How To Prevent Your Government From Victimizing You

Although the globalists’ New World Order agenda has ramped up to a furious pace in recent years, there are indicators that their stranglehold on humanity is declining, as people continue to wake up. However, because the globalists are now more hell-bent than ever in their quest to consolidate their NWO takeover, there has never been a greater time than now to get savvy on how to prevent the system from victimizing you.

The globalists regard the human population as their enemy: A number of us know that for complete world domination they’re using their owned and controlled illegitimate governments (posing as legitimate) to enforce worldwide totalitarian control. And, remember, their objectives include a world depopulation agenda, which could make you a target.

Taking the USA as an example, the globalists are using this country’s government to target and victimize its fellow citizens. They’re doing it, for instance, through criminal governmental agencies such as NASA, the CIA and DARPA, who covertly use advanced sinister technologies as weaponry.

These sinister technologies include energy weapons. These hi-tech energy weapons produce invisible electromagnetic energy beams on targeted individuals, causing physical or mental behavioural problems as a manipulative means to an end. For example, it has been recently reported that DARPA is using warfare technology unsuspecting civilians for mass mind control. By using invisible energy waves, the governmental agency’s perpetrators leave no “fingerprintsˮ behind, after their crimes have been committed. A classic case of plausible deniability may then follow.


In terms of putting up a resistance to all this; the idea that there’s “more of us than themˮ is of course true, but their technologies are capable of handling us in high numbers. In The Truman Show, the movie was about how an illusion had been designed for people’s entertainment. The globalists have designed an illusion for controlling us into becoming a dehumanized race, demanding that we show total obedience to the system. A number of us may not survive unless we find out how we can protect ourselves (more on this later).

Then, as a contrast to these technologies, other forms of victimization include harsh policing, increasing fake terrorism, biowarfare, deliberate relaxed border control allowing high immigrant influxes causing soaring crime rates and then there’s fear mongering through “journo-terrorismˮ.

What you need to do

Anger, fear or violence would indeed be futile, as these reactions would be consciousness lowering and, therefore, disempowering. To be at cause, prevent or stop your own government from victimizing you, a number of empowering actions need to be taken.

1. Revelation not Revolution

In light of the above, any attempts by the masses to overthrow their government would indeed cause much futile bloodshed. Therefore, a revelation not revolution is needed.

Thus, it is necessary to educate yourself. Discover the shocking revelations, how the globalist criminal cabal and their associates plan to destroy our humanity with their New World Order takeover.

2. Get active

Share your revelations with others, expose the nature of how the culprits victimize the populace. For instance, to raise awareness, get campaigning for new bills giving us the right to protection from these victimizing, illegal, immoral EMFs.

When we raise the awareness of our family, friends and others, who then go on to do the same thing to others, it changes the overall consciousness in the human morphogenetic field. As an awakened collective force, we can then change the course of humanity to one of transformation through conscious intention.

3. Stay aware and vigilant

Using your knowledge, carefully watch out for the moves of certain key figures such as Bill Gates, George Soros, etc., and the senior puppet politicians with their criminal governmental agencies. Understand how they operate. Learn to discern their ulterior motives. Stay informed. The best way to stay informed is to follow the alternative/independent media. Don’t fall for the real fake news coming from the globalists’ propaganda machine, the mainstream media.

4. Protect yourself

Don’t make yourself a target. For instance, in certain circumstances, for your anti-NWO views you may want to keep a low profile in your campaigning where appropriate to not attract the wrong sorts.

There are some excellent websites that offer sound advice on how to physically protect yourself from EMFs and how to campaign for stopping the related human rights abuses which will be mentioned in the recommendations list to follow.

For example, this video by Jerry Day on handling “smart metersˮ made a few years ago is now more relevant than ever.



July 12, 2017

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