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Dec 3rd 2011 webinar
Dec 10th 2011 webinar
Dec 17th 2011 webinar

Tantra For Modern Women  

Three Special Live Webinars, 19.00 – 21.30 GMT
The Opening of the LiveOnline Shakti Group For Women

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Attendees Comments on 
the 2nd Edition of  
„LiveOnline Archangels Week – Eight FREE Live Webinars”

„I attended all the eight webinars and I liked everything. I particularly enjoyed the prayer to the divine presence (four archangels) during the webinar dedicated to the archangel Raphael. From the last webinar I liked best the meditation for emotional healing with the help of the archangel Raguel. Thank you very much for organizing this event.”- A.B, IT

„I had an extraordinary experience as on Tuesday and Wednesday, during the Archangels Week I felt everything was at a global scale. Even the simple gesture of having an orange took me to the roots of its orange tree and the land from where this orange tree made the sap; this propelled me into an orange orchard and I was able to smell the oranges fragrance. It was so amazing and I realized how much God created for us and that he embraces us in every moment, through everything that is around us. When I was looking at people I felt they are also nourished just like the orange tree by our planet at the will of God, the Father. Our souls were connected beautifully in a whole. I was joyful and felt love and detachment for these two days continuously even during my job.”- H.R, USA

„During the meditation with the archangel Metatron I felt peace and power, a very powerful and good presence. I liked the presentation about archangel Jophiel. Thanks for the wonderful experience during the fourth webinar as in the meditation I felt joy, peace and purification and the archangel’s kind power. I will meditate again with Zadakiel. In the sixth webinar, during the meditation with the archangel Sandalphon I felt a very soft and kind presence and the same happened during the technique for listening the music of the spheres.”- A.S, FI

„I was moved by the presence of the Archangels while praying, I felt so protected and touched by their sincere presence. During the meditation with the archangel Sandalphon I felt joy, joy for being.I look forward to the special webinars for women!”- J.S, SE

„The meditations were very beautiful in the webinar centered on the archangel Uriel and you can feel them even if it is through the computer and that makes me wonder how this is possible. Thank you very mcuh for this experience. I also loved the experience shared by our special guest Karmen Preda.”- N.P, ES

„The meditation with the archangel Metatron was an overall feeling of being embraced, being protected and somehow inspired with calmness and well-being. I liked the quality of the information, the balance between theoretical and practical aspects, the quality of the presentation. I’m looking forward to see what is coming up next,  I enjoyed the first archangels webinar very much. From the second webinar I liked best the meditation and testimonials from Tatiana. I experienced deep peacefulness in the meditation with archangel Raziel. I want more meditations and testimonials. From the fourth webinar I enjoyed a lot the state of happiness and I experienced a different color of joy and liberation.”- A.N, RO

„I enjoyed the conference of Alexandru Nuca about music.”- C.P, RO

„I appreciate that information was to the point and meaningful. I felt that I miss a lot to reconnect much deeper with the archangels than I did till now and that their love, support and inspiration is not closed to me but all the time is there for me, all I need to do is to open my heart to them and to ask angels and archangels to help me open up more. Recently I had great experiences with my guardian angel, when I invoked him through the prayer ”my angel”, and I felt his warm , protective and loving presence along the days I thought of him. I want to attend webinars about reawakening the shakti in us.”- M.M, MT


„I felt great and  very energized in the webinar about archangel Zadakiel. I love it, especially the practical part.”- O.M, MT


„Thank you very much, once again 🙂 for your presentation. I enjoyed the meditation, especially as it was a „new” angel: Raziel. I get quite a few information these days…. lots of „work” for me. I would like to send thanks to Alexandru, our special guest in the third webinar. Yes, music is everywhere. I like the saying „God is singing” – how very true. Again, Jophiel was different to the angels I have been knowing so far and the meditation with him was great beauty 🙂 much love.”- N.E, DE


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Dear Guest,

You are cordially invited to join and spread the news about the first online edition of „Tantra For Modern Women” with a series of three special webinars 
that are being offered live on Saturday, Dec 3rd, 10th and 17th 2011, from 19.00 – 21.30 GMT. Because these three events are designed in a live online workshop fashion, all attendees are required to have a webcam and microphone for a fruitful and joyful video and audio interaction.


If you are a male recipient of this newsletter you can use this opportunity and make a special gift to the woman you love. Reserve a webinar seat for your beloved woman in each of the three events below. 


Price: 40 EUROS per webinar

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Registration: Femininity in the Superlative     

Registration: Feminine Esoteric Sexuality

Registration: Feminine Orgasm Secrets


Special Promotion

Our webinar attendees from the first online edition of our special live event „Tantra For Modern Women”, can benefit from the gift of one FREE class in the opening of the LiveOnline Shakti Group For Women on Sunday, Dec 18th 2011 from 5.00 – 7.30 AM GMT!


Join us and rejoice in the discovery of the spiritual power of a shakti group for women!


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1st Webinar: Femininity in the Superlative

Are you ready to walk on the streets with total self-confidence? Are you prepared to accept and like yourself 
? Because that’s what is happening when you embrace the inner queen. 

begin to love yourself. You realize that if you were happy once then you can learn to be happy every time. You learn to be in harmony with everything and feel comfortable to be yourself. You realize that your happiness depends first of all on you. You live at the maximum and rediscover you are a woman. Yes, you deserve to enjoy life even more… and not after one year, one month or one week but right from today! Great accomplishments begin with baby steps. 


Join us on Dec 3rd 2011, from 19.00 to 21.30 GMT! 


Check the webinar agenda and register now!

Price: 40 EUROS

2nd Webinar: Feminine Esoteric Sexuality

Do you want to have a better sex-life? Do you want to have a fascinating love relationship like in the romantic movies? Come to find out how to be truly happy and how to bring happiness to the man you love. 


Join us on Dec 10th 2011, from 19.00 to 21.30 GMT and find the answer to questions you didn’t have the courage to ask!


Check the webinar agenda and register now! 


Price: 40 EUROS  


3rd Webinar: Feminine Orgasm Secrets

Do you really want to amplify your personal charm? Join us in our webinar on Dec 17th 2011, from 19.00 to 21.30 GMT and learn that which really matters to you as a woman:

  • Simple and efficient methods for the plenary experience of the 20 types of feminine orgasms
  • Techniques for the awakening of sexual energy and increased personal charm
  • Psychological views of orgasm in Tantra  

Check the webinar agenda and register now! 


Price: 40 EUROS


A Gift of Knowledge

„The women in which the state of SHAKTI has awakened are nothing but shadows of the GREAT MOTHER (MAHA-SHAKTI), and the Great Mother (MAHA-SHAKTI) is eternally the mysterious shadow of GOD THE FATHER (BRAHMAN).” – YONI TANTRA

„For fear of not losing you, I almost always keep you present and embraced in my heart. What fascinating magic has given to me this mirific treasure of the world that you are for me, to my frail arms?” – RABINDRANATH TAGORE

„The women in which the state of SHAKTI awakens more and more will be and will remain the women of the future.” – GREGORIAN BIVOLARU

„If the Great Mother (MAHA-SHAKTI) had not eternally existed together with the Heavenly Father (GOD), being ceaselessly – intimately and fully – amorously united with His absolute Essence (PARAMATMAN) and with his OMNIPOTENT WILL, remaining in an endless state of divine orgasm of the ceaseless creation (ANANDA) then nothing and no one would have previously existed, in eternity. If it were that way, nothing and no one would have thereafter existed in eternity. At the same time, we must realize that, if it were that way, then neither the entire universe (the MACROCOSM) would have existed and nor us, humans, would have existed. In such a situation, which we can imagine and suppose by REDUCTION TO ABSURD, we should at the same time be absolutely sure that nothing and no one would continue to exist in the future and nothing would continue to exist in eternity. If absolutely no one (including us humans) had existed and were endowed with the consciousness of self-existence (that allows one to realize: „I THINK THEREFORE I AM”), then it would have been impossible for one to know that GOD exists.” – GREGORIAN BIVOLARU 


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