The Coming Shift to Cosmic Fascism (1)



The assassination of JFK in broad daylight triggered the emergence of Super Fascism in America. Super Fascism has facilitated the emergence of a Secret Shadow Government (SSG) which in turn has transformed the US Government in DC into a ceremonial puppet of the SSG, destroyed the Rule of Law and neutralized the protections of the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

Note: Bookmark this article and reread it a couple of times to assimilate how these un-American activities reverberated through the decades to the present time. This is the type of article that, in previous centuries, would have created its own entity in Encyclopedia Britannica. For those of us who lived through the Nixon resignation, the information below casts a different light on the lost 18 minutes of the tape.

Just like at Valiev Forge in winter, there have always been good and resolute Americans who lived or died trying to take the right course of action, in the face of overwhelming opposition.

How did Super Fascism emerge in the first place in America?

America was abruptly transformed into a Super-Fascist state by a major catalyst – the CIA OP40 Assassination of sitting President John F. Kennedy in broad daylight.

Clearly. November 22, 1963 was a major turning point in American History.

Justice Earl Warren was appointed by President Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ) to be the head of the cleverly contrived Warren Commission to investigate this “crime of the century”, while a whole new radical form of government was being installed.

Justice Warren did not want to take on this responsibility but, according to one report, the CIA allegedly reminded him that his daughter had a skeleton in the closet that would best remain unpublicized.

Justice Warren was told by LBJ that if he didn’t pin the assassination on Lee Harvey Oswald as a “lone nut” single assassin, it was likely that the blame would be fixed on Cuba (a Soviet Union ally).

LBJ claimed this would then result in a full-scale nuclear World War III with Russia, because the generals and the American People would never put up with that and would demand an invasion of Cuba, which would provoke a nuclear response by the Soviet Union, which is what many of the US Air Force (USAF) generals really wanted anyway.

An accurate description of the USAF generals’ ideology at the time (as odd as this may seem) is well-expressed in the notorious Peter Sellers movie Dr. Strangelove or: How I learned to love the Bomb. Peter Sellers allegedly played the part of Dr. Edward Teller.

Strangelove was actor Slim Pickin’s greatest part ever played, even better than his superb part in the movie Flam Man with actor George C. Scott, who had also played a major role in the Strangelove movie.

When Earl Warren went to the Dallas jail to see Ruby, Ruby told him “you need to take me to Washington DC: I cannot talk openly here”.

Jack Ruby’s words, in a one-minute video:

Ruby had done investigative work for Richard Nixon in the past on the House Un-American Activities Committee: and he was a fixture in the local Dallas organized-crime network, which also involved associations, and gambling and drinking with several of the big oil tycoons, LBJ, some mafioso, and various Intel agents, operatives and assets.

Ruby’s bar and strip club, the Carousel, was a legend among the Dallas police, where they received free drinks and were always welcomed by Jack, a generous host who also did his own bouncing when necessary. Jack was usually quite friendly to his customers, but had an explosive temper at times when conflicts arose.

Soon after the Assassination, a local news crew went to Ruby’s club and interviewed a comedian and a waitress outside: and when the reporter showed them some photos of Oswald, the comedian claimed that Mr. Oswald had been in the club before and had sat at a table with Mr. Ruby and some businessmen from Chicago. This was broadcast live nationally: and as soon as the comedian made this statement, a test pattern was imposed on the broadcast, with the statement “technical difficulty”. The clip disappeared from the station and was never broadcast or even mentioned publicly again.


The night before the assassination, a photo of Oswald, Ruby, Sturgis, E. Howard Hunt, “Bishop” and others was taken at a motel not too far from Dallas. This photo was held by a member of OP40, and later given to the House Special Committee on Assassinations (HSCA), along with a whole box of smoking-gun evidence, which was then handled only in secret “executive sessions”, and was immediately deeply classified. This OP40 member had left Dallas early that morning and did not want to be involved in the assassination. This illustrates that the HSCA learned that the CIA assassinated JFK and itself participated in the cover up.

NYCPD Detective James Rothstein arrested Frank Sturgis at Marita Lorenz’s apartment, because Sturgis was going to terminate Marita upon orders of his superior, so that she could not testify at the HSCA. Strangely enough, when allowed his one phone call after the arrest, Sturgis called Gaeton Fonzi, investigator for the HSCA: and the next morning was bailed out by the well-known attorney Frank Nelson, who often handled NY mafioso cases.

Others who were being subpoenaed to testify – such as Sam Giancana and Johnny Roselli (aka CIA “Colonel Roselli” of Operation Zapata, Zenith Technical Services fame in the secret war against Cuba) – were terminated with extreme prejudice by the CIA. This was done to prevent them from testifying about the merger between the CIA and the Cosa Nostra in a secret war against Cuba, as they had participated in numerous assassination attempts against Fidel Castro.

What Jack Rub wanted to tell the world was that the assassination was going to create a whole new type of US Government, and that it would be a new type of Fascism, best described as Super Fascism, where the defense corporations and the intel agencies that run them would use the assassination of JFK to hijack the State and use it as their tool.

LBJ after 1968

Alter LBJ left office, he grew his hair long and often sneaked away from his Secret Service, leaving his ranch to drive to a local bar to drink with some of his old local buddies. He started talking too much about the assassination, and was then viewed as a loose end. It is likely that LBJ’s key role in the JFK assassination and cover up and his failures in Vietnam haunted him to the point that he started cracking.

One insider reported that LBJ died suddenly falling off his horse into a small ravine: but could he have been helped by a secret serviceman upon the orders of George H.W. Bush, because he was drinking too much and talking too much?

When Top Cabal appointees start talking too much or caring about America too much, like Ike came to do while President, strange unexpected deaths start occurring.

Ruby had been manipulated into murdering Oswald in the basement of the Dallas jail by his CIA handler. Oswald was supposed to have been shot earlier, some say by Officer Tippit, who backed out and, according to a witness, was shot by two men, neither of whom resembled Lee Oswald. Some believe that one of the shooters was a well-known FBI man at the time, who just happened to be in Dallas.

Ruby’s handlers had told him that if he took care of his assignment, it would be viewed as a crime of passion, and Jackie Kennedy would be grateful – that he would become a national hero and not be prosecuted. But he was also told that if he didn’t do as told, his greatly beloved, two little pet dogs would be tortured and murdered, and his sister would also be murdered. While in the Dallas jail, Ruby had lots of time to think, and finally realized that he was a lose end. When his request to be taken to DC was ignored, he finally accepted his fate.

Tying Up Loose Ends

Dorothy Kilgallen, the famous journalist and regular guest on the TV serial show What’s my Line, was the only journalist to ever interview Jack Ruby in the Dallas jail before he contracted “CIA Flu”. He had been unknowingly infected in jail with the fast acting cancer developed in New Orleans by Dr. Mary Sherman, who misused Judith Vary Baker’s cancer research discoveries without her participation or permission. Dr. Sherman was also murdered by the CIA as a loose end.

When Ruby started to have coughing issues he was taken to the hospital for diagnoses and treatment and was left under an X-ray machine too long with the tube turned on, spinning and the aperture opened for an extended time which sped up the growth of his fast growing cancer.

Dorothy Kilgallen had copied her detailed notes of this historical interview, and had given them to her good friend and neighbor. Dorothy told her and some other friends that she was going to blow the whole case wide open because the official view had been a big lie.

What she didn’t know was that the CIA had her under intense 24/7 surveillance and tapped her phones. She made the mistake of saying too much on the phone: and the CIA’s James Jesus Angleton, who was deeply involved in the OP40 assassination operation in Dealey Plaza (which was run by George H.W. Bush) and the cover up afterwards, decided that she had to be terminated with extreme prejudice.

“Old 87”

JFK tries to calm LBJ down at a political rally

LBJ hated the Kennedys and was intensely jealous of them, and felt slighted and degraded by them because he had risen to be a major Senate power-broker – a kingpin of the US Government.

LBJ was J. Edgar Hoover’s close friend and neighbor and an associate of the Ruling Cabal through his wife’s father, who owned a radio station in Texas and who helped LBJ win his first election. In that election, two election judges ended up dead: and LBJ won by a mere 87 votes, with many votes missing.

That is why his old drinking buddies in Texas called him “Old 87” to each other when he wasn’t present.

The new President Johnson gladly signed the Official CIA National Security Finding authorizing Dorothy Kilgallen’s termination, and then she died mysteriously of a claimed overdose of prescription sleeping pills and alcohol. In fact, a CIA wet-boy team was used to murder her.

A Rogues Gallery the night before the JFK assassination

The night before the JFK Assassination, a select group of super-elite American power brokers had met at Clint Murchison’s home. They went into his private study and closed the double doors and discussed the final assassination arrangements.

It was a rogues gallery and those present included Murchison, J. Edgar Hoover, Richard Nixon, John J. McCloy, George Brown, and HL Hunt. David Rockefeller had given his blessing to the operation through John J. McCloy.

George H.W. Bush was probably somewhere near Dallas that night, because he and his son George Jr. were photographed in Dealey Plaza the next day, but it has not been confirmed that he was at the meeting. Allen Dulles, who was one of the main planners of the JFK Assassination, was not present and did not want to be associated with Dallas in any way to avoid suspicion.

Dulles was concerned he could be blamed, because it was JFK who fired him as DCIA for the Bay of Pigs fiasco. It was actually McGeorge Bundy who set JFK up to appear as a turncoat to the US Military and the CIA for withdrawing air support to avoid a nuclear confrontation with the Soviets.

The JFK assassination was well organized coup d’etat, run by OP40 of the CIA and it has been rumored it was authorized by a secret National Security Finding signed by Vice President Johnson, J. Edgar Hoover and the JCS. The justification was that JFK was consorting with an East German female spy, Ellen Rometsch: he was taking LSD, which was making him reckless and disjointed mentally: and he was having an affair with the high-ranking CIA Clandestine Services man Cord Meyer’s ex-wife Mary Meyer, who Angleton ordered murdered as a loose end after the JFK assassination.

As many know, the DC phone system was taken down for at least an hour right after the JFK assassination to impede any inter-agency communication and major dot-connecting, and to give the CIA time to coordinate the cover-up in DC. The cover story was that it was unknown if America was now under attack by the Soviets or not, and the US Strategic Air Command had to be in a high state of readiness.

The Secret Service illegally used force to take possession of JFK’s body from the Dallas Police at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, even though the Dallas Police had rightful, legal custody and proper jurisdiction to investigate the crime, while the Feds had none. Since then, there have been Federal Laws passed to extend federal jurisdiction to cover this type of event.

The Art of “Compromise”

The meeting at Murchison’s home the night before was secretly recorded by both the FBI on Hoover’s order, and by the CIA at James Angleton’s order. This provided forever-control over everyone present, as needed.

It has been reported by one insider that James Jesus Angleton was able to deeply compromise the Vatican and manipulate it and transform it into a tool of the CIA because of its secret running of a Nazi ratline after World War II.

Hoover’s Demise

Eventually Nixon and Angleton both had enough of Hoover, so Angleton had two men from OP40 take care of J. Edgar “Mary” by using a scorpion spinner lock-pick to clandestinely enter his premises and add shellfish toxin to his toothpaste.

That Saturday after Hoover’s termination with extreme prejudice, Angleton drove his white station wagon over to the home, made sure Clyde Tolson was gone, and loaded up all of Hoover’s secret files and even the recordings of the secret meeting at Murchison’s home from the night before the JFK assassination.

Angleton copied what he wanted and then gave these secret files to Israeli intel for human-compromise operations. For this he was given a secret commendation by the Israeli government. And ever since, Israeli intel has become known for the most extensive human compromise and blackmail ops ever devised and implemented against American politicians and politicians all over the world. The CIA, the FBI and many of the rest are not too far behind either. It was J. Edgar’s secret FBI dirt files that gave the Mossad a big head-start in these human compromise ops.

Ghost of JFK Haunts Nixon’s Presidency

Nixon’s part in the JFK assassination came back to haunt him during the Watergate crisis. It later came out officially that Nixon’s secretary had erased 18 minutes of a White House recording. But the evidence suggests that it was done by Nixon himself, because the JFK assassination was mentioned in reference to him as the “Bay of Pigs deal”.

We now know the real reasons that JFK was assassinated by orders of the ruling Cabal. It was because JFK was getting out of Vietnam, was issuing and printing US Treasury dollars and getting rid of the Federal Reserve System debt-notes, and was using Bobby Kennedy to shred the Italian Cosa Nostra. President Kennedy had made secret moves to block Israel’s acquisition of nuclear weapons, and had started to rein in Israeli spying inside America, both of which were likely important factors in the assassination.

Chicago Mob

The Chicago Mob was secretly controlled by the Kosher Nostra, which handled its money and high political connections. It was furious with JFK because they had voted a large number of previously dead folks for JFK, allowing him to beat Nixon by a slim margin. JFK’s dad, Joe Kennedy, who made his millions bootlegging and then by legally distributing imported Scotch Whiskey, had negotiated these dead votes with the Chicago Mob, and they expected to be allowed to continue operating as usual.

However, when Bobby Kennedy, whom JFK appointed to be the US Attorney General, started going after the Mafia with a vengeance, the Mafia, especially the Chicago town mob felt totally betrayed and sought revenge. The CIA took advantage of this and used the Chicago mob in a supportive role in Dallas to provide leads going to nowhere.

That day in Dallas November 22, 1963, the CIA had brought in dozens of intel ops, mafioso and famous assassins to strut around and be photographed, in order to generate false leads as a way to confound any serious investigation.

Lone Star State Corruption

LBJ about his wife: “She is the brains and the money of the family”

We know that Dallas was a hotbed of organized crime corruption. Some insiders believe that LBJ had a strong association with Dresser Industries, Texas Tool and Die: and his wife owned various CIA proprietaries and air freight companies. Allegedly it was Lady Bird’s father who took LBJ under his wing and used his radio station and contacts to propel LBJ into political office. LBJ became the US Senate Majority leader and ran much of DC with J. Edgar Hoover’s blessing.

Dating back to his Texas beginning. LBJ had his own stable of fixit ops, and one of them a Skull and Bones man Malcolm Wallace who served as his own personal assassin. It was rumored at the time that LBJ used Wallace in 1961 to murder his sister Josefa, who was an alcoholic and was out of control, talked too much and would not listen to reason.

Over 20 years after the JFK Assassination, Malcolm Wallace’s fingerprint was finally positively identified from a box on the sixth floor of the Book Depository in Dallas from November 22, 1963. Years before Wallace had been convicted of murder, but had received a profoundly light sentence due to his connections. It is likely that Wallace was a serial hitman for LBJ.

Numerous Texas insiders have claimed that Wallace murdered Agricultural Inspector Henry Marshall to protect LBJ’s boxcar scam with Billie Sol Estes, who later testified in a secret grand jury about this and JFK assassination matters. LBJ was becoming worried, because he was getting information that not only was JFK going to drop him from the ticket in the next election, but Bobby Kennedy was going to prosecute him over the Billie Sol Estes scams and more. This motivated LBJ to push hard for JFK’s elimination and to work with George H.W. Bush, J. Edgar Hoover, the JCS and Nixon to get this done by whatever means necessary.

Controlled Media Frames a Patsy

The rest is history. Despite the “lone gunman” claims of the Warren Commission that Lee Harvey Oswald did it which continue to be broadcast and published by the Ruling Cabal’s Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) over 53 years later: 80% of the American public believe that the US Government did it or at least covered up a massive criminal conspiracy involving multiple shooters from the grassy knoll and other locations.

Most legitimate investigative journalists and researchers believe the evidence shows that Oswald was set up to be a patsy and didn’t fire a single shot. There is new evidence that he was standing in the doorway at the time of the actual shooting of JFK. However the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) which is comprised of six CIA directed international news and media corporations (constituting an illegal news and media monopoly (cartel). In actuality, the CMMM and its parent controller in Switzerland serve as secret CIA proprietaries.

The CMMM continues to publish and broadcast the notably false narrative that Oswald did it alone by tiring three impossible shots from the six floor Book Depository, when there were actually five shooter teams and additional teams at the Trademart, if JFK ever actually ended up there.

This continuing broadcasting and publication of this monstrous lie that “Oswald did it alone” is perhaps one of the most clear-cut failed litmus test ever for the Controlled Major Mass Media. This continued false narrative is truly disgusting and exposes the CMMM for what it really is, essentially a CIA propriety and a virtual News Cartel and illegal monopoly of lies.

It is a well verified fact that Oswald was a trained Naval Intel operative and judging from the places he was given employment (with CIA proprietaries or assets), it is clear that Oswald was playing various different intel roles in New Orleans and Dallas. What his exact role at the time of the JFK Assassination has not yet been ascertained, but it is likely that he was reporting at least periodically to the FBI and was somehow detailed to them.

The evidence proves beyond any doubt that Oswald did not shoot at JFK on November 22, 1963, nor did he shoot Officer Tippit.

No other issue has shown or continues to show just how totally dishonest and corrupt the CMMM really is. This big lie that Oswald did it is a strong illustration of the fact that the CMMM’s functions are completely controlled by the CIA through a major Knights Templar Investment house, with their home office in Switzerland that claims to be on the cutting edge or vanguard of investments.

We now know for certain that Oswald was standing in the doorway not too far from George H.W. Bush – who ran the five OP40 teams, including a shooter paired with a radioman/timer assistant – so he couldn’t have fired at all.

One of the main objectives of the FBI and the CIA is the deployment of sophisticated human compromise operations on behalf of the Cabal whom they serve as agents for.

Hoover literally held an iron grip on Nixon, as did the CIA, because of Nixon’s presence at the Murchison home the night before the JFK assassination and his deep involvement in setting up and running OP40 for President Eisenhower.

When Nixon deployed a major assault to eliminate snuff film producers with a specially assembled team of operatives this sent shock waves of fear through the DC “Beltway elites” who participated in a pedophile network that they might be exposed or worse.

The Cabal instructed their man George H.W. Bush to deploy a silent coup in order to immediately remove Nixon from office. The Watergate affair was set up to do just that and involved at least one turncoat inside Nixon’s own staff.

It’s a known fact that Nixon hated pedophile ops and snuff film producers even more. When he attended Bohemian Grove near San Francisco (noted for its Baal Worship rituals), he remarked “that is the faggiest, most damned thing you could ever imagine”.

If Nixon had been allowed to destroy the satanic pedophile network, this would have eliminated the main source of human compromise and control that the Cabal, the CIA and the FBI had for politicians, and elected and appointed officials.

Here is how Nixon was removed from office:

The Watergate “soft coup” to remove Richard Nixon from the presidency Richard Nixon

In one of the craftiest covert ops of US history, Nixon was set up to have a special CIA soft entry team go after the DNC pedophile book at the Watergate. Some insiders believe that McCord and John Dean were allegedly working together with the CIA and Dean’s girlfriend (and later wife) Mo Biner at the Watergate DNC to take down Nixon.

A Watergate door latch had been taped and the DC police had been notified by someone in the team of “burglars”. It had been alleged that Mo ran the pedophile book of top DNC supporters and some other human compromise ops which may have included Republicans.

Nixon wanted to know what he was up against and if any of his close staff or supporters had been compromised by this op, in addition to gaining the names of any powerful, influential democrats who had been compromised by the op.

Thus, the impeachment and resignation of President Nixon was a “Silent Coup” run by George H.W. Bush and the CIA, because Nixon had sent out a secret squad to disappear producers of snuff films inside America and sources outside America, too.

Super Fascism and the Fourth Reich

George H.W. Bush (aka George Scherf) was actually the stateside representative of the new three-piece suit all corporate Fourth Reich.

Bush was placed in power and promoted to climb the US intel and US Government food-chain by the City of London private Cabal Banksters in order to implement Fascism in a new form, a new higher order type of fascism. Super Fascism.

The assassination of JFK signaled and allowed a major shift from the prior, regular first-order Fascism to a new higher order derivative best called Super Fascism. Regular Fascism in America was established in World War II and was characterized by the merging of the US Government with numerous defense corporations, but wherein the stale maintained control.

Fallout from JFK’s Assassination

JFK had become aware of a massive Cabalistic conspiracy, associated with the City of London Cabal Banksters, to subvert the US Constitution and destroy the American Republic. After he was assassinated, JFK’s Presidential Decision Directive ordering the printing of US Notes as money to displace the private Federal Reserve System for a US Treasury public Bank was quickly canceled by LBJ.

What quickly emerged after the JFK assassination was that JFK’s order to start withdrawing from Vietnam was canceled by Johnson: and the Vietnam war was continued and expanded. When the Vietnam war effort was greatly increased, it made numerous Cabal-linked, large defense corporations so wealthy as CIA proprietaries that they could buy up politicians, stack the US Government and take total control over it. This was essential for gaining control of the US Government and using it as a tool to serve these large defense contractors by keeping foreign war perpetual.

All of these CIA crimes, of course, were being done with the continuing blessings and secret financial support of the private Cabal Banksters. There was no way the Ruling Cabal would let JFK disrupt their plans to use war as a continuing lucrative money-making scam, which made them all powerful and rich beyond measure.

When JFK was assassinated, the large Banks and Corporations were thus able to hijack the US Government by infiltrating it, by buying or human-compromising politicians, and by then establishing the US Government as their exclusive agent to serve their own interests and NOT the interests of We The People. Through the assassination of JFK, the Ruling Cabal was able to secretly transform America into a new Super Fascist state, now essentially owned and operated by them.

An Asset on Every Block

And when any group of dissidents threatens their new system of unlimited power and profits, they deploy an asset from their vast array to suppress such groups’ efforts. And their assets include local Law Enforcement, the FBI, the CIA and hundreds of private contractors and corporate mercenaries deputized under so-called “national security”.

The American intel assets are so great that any agency can find and contact an asset from their shared list within one mile from any surveillance target, and then get them there to surveil within about ten minutes, in most cases. They might be walking their dog or some other mundane task, but they can still surveil as needed: or if needed, sneak and peek secret burglaries can be ordered and enacted.

Super Fascism is the merger of the State with the major Corporations, but where these corporations use their Federal Reserve System (FRS) credit line and accrued wealth to buy up stack, infiltrate and hijack the visible US Government inside the belt way and transform it into their personal agent to manipulate the laws and We The People to serve their interests first.

And their interests are to create large “corporate welfare” programs to access federal Taxpayer funds directly and indirectly, through budgetary manipulations and the illegal unconstitutional pursuit of aggressive foreign wars.

These wars are perpetual, unwinnable, and oriented to generating massive profits for the private FRS banks, their associated large defense contractors, and especially the approximately 66 families that own large chunks of stock in the defense contractors, especially the no-bid ones.

These illegal, unconstitutional aggressive foreign wars liberate cheap natural resources (Oil, Opium, minerals including Lithium) for these special interests, but also to extract an incredibly evil human toll, with millions of dead, wounded and disabled civilians and soldiers.

The saddest part for America is that so many great young American soldiers have been needless sacrificed as cannon fodder innocently doing what they thought was serving We The People, when they were serving the needs of these wealthy corporations, private Banksters and defense contractors and their investors.

This new American Super fascism is run by a Council of Twelve “Kings” that answers to the Superior general (aka the Black Pope).

One King has now died and eleven remain – of that eleven, one is very sick and near death, and another not far behind.

The agenda of this Council of Twelve is to reduce and eliminate the ability of Americans to defend themselves against invasion or a complete totalitarian police state takeover that they have planned.

Their agenda is best described as a Globalist NWO Agenda of evil that requires elimination of normal male/female sex roles, marriage and the family and a massive reduction of the Earth human population by about 90%.

It’s a fact that this transformation in America from regular World War II Fascism to post JFK Super Fascism was made possible by the great wealth and power that the various large US defense contractors accrued in alliance with the large Wall Street Banks and other large international corporations in their network.

It should now be clear to most folks that any politician who is a serious threat to the Super-Fascist system of the US Government in any way can expect to be neutralized, either through smearing and discrediting by the CMMM, or if that fails, by being un-elected through various sophisticated means, including support being diverted to another candidate or through redistricting. Secret impossible suicide, aka “arkencide”, is always an option for the Ruling Cabal if all else fails, and if the politician doesn’t understand how to go public properly to protect themselves.

The CIA Op 40 murders of JFK, his brother RFK, and Martin Luther King are a stark reminder of this grim reality of American political life. And yet it is now becoming clear that Super Fascism is not going to be a permanent state for America. Super Fascism is not an end state for America, it is merely a transitional state: and all those selected top hierarchy officials who were promoted to power and given immense power, wealth and status are going to soon become obsolete and will be pushed aside into obscurity and perhaps even poverty.

Be certain that the Internet (Worldwide Web) has been the greatest spying device ever developed, but unknowingly at first to the Ruling Cabal, also the greatest cause of powerful emerging world populism that itself cannot now be stopped and will certainly be instrumental in the Ruling Cabal being made obsolete and pushed aside.

The Internet is truly revolutionary like the Gutenberg Press was and in fact is best described and considered as the New Gutenberg Press that provides instant access at the speed of light to immense libraries of know ledge all over the world and an incredibly large and accurate alternative media, if one knows where to go for it.


The emergence of regular Fascism during World War II in America was extremely destructive to the US Constitution and Rule of Law, and serves as a vehicle to enable the large Cabal-blessed large American corporations to continue their ascent in size and power.

It provided the vehicle for them to take the extreme secrecy of the Manhattan Project for the Atomic Bomb and continue it as a way of life for the large defense contractors that emerged in World War II and after during the Cold War.

The extreme secrecy was claimed necessary in order to prevent secrets to be disclosed to enemies or potential enemies. This mindset has continued and has been taken advantage of and abused by these defense contractors, large Wall Street banks, and corporations that have been authorized to function as agents of US National Security.

Secrecy within these large corporations bred an immense massing of power and wealth because real Congressional oversight was prevented, nor were any State or Federal Courts allowed to proceed with any significant legal actions or corrections.

This isolation from any serious Rule of Law, the US Constitution, Congressional oversight, allowed these large Corporations and banks to grow exponentially in size and political power and enabled them to run their own covert operations to manipulate politics, often in parity with the CIA and FBI.

It wasn’t long until these large corporations, defense contractors and large Wall Street banks were able to infiltrate and stack the Congress and most high US Government positions, thereby constituting a secret hijacking of the US Government itself and making it a tool of these large corporations, defense contractors and large Wall Street banks.

It was at this point that two phenomena occurred as never before. First the emergence of Super Fascism and second the emergence of several interlinked secret subcultures that constituted the hidden but real US Government, best referred to as the Secret Shadow Government (SSG). The final result was that this emergent SSG became the true government of the USA, and the visible DC government actually became a ceremonial symbolic government subservient to the SSG.

Once the Ruling Cabal got JFK out of the way, Bobby Kennedy the US Attorney General was neutralized, it was then clear sailing ahead for the Cabal to stack the US Government with all their large corporate and Wall Street cronies, who would serve their immediate and long term needs.

It was the assassination of JFK that was the turning point in America that allowed the Ruling Cabal to transform America into their own Super Fascist nation.

Just as the original regular fascism was transformed into a higher level Super Fascism, so too is Super Fascism now in the process of being transformed into a new even higher level form of Fascism, best referred to as Cosmic Fascism.

And it is now pretty clear that this new transformation to Cosmic Fascism is being driven by the esoteric drift of the Secret Space War (SSW) program, its deep space Heels of the US Navy and the US Air Force, and the reality that Planet Earth is being visited by interstellar travelers using ultra high-tech anti-gravity craft.

The US Government has recovered and back-engineered various Alien Extraterrestrial UFOs, recovered Alien ETs – both dead and alive – and has formed working and exchange treaties with three types: and this fact is now driving this esoteric shift of the subcultures associated with the SSW programs.

This esoteric drift of the Secret Space War program is creating tension and various old-timers are now disclosing – so many in fact that it will be impossible to stop the How of information.

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June 23, 2017


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