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 International Yoga Events in Romania, 2014

LiveOnlineYoga offers the most comprehensive live classes on Integral Yoga for novices and yoga practitioners and FREE webinars on yoga, health and spiritual traditions. 

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Yoga Retreats in Romania

International Yoga Congress 

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The International Yoga Contest for Promoting Spiritual Values

Yoga Congress

 Within the International Yoga Congress from Brasov, Romania the international yoga contest for promoting the spiritual values will take place. The event consists of the HATHA YOGA contest, the subtle perceptions contest, the intelligence contest and the reward ceremony. Hundreds of yogis and yoginis enthusiastically join this bi-annual event.

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Artistic Initiatic Shows, an Entertaining Modality of Spiritual Evolution

 Spiritual knowledge can be greatly expressed through an artistic masterpiece: a theater play, musical concert, dance, poetry, painting and sculpture. The artistic initiated shows represent an entertaining way to access upper realities and subtle realms through the power of contemplation and beneficial states of amazement and mystery touching the heart. Wonderful artistic evenings with live musical concerts, dance and theater shows are offered in the International Yoga Symposiums from Herculane and Costinesti as well as the International Yoga Congress Brasov, Romania, 2014.

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Founder of the Yoga System We Teach

The teachings offered through LiveOnlineYoga are rooted with the largest yoga school of Europe having its headquarters in Bucharest, Romania and founded by the famous Yoga Teacher Gregorian Bivolaru on the tradition of MAHA SIDDHA YOGA – „the yoga of the great paranormal power”.

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Attendees Comments on Past Webinars

„Thank you for helping me remember what I want for my relationship. It was very beautiful.” – B.A, Romania

„I liked very much this webinar as it was very useful, full of substance and energy.” – V.A, Latvia

„I really loved the webinar. Some things I already knew but many more were new for me. I really loved how you structured the webinar. I look forward to doing many more with you. My Valentine attended the webinar with me and we enjoyed remembering the energy of the beginning 
the most.
” – G.A, Switzerland

„It was a great webinar. I learned some new things. The empathy exercise was like mind blowing for me. I learned to be less self-centered and less selfish and understand that men also need to be loved and cared for just like us.” – S.M, USA

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Dear Guest,

You are cordially invited to the International Yoga Symposiums and Congress hosted in Romania (Baile Herculane, Costinesti and Brasov) by the largest yoga school of Europe. Thousands of worldwide yoga practitioners and novices enthusiastically travel in order to join these great yoga events with a successful tradition over the past 20 years. 

An excellent recent option for remote participants is offered live and free of charge by with English translations. 

Registration for offering a lecture or seminar (25, 50 or 105 minutes) in the International Yoga Congress – Bucharest, 2014 can be done at the following email address

Please find more information below.

International Yoga Symposium, Baile Herculane Romania

April 30 – May 11 2014

he schedule for the International Yoga Symposium from the beautiful mountains in Herculane, this year includes spiritual and artistic activities for yoga practitioners and novices as follows:

  • Practitioners schedule:
    • Romantic trance inductions on May 2 and 6 
    • Laya yoga meditations with the mantras for communion with Kalki, Krishna and Svarga Loka
    • Charismatic Theophanic Movement: conferences and exemplifications on May 2 and 9 
    • MAHA MUDRA practice
  • Novices schedule:
    • Lectures and seminars on yoga, tantra and spirituality
    • Three YANG spiral meditations with the induction of the state of spiritual liberation by divine miracle
    • Collective prayers
    • Three series of godly hypostases on May 8, 9 and 10 
    • Special conferences:
      • Men only on May 5 
      • Women only on May 7 
    • A premier of six new spiritual exemplifications
    • Artistic evenings: theater plays, humor, dance, movies and music concerts
    • Daily unison meditations at lunch and evening.

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International Yoga Symposium, Costinesti Romania

1 August – 7 September 2014

Natarajasana in Costinesti
The Black Sea summer resort in Costinesti is the place for our annual International Yoga Symposium during August and first week of September. The program for spiritual and artistic activities for yoga practitioners and novices includes:

  • Novices schedule:
    • Initiations in: romantic trance, spiritual communion with Indra and Svarga Loka, Kalki, Krishna and Vishnu
    • Spiral meditations: YANG, YIN, YIN-YANG and the annual Hiatus Spiral on August 27 
    • Collective prayers
    • Lectures and seminars on yoga, tantra and spirituality
    • Daily unison meditations at lunch and evening
    • Miss SHAKTI contest: seven memorable evenings
    • Special conferences: men only, women only and mixed 
    • Artistic evenings: theater plays, humor, dance, movies and music concerts
    • A new selection for the Charismatic Theophanic Movement
    • New initiations
  • Practitioners schedule:
    • Charismatic Theophanic Movement
    • Three romantic trance inductions 
    • New lectures about Krishna and Vishnu
    • Laya yoga meditations with the mantras for communion with Kalki, Krishna, Vishnu, Indra and Svarga Loka
    • Polyamory conferences
    • MAHA MUDRA practice.

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International Yoga Congress and Contest
, Brasov Romania
December 4-7 2014

International Yoga Congress
After three successful editions held in Bucharest, the 4th edition of the International Yoga and Alternative Occidental and Oriental Therapies Congress is organized by the largest yoga school of Europe in the medieval city of Brasov, for the first time. Drawn by the tantalizing theme of this bi-annual event – „Peak Spiritual Experiences in Yoga and Tantra Practice” – many yoga schools from America and Europe announced their participation in the lectures, workshops and yoga contest. 


n this event you will find out about:

  • Extraordinary results in the perseverance Integral Yoga (Hatha Yoga, Karma Yoga, Raja Yoga etc) and Tantra practices as well as deep yogi meditations.
  • Exceptional spiritual experiences regarding:
    • The awakening of the fundamental energy KUNDALINI SHAKTI, 
    • Revealing of the Supreme Immortal Self, ATMAN  
    • Divine ecstasy SAMADHI 
    • Amazing discoveries through the transmutation and sublimation of the sexual potential in the practice of the sexual continence BRAHMACHARYA. 
  • Connections between science and spirituality
  • How to apply the Oriental and Occidental alternative therapies on a daily basis. 

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Thank you for your interest in yoga and our international events! We look forward to meeting you in the lectures, workshops, yoga contests and artistic moments at the International Yoga Congress from Brasov 2014, as well as in the unison meditations, spirals and initiations from the International Yoga Camps in Herculane and Costinesti, Romania.


Virginia Marginean, MD
Founder of LiveOnlineYoga

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