New Zealand Mosque Massacre: A False Flag Terrorist Attack, Gladio Black Operation and CIA Global Psyop (1)

What really happened at the New Zealand mosque terrorist attack in March 2019? Cui bono?
It’s no coincidence that this odious mass shooting was conducted in a city with the name Christchurch.

Of course, the perps would choose the Ides of March to carry out such a heinous and murderous plot.

The cool precision and mechanical firing of his automatic rifle indicates that the terrorist who killed 49 Muslim congregants at the mosque in New Zealand was a highly trained professional.

In other words, no matter who this guy is according to his public background, he’s really a stone-cold Gladio-trained terrorist on a specific mission.

While it’s entirely true that he may not even know what that mission was, he was used by his masters to incite a religious war on the once peaceful island nation of New Zealand. That religious and race and cultural war will undoubtedly spill over to every other nation with similar religious demographics.

Why New Zealand was chosen as the staging ground for this global psyop deserves much more consideration. These kinds of black ops simply don’t happen there. Hence, NZ law enforcement agencies are completely unprepared for this type of crime wave as were the 2 involved mosques. Not only does the faraway island location make it much more difficult to investigate the crime scene for Internet sleuths – either on site or by remote – if there really is a massive cover-up in the works, the real perps probably have New Zealand locked down just like they have the PM totally controlled.

The Power That Be are determined to destroy every idyllic paradise on planet Earth as they themselves approach their own demise. With the Internet running at full tilt – 24/7 – TPTB know that it’s only a matter of time before their own faces show up on the World’s Most Wanted list.

Events are unfolding so quickly across the entire planetary civilization and information is being shared so instantaneously, as the video of the real-time mass shooting clearly demonstrated, that the true perps at the very peak of the pinnacle of the worldly power pyramid can no longer hide as they once did.

Everything about this act of unspeakable violence pushed the edge of the envelope like never before, even by Gladio standards. It’s as though Gladio is screaming out to the people of the world “Catch me, if you can.” “Catch us before we do this again.”

Cui bono?

In the short term, who really gains by this shocking atrocity? Here’s the answer:

Of course, the gun control maniacs who came out of the woodwork with a vengeance after the rifles that were deliberately videoed by the mass murderer. They screamed for nationwide gun control even though it was the shooter who did the killing, not the inanimate guns and bullets. The fastidious staging of this entire black operation reveals the true intent where it concerns the desired global gun control measures.

TPTB have never been so afraid of an armed populace. And they will do everything in their power to disarm every citizenry in the world post-haste. Therefore, the NZ false flag mass shooting was yet another in a long string of gun grabs in countries that still have them on the street.

Shut down the Right and justify Internet censorship

The immediate response by the CIA’s Mockingbird Media pointed directly to a highly calculated campaign to shut down Patriot Movements worldwide with this tragic event.

Media platforms on both the Alt Left and throughout the Corporate Media are naming President Trump as the original instigator that set the stage for this mass shooting. The same CIA agents, Deep State operatives and MSM provocateurs are labelling the nationalist groups around the world as the fertile ground for the perpetration of these massacres.

Never mind that the killer’s own language was often sending terribly mixed messages about the true reasons; the Mockingbird Media never missed an opportunity to accuse the Right of violent behavior they are totally innocent of. These false accusers are then unrelenting in tarring all conservatives with the same brush of racism, extremism, misogyny and bigotry, when it’s actually the Left that is guilty of them.

And, quite cynically, it’s the Left that is behind the mass shootings. See BOMBSHELL: Australian Terrorist Identified with Values of Communist China 

Truly, the Liberal accusers always end up standing accused of this unseemly conduct as the investigations by truth-seekers reach conclusions far different than the involved law enforcement agencies and mainstream media. Despite the facts, the MSM then provides a platform for flaming communists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to spew her absurd hypotheses and wild allegations. Political bolsheviks like her are also the first to use these massacres as an excuse to take away our firearms.

At the end of the day, however, it’s the Internet space that really matters the most. This is where the Deep State conspiracy to shut down freedom of speech will have severe consequences for nationalists around the globe. TPTB are experts at executing black ops like this in an effort to further censor the Right as well as significantly weaken the Second Amendment.

Why Was John Podesta REALLY In New Zealand Days Before Mass Shooting? Signs This Was A HUGE False Flag To Demonize Nationalism And Further Censor The Internet

The Isis-Osiris-Horus legend summarized above has 2 primary elements that relate to John Podesta. The number 14 and the fish were both emblazoned in white on the NZ assassin’s rifle. Not only is the Ides of March the anniversary of the brutal murder of Julius Caesar, his relationship to Cleopatra, with whom he bore a son – Caesarion – is frequently compared to the Egyptian narrative of Isis-Osiris-Horus. As a matter of historical fact, Cleopatra was not only the last female Pharaoh of Egypt, she was also revered as a living incarnation of the Goddess Isis. Hence, the assassinations of Caesar and Osiris are considered to be analogous, and both are observed as highly consequential events. Why, then, was Podesta really in New Zealand until a day before the shootings?

Alleged shooter Brenton Harrison Tarrant giving the ‘Eye of Horus’ hand sign in court

MK-Ultra Mind Controlled Perp

The 17-minute video of the entire shooting that was sent to the TMR editor has been closely viewed. Clearly, the execution of this mass shooting was performed by a highly skilled military-trained assassin. Given the accuracy with which he hit (and killed) his victims, it’s clear that he was an extremely qualified marksman.

However, it was his extraordinary composure throughout the entire rampage that revealed the degree of mind-control programming that he has been subjected to. There is also the distinct possibility that the shooter was under the influence of the same type of powerful psychotropic drugs that various militaries around the world give their soldiers right before battle.

To have carried out such a savage operation without the slightest indication of conscience exposes this whole psyop as a carefully planned event. Only a drug-addled robot could have moved as efficiently and proficiently without the slightest concern about being caught or confronted. He even doubled back to each pile of victims to shoot them again to make sure his quarry was dead.

Hence, only an MK-Ultra level mind-controlled agent of Gladio could have conducted this operation as flawlessly as the shooter did. The premeditated filming of the entire black op was the real giveaway that something was very scripted about the unusually intentional NWO scheme.

The alleged gunman – Australian-born and MOSSAD-trained Brenton Harrison Tarrant – appears to have the profile of the perfect neo-Nazi, so why is there so much inconsistent info about him such as this: Australian Terrorist Identified with Values of Communist China. Something is very wrong with this picture. There are other contradictory factoids about Tarrant which point directly to a very complicated individual who was likely brainwashed and mind-controlled during his various travels abroad, if not during critical periods of his entire life in preparation for the Ides of March.

There’s a definite pattern to these incessant false flag mass shootings. Their meticulously planned timing ALWAYS puts them in a media lull of sorts. For instance, this attack transpired not too long after the 3 freshman House Democrats were wrongfully accused of being anti-Semitic. It’s as if this mass murder was carried out to justify those patently false allegations. An astute observer will also notice that this captivating global psyop was purposely scheduled right after the HUGE Boeing scandal erupted with the grounding of their 737 MAX airliner. (See: Cancellation Chaos: $600 Billion In Boeing 737 Max Orders At Risk).

Perhaps the greatest need for a diversionary tactic by the cabal is because of the current breakdown of socialist regimes and globalist governments the world over. Whether it’s PM Justin Trudeau’s crash and burn or President Immanuel Macron’s intractable problems with the Yellow Vests or Chancellor Angela Merkel’s desperate attempts to stay relevant as a lame duck or the free-fall collapse of the European Union, the globalist cabal had to change the conversation, and fast! Therefore, it can be stated with certainty that major distraction is always built into these mesmerizing and fear-mongering events.

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February 23, 2020


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