Mainstream Media Meltdown: CNN, Washington Post Front Page Chaos After Hillary Faints

Now it’s being talked about the „conspiracy of concealment of HC’s disease”. Not „pneumonia”, but Parkinson’s is the real disease of which Hillary is suffering and corporate media knowingly lied the worldwide public!

As Hillary Clinton was suffering an unfortunate „medical episode” where the scorching NYC 79 degree heat made Hillary faint, it was confirmed once and for all that all those „conspiracy theories” about her health were all just unconspiracy facts.

CNN, which has admitted one month before that „we couldn’t help [Hillary] any more than we have”, devolved to a state of chaos, as the following snapshot of the two main stories on its front page on that day demonstrates:

But if CNN was chaos, the Washington Post devolved into outright schizophrenia – say some journalists from the alternative media – compliments of the one and only Chris Cilizza, who on September 9 was urging everyone to stop talking about Hillary’s email scandals, after when on September 6 he had another demand: „Can we just stop talking about Hillary Clinton’s health now?”…

Ironically, on September 11 he published an article titled… drumroll… Hillary Clinton’s health just became a real issue in the presidential campaign (readers may want to take a screenshot of that article: the Huffington Post has been known to fire writers for less).

… so which is it Chris?

Just so there is no more confusion: that’s a rhetorical question. As for writers who do have a relevant perspective, here is Mike Krieger who summarizes the September 11, 2016 sad fiasco best:

„Mainstream media should be totally finished after all this. It’s been obvious for a long time now that Hillary health concerns are not a conspiracy theory, yet the mainstream media yelled and screamed about how there was no story to be told. Well there is a story, and anyone who told you otherwise should be forever discredited as a «reporter».”

A Physician Diagnosed Hillary Clinton With Parkinson’s. The Mainstream Media Has Knowingly Deceived the American People!

A courageous physician has stepped forward and made an extremely compelling diagnosis about the serious medical condition (actually terminal disease) that Hillary Clinton suffers from.
According to Dr. Ted Noel, a medical doctor who specialized in neurological diseases while he practiced, the most likely diagnosis for Mrs. Clinton is Parkinson’s disease.

The following interview with Gary Franchi of the The Next News Network delineates the many medical components which definitively indicate an advanced evolution of Parkinson’s. Dr. Noel has rendered a medical point-by-point breakdown of Hillary’s major symptoms which constitute a highly probable diagnosis of Parkinson’s. No matter what her personal doctors say, Hillary has the clear-cut profile and exhibits classic symptoms of a Parkinson’s patient.

„Hillary Clinton’s Parkinson’s Disease is confirmed in this exclusive interview with the doctor who has now gone public. Dr. Ted Noel joins Gary Franchi to examine the facts of Hillary’s critical and debilitating medical crisis. Through Dr. Noel’s astute observations, and relying on over 30 years in the medical field, he has concluded that Hillary Clinton is exhibiting the classic signs that point to Parkinson’s Disease. He has decided to go public with his findings and appears on the Next News Network to deliver you the truth, being kept from the public, about a diagnosis that will keep her out of the Oval Office.”

Given the authority of Dr. Noel’s “working conclusion” that Hillary Clinton has all the symptoms which are indicative of full-blown Parkinson’s disease, it is clear that she should soon be compelled to abdicate her nomination. She has no other choice at this point. Now that her plot to withhold critical medical information from the electorate has been found out, she will be forced to withdraw from the race.

The bottom line here is that Hillary R. Clinton is no longer physically fit or psychologically equipped to function as the President of the United States. She and Bill will never set foot in the White House again. Just as the Bush Dynasty has met its final fate politically during this campaign season never to be heard from again, so, too, will the Clinton Dynasty come to its final conclusion of the political career.

For anyone who has ever witnessed the ravages of Parkinson’s disease, they know it is a terrible slow-moving scourge that manifests one trial and tribulation after another. Clearly, Mrs. Clinton has not had the presence of mind to even make the weighty decisions that put her where she presently is.

The bigger story here is that the mainstream media has deliberately aided and abetted Mrs. Clinton in her many and ongoing attempts to deceive the American people. In fact, President Obama himself is privy to the relevant medical data that would unequivocally disqualify Mrs. Clinton from running for POTUS. When this conspiracy to perpetrate such a serious fraud on the U.S. citizenry is completely exposed, there will be many in the Democratic Party who will also be culpable of fraud.

Former President Bill Clinton is another accomplice who can no longer be trusted in any way. Of course, each and every physician who has been in the employ of the Clintons that have perpetuated this deceit is especially guilty of violating their medical code. Putting an old, frail, extremely sick woman in harm’s way profoundly violates the Hippocratic Oath.


November 3, 2016


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