The Geometry of Infinite Mind (II)

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Cosmic Information

For quite a number of years, researchers have been working with the available calculations and astronomical data of the motions and physical constructions of our solar system. The calculations show more than a forty octave spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies associated with the planets, their satellites, rings and motions within the presently known solar system.

The frequencies often demonstrate strong harmonic interplay among the dancing and swirling planetary bodies. The home solar system is a vast, complex, multi-octave musical instrument, with ever-shifting tuned resonances and harmonies. All of the planets and most of their moons have fundamental frequencies which align exactly within our spectrum of prominent brainwave rhythms. All of the planets have a detectable electromagnetic energy field structure and prominent magnetospheric frequencies as reported by the Voyager flybys. By the use of sensitive detection circuits and spectrum analysis, many of the Earth and Moon frequencies have been measured. Some of these Earth/Moon related frequencies have also been detected within the human biofield by using expanded sensors and biofeedback technology. Your bodily rhythms sing in harmony with the continually fluctuating energy field patterns of the whole solar system.

Each planetary system plays upon a different musical keynote pattern. These keynotes also give us an indication of the strong harmonic intercommunication existing among the planetary bodies and their surrounding moons and rings.

Combining all of the planetary system frequencies into one chart allows a glimpse of a possible collective chord for the whole solar system.

The Voyager planetary flybys had the instrumentation aboard to measure the magnetospheric signals of the outer planets, and they did detect EM (electro-magnetic) signal activity over these very same brain/body vast frequency ranges.

If, as we observe, the solar system and its planetary systems are active with multi-octaves of electromagnetic frequencies, how, you might ask, do these energies reach us over the vastness of interplanetary space?

There are very powerful resonances detected in the Earth-Ionosphere cavity in the spectrum of VLF (Very Low Frequencies) atmospherics. These frequencies are also referred to as Auroral Kilometric Radiation. The AKR frequencies are often associated with the peak power spectrums of lightning discharge. Recent measurements of the VLF range clearly show a definite resonance effect over the AKR spectrum. In addition, the measurements indicate a triggering of these lightning spectrum signals from the plasma-induced activity in the outer magnetosphere. The magnetospheric relationships are an important link in the chain of energy exchange between the solar plasma field and the Earth.

When we look at the data of atmospheric transmission of radiation energy, it clearly shows that all spectrums of energy arrive at the Earth’s surface, but some of much greater intensity than others. We are protected from the powerful ultraviolet and X-rays, and somewhat shielded in the low infrared. As our solar system moves rapidly toward the star Vega, it is bathed in a multi-octave spectrum of background microwave radiation which has been measured coming from all directions, with slight variations in the intensity observed. This radiation appears to be extra-galactic.

Our solar system is also swimming in an intense flux of cosmic ray activity, with frequencies detected from the microwave to as high as 1024 GHz. The cosmic ray flux power spectrum is modulated in interplanetary space by the solar wind and planetary changes.

All of the Planets, Moons, Astroids and other bodies of our Solar System, including the Sun, dance and sing vibrationally with one another. Each body receives, vibrates, resonates and transmits its own unique frequency tones of sound and electromagnetics.

The spherical nature of the planetary and stellar bodies act to allow broad spectrums of vibration to resonate within their structure and surrounding energy fields. Each stellar body, due to its own unique physical structure and dimensions, vibrates to fundamental chords and tones; in the form of sound, electromagnetic or other vibratory modes. Our neighboring stars couple their energy patterns to our Earth home via longitudinal near-field chords of resonance.

The Earth sets up a pattern of electromagnetic vibrations between its circumference frequency, around 7.5 Hertz (cycles per second) and its radius frequency of 47 Hertz. The atmospheric cavity Schumann Resonance spectrum has been measured via electronic detection instruments. This Schumann Resonance, which occurs within the Earth and its surrounding energy field, has immediate impact upon planetary life-forms.

When we measure our own brainwave electromagnetic signals, we see displayed these very same Earth vibrations. Since the Earth is very much alive vibrationally, these electromagnetic signals are continually changing and interacting while creating the continual flux of a vibrating planetary song.

Additional Earthic vibrations occur as the result of energy movement within the surrounding fields, such as the Van Allen belts. The electrons and protons within these energy belts develop resonances due to the belt’s sizes and motions as they dance and circulate around us.

Van Allen Belt Frequencies

The longer cycles of the Earth motions also produce measurable vibratory fluctuations of the Earth’s daily rotation, the yearly orbit, the apogee and perigee cycle, and the eleven/twenty-two year sunspot cycles. Other Earth-frequency-related determinants are the distances from the Earth to the sun and the planets, the lunar cycles, the Earth/Moon distance, and the Solar rotation. Interestingly enough, the Earth core radius is almost exactly equal to the Moon diameter and therefore in direct fundamental resonance. The frequency related to the changing Earth/Moon distance is easily detected with EM vibration-sensing instruments.

Many of the diurnal, semi-diurnal and long period ocean tides are harmonically related to the above mentioned Earth-core-to-Moon-diameter resonances. The Earth and Moon are intimately linked vibrationally and many of the prominent resonances fall directly within our very own brain/body vibration spectrum.

It may now become clear that there is a complex play of vibrational harmonics around and through us as we live our daily lives here on the surface of the Earth, spinning within the Solar System and Galaxy. Each and every planetary and stellar system radiates a mosaic of vibratory energies within and throughout.

These planetary-interstellar-galactic electromagnetic waves are continually sweeping throughout our immediate environment. Imagine this: the electromagnetic wave front that is passing through your body at this moment, was 186,000 miles away one second ago and one second from now, the same wave front will be 186,000 miles distant. This continual surge of light waves is part of what connects us to all of the Universe.

By using spectrum analysis and electromagnetic sensors, Nick Fiorenza and Ernest Emery Richards were able to measure and plot a grid of vibrational patterns over the surface of the Earth, and even extending above the surface. They focused their measurements within the frequencies associated with the human brainwaves. This grid of energies resembles furrows of electromagnetic standing-waves for a particular frequency rate.

Keyboard of Light

How, you might ask, do the cosmic bodies couple their wave energies to one another? First, let us consider what these electromagnetic energies really are. They are light waves, part of the energy pulsations that we do not visually perceive of the spectrum of light. Our eyes see only a small portion, about one octave, of the vast electromagnetic “Keyboard of Light”. If we consider the piano keyboard and its many harmonically related black and white keys, then imagine it extended infinitely in the left direction as lower and lower notes, and in the right direction as higher and higher notes, we will have an image of the electromagnetic “Keyboard of Light”.

Each frequency or tone has associated with it a wavelength. A wavelength is the distance of one complete cycle of the wave, the measured distance from a wave peak to the next peak or from a wave valley to the next valley. As we move down the “Light” keyboard from the visible, the wavelengths become longer, greater distances; the light wave names are Infrared, Microwave, Radio shortwave, and Radio longwave. The Extremely Long Waves and beyond are the waves that represent the vibrations of the Moons, Planets, Suns and Galaxies.

If we move up the “Keyboard of Light” from the visible, the wavelengths become shorter and shorter; Ultraviolet, X-Rays, Gamma Rays, and Cosmic Rays. These shorter waves are the building energies of matter, the vibrations of Molecules, Atoms, Protons, Electrons and other names that we give the sub-atomic energy vibrations.

All of the “Keyboard of Light” is called the electromagnetic spectrum and each range of wavelengths has its unique qualities of transmission, reflectivity, and refraction. There is no zero frequency, the electromagnetic spectrum extends infinitely into both the longer and shorter wavelength directions; this appears to be so from our present knowledge.

Stellar Receiving

Each of the planetary and stellar bodies acts as a spherical receiver, transmitter and reflector of the electromagnetic long wavelength light energies in similar manner to a satellite communications dish antenna. The sphere is an ideal shape for a resonant cavity. The Earth sphere resonates naturally over vast spectrums of EM and sound frequencies. For any position on the surface of the Earth at any particular time, there are always signal vibrations arriving, being refracted, reflected and focused by the Earth spherical structure from many outside, distant vibrational frequency sources, such as other planets and stars.

The surface focal point of a conjunction, for example, not only receives the energy of the conjunct body but also receives its reflected version, which is now linked and modulated by the Earth’s own naturally resonant signals. Keep in mind that the combining of waves may be disharmonious as well as harmonious. Therefore, how the waves combine at Earth will depend on the unique vibrational patterns and frequencies of each of the interacting cosmic bodies.

It should now be seen that any two of the heavenly bodies are interactive with one another at any time, but their shifting positions allow vibrational changes and couplings to occur. Since the Moon is a simple harmonic to the Earth’s core, during the Moon’s movement about the Earth, it would intercept conjunct vibrations and superimpose them onto the familiar vibration chord/wavelength between it and Earth, amplifying these far-flung energies of alignment.

Earth/Moon Coupling

Your Dance

You are a vibrant, dancing form of Light, the light vibration of all the electromagnetic spectrum. You radiate the ultra-violet and higher energies; streams of infrared waves flow between your bodies. The complexities of microwave information resonate and chat within the molecular and cellular structures. The cellular chemical messengers circulate and form, then dissipate to reform anew the delicate instructions.

The radio waves of ancient galaxies, neighboring stars, and the solar family planets rain and dance upon the Earth’s umbrella-like energy shields, altering the intensity and selectively protecting the delicate organic forms. Planetary turnings, solar sprinklings, starry pulses, galactic tides and universal songs sweep through and around you every instant. The body reverberates with the wind of Light; every cell listens to the drumbeats, attunes its DNA structure to the composition, and sings its own unique chord, inducing resonant vibrations throughout the quivering cellular molecules.

Ripples of electromagnetic light sweep thru and around us each instant, triggering shivers of spinal impulses resounding through our being. These rhythms, sensed between our spherical brain shell and our Earth-contacted feet, set up full body responses to this continually changing cosmic drumming. Anywhere from 300 to 1000 volts potential is present between our head tops and our feet. Variations in this voltage are determined by the surface electrical activity potential of the Earth at a particular location or the overall lower atmospheric electrical gradient.

The sensitivity and activity of this lower atmospheric Earth gradient allow frequency fluctuations to occur within the body capacity of the human system, which in turn stimulates resonances within organs, tissues and the cellular structure, there to resonate within the varied components of the cells. It is well recognized that certain electromagnetic frequencies will alter the cell activity and structure. In addition, measurements have shown that low frequency electromagnetic waves ripple through the cells like the waves over the ocean.

Does anyone doubt that we are able to sense changes within ourselves day by day, hour by hour, or sometimes minute by minute? Cosmic-inspired information promotes changes within the Earth field, which our intricate human sensors inhabit. The NASA astronauts have all described altering experiences when immersed within new energy references, away from the familiar Earth surface.

We on Earth are literally, intimately connected via a web of longitudinal long waves to the Universe. Each solar system body is connected to every other by right-line direct-connected wave motions.

Solar System Longitudinal Resonance

Nearest Stellar Resonances

The Earth spherical shape acts as a multi-frequency harmonic receiver for these extremely long waves, and we are positioned within the near-field of each of these interplanetary resonances. The region nearest a resonant or radiating element is known as the evanescent or near-field. This region, which is within a few wavelengths of the radiator, may be either a propagating or nonpropagating energy. These near-field energies may be detected capacitively or inductively, and are not under the free-space impedance propagation conditions because the electric and magnetic fields are not orthogonal.

Under evanescent conditions the velocity of propagation appears to be infinite. There is no light velocity transmission delay. Since we are immersed within these near-field radiative conditions, our body capacities feel the instantaneous changes of these remote solar and cosmic body’s longitudinal couplings, or Gravitation; the quantum force comes from the wave function of the Universe which is beyond spacetime. This Earth-received cosmic signaling is as constant as the waves along the ocean shore.

For years now, Bill Ramsay in South Carolina has monitored these low frequency, long wavelength signals by using simple gravity wave detectors designed by Gregory Hodowanec. Ramsay’s measurements have shown strong correlation with Nick Fiorenza’s varied and unique plottings of cosmic and planetary positionings.

Gravitational Wave Patterns by Nick Anthony Fiorenza / Bill (William A.) Ramsay

Is it possible that we are catching a glimpse of the mechanism of the Planetary Mind and its interconnection to the Galactic Mind or our very own Infinite Mind? Does not this vast harmonic spectrum of cosmic longitudinal resonant strings create for us The Geometry of Infinite Mind?


June 16, 2017


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