we won’t even bother going there. If your doctor even suggests this – run very far and fast.

“A better thing to talk about, however, is the relationship between profits and cancer. In the United States, there was a study that was published – I believe it was in 1994 – it was a 12 year program, 12-year study. They looked at adults who had developed cancer as an adult – not childhood cancer, but adult cancer. Right? This is the main type of cancer that we get here in the United States. They did a meta-analysis of these people, all around the world, who developed cancer as adults for 12 years and were treated with chemo. They looked at the results and they published the results in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. And the results? Ninety-seven (97%) percent of the time chemotherapy DOES NOT WORK. Ninety-seven percent of the time it doesn’t work.
So why is it still used? It’s one reason and one reason only. Money.

If you go to a medical doctor, an MD, with a sinus infection and that doctor prescribes an antibiotic, he gets no financial kickback. Now if he prescribes 5000, you know, of that antibiotic in one month, the drug company that makes it might send him to Cancun for a conference. Right? But he gets no direct remuneration. It’s not… with chemotherapeutic drugs it’s different. Chemotherapeutic drugs are the only classification of drugs that the prescribing doctor gets direct cut of.

So, if your doctor prescribes chemotherapy for you, here’s how it goes, more or less: The doctor buys it from the pharmaceutical company for five thousand dollars, sells it to the patient for $12,000. Insurance pays nine thousand dollars and the doctor pockets the four thousand dollar difference. And there ought to be a law.
The only reason chemotherapy is used is because doctors make money from it. Period.
It doesn’t work! Ninety-seven percent of the time! If Ford Motor Company made an automobile that exploded 97% of the time, would they still be in business? No. This is the tip of the iceberg of the control that the pharmaceutical industry has on us. We – most people – have no idea of this at all now.

I wrote a book it’s called The MD Emperor Has No Clothes. Right? In my book, I have a bulleted list of 10 questions that every cancer patient could ask their doctor. Ten questions. I’ve had patients checked out, literally kicked out of the oncologists office, because the doctor was p-o’d that the patient was asking them these questions. And these are just common sense questions.

Cancer treatment in the United States – we have lost the war on cancer. We have lost the war on cancer. Why? Because cancer is not a reductionistic phenomenon. Cancer is a holistic phenomenon. When you try to bring a reductionistic methodology, like drugs and surgery, to bear on a holistic phenomenon, you will completely miss the boat each and every time. Medical doctors are like colorblind art critics. They can see that that’s a boat – they can see the black and white outline – but they’re completely blind to all of colors and textures that make up the substance of the thing.

It’s no difference with cancer. The reason that people get cancer in the United States, and the reason that we have completely lousy outcomes, is because medical doctors are driving the research bus. When women get together and do a 5k run for breast cancer, all of that money – do you think any of that money goes to nutritional research? Do you think any of that money goes to homeopathic research? Or acupuncture? Or traditional Chinese medicine? Or naturopathic research? No. All of it goes to drugs and surgery – which do not work.

Now, why aren’t those women running for selenium? If every girl in this country took 200 micrograms of selenium, in one generation we’d eliminate breast cancer by 82%. That’s a big number. Why aren’t we doing that?
Because medicine in the United States is a for-profit industry and most people are completely unaware of this. And most people bow down to the altar of MD-directed high-tech medicine.” – Dr. Peter Glidden, ND

Chemotherapy is in fact nitrogen mustard, the cell killing compound used to make chemical warfare mustard gas in World War I and II. Why does it have a 97% failure rate? Because it doesn’t just kill cancer cells. It kills all cells. It’s poison.

The exoteric correlation between the caduceus and our double helix DNA cannot be ignored – as DNA alteration is the target of Bill Gates and the current Big Pharma vaccine cartel – set to become the world’s first medical mafia trillionaires.

“They’re using a new technology for this vaccine, which they say allows them to develop it more rapidly. But, you know, they’ve developed it in record time. I mean, obviously they have developed this before – before the plandemic actually came to fruition. But what these vaccines are is, they have DNA. And they – using this technology called microporation, where they apply an electric current through two additional needles. And it causes little holes to open up in your cells, so that this foreign DNA can go into your cells and basically turn you into a genetically modified organism. Now they say that the gene is the gene of a virus, so we’re gonna have our own cells making virus proteins and somehow that’s gonna trigger an immune response.

You know, I don’t buy that at all. So, what these genes are I don’t know. You know, I have some guesses because I know one of the goals of the vaccine is for infertility. Right? Because it’s all about population reduction.” – Dr. Andrew Kaufman.

By either coincidence or conspiracy, at the very same time the WHO and NGOs were giving out hundreds of millions of free poisonous smallpox vaccines all over Africa. The continent erupted with the biggest autoimmune disorder epidemic in known history.

What wasn’t free, and ended up indebting several African governments, were the hundreds of millions of PCR tests already manufactured to test for the new unheard of autoimmune disorder called HIV/AIDS.

And the bogus-treatment-drug AZT – called one of the most toxic, expensive and controversial drugs in the history of medicine – this disease may result in the deaths of 90 million African people by the year 2025.

We saw the same trend in India when a polio epidemic and hundreds of thousands of paralyzed children coincided with a mass polio vaccination campaign there.

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November 7, 2020


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