The Testimony of Sister Charlotte – Murdered for Telling Horrific Story of Satanic Ritual Abuse within the Roman Catholic Church (2)


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Outrageous assault

Now, as I walk into this room and all of this is transpiring, bless your hearts, I don’t know what’s going to be in the next room after I have taken the vows that I will always remain a virgin, I’ll never legally marry in this world because I’m the spouse of Christ. And then, after this, the mother superior leads me out into another room or, rather, she opens the door and I’m to be sent into that room. And when I walk out in that room I see something I have never seen before. I see a Roman Catholic priest dressed in a holy habit. And he walks over to me and he locks his arm in my arm which he has never done in the first part of my convent life. I never had a priest to insult me in any way. I never had one of them to be even unkind to me in the first part of my convent experience. But here he is now, and of course I didn’t understand what it was all about and I didn’t know what in the world the man really expected of me. And, you know, I pulled from him because I felt highly insulted. And I pulled from him and I said, “Shame on you!” And I made him very angry for a minute and he said “Uh!”. Immediately the mother superior – must have heard my voice because she came out – and she said, “Oh” (and they called me by my church name), “After you’ve been in the convent a little while you won’t feel this way. The rest of us felt the same way you do and you know the priest’s body is sanctified, and therefore it is not a sin for us to give the priests our bodies.”

In other words, they teach every little nun this: as the Holy Ghost placed the germ in Mary’s womb and Jesus Christ was born, so the priest is the Holy Ghost and therefore it isn’t a sin for us to bear his children. And let me tell you, that’s what they come to the convent for. For no other purpose in all of this world do priests come into the convent but to rob those precious little girls of their virtue. And I’ll assure you, we’ll be telling you a little later in the testimony what they really do after they come in under those particular deals. But may I say now every bridge has been burned out from under me. There’s no way back. I can’t get out of the convent even though I’ve pled. Oh, how I pled with that priest! “Send for my father, I want to go home! I don’t want to go any farther.” And let me tell you, that’s when you stand alone. You don’t know who to turn to and you’re a victim of circumstances and you’ll live in the convent because there is no other way to get out of the convent. And I’ll assure you, I stayed in the convent until God made a way for me to come out.

And so, after all of this, my mail was stopped. I’ll never receive another bit of mail from my family. Never another letter. I belong to the pope. I belong to Rome. And then, after all of this, the mother superior after taking these particular vows and the priest has invited me to go to the bridal chamber. You say, “Did you go?” No. Definitely not. I didn’t enter the convent to be a bad woman. It would have been much easier to have stayed out of the convent to be a bad woman. You wouldn’t go into the convent and live in the poverty we live in and to suffer as we suffered to be a bad woman. No girl would do that and it would have been much easier to stay out of the convent if I wanted to be a bad woman, but I went there to give my life and heart to God and that was the only purpose I had in going there. And here this priest is, and of course I didn’t go to the bridal chamber with him. I had a strong body then. One of us would have been wounded because I would have fought until the last drop of blood. And you know it made them very, very angry I’ll assure you because I didn’t go to the bridal chamber with him.

Funeral duty, a broken rule, punishment in a dungeon

Now I’m going to have to go to penance the next morning and of course this will be a heavier penance because of what I done already. And when the mother superior says, “We’re going to do penance” the next morning I’m going to be initiated as a Carmelite nun. And I remember when she walked me down into that particular place it was a dark room. Remember, I lived above, on the first floor until my black veil. After the black veil they take me one story under the ground. And I lived from there on, until God delivered me, under the ground. I didn’t live in the top part of this building at all. You know, as we walked into this room, it’s dark and it’s very cold. And I walked alongside the mother superior and when we got near the front I saw those little candles burning.

Anywhere in the convent you’ll find the seven candles burning. And when I come a little closer I saw the candles but I couldn’t see anything else and I wondered, “What’s she going to do to me?” That’s the thing in our hearts and we can’t get away from it because we have fear.

And when I come a little closer I saw something lying on a board there. And you know when I came real close then I realized here’s a little nun lying on that board. I’ll call it a cooling board because it was that. And it was just as long as her body. And there she was and when I could see where the candles flickered down on her face I realized “That child is dead!” And oh, I wanted so much to say, “How did she die? Why is she here? How long do you keep her here?” But you remember I signed away every human right and so I can’t say one word, but I stood looking. And the mother superior said, “You stand vigil over this dead body for one hour.” And at the end of the hour a little bell is tapped and another nun will come to relieve me. And may I say I was advised every so many minutes I have to walk out in the front of that little body and sprinkle holy water and ashes over the body and say, “Peace be unto you.”

And I did exactly what they told me to do. Oh, it was a terrible feeling. I’m not afraid of the dead. It’s the live people we have to be very cautious about. And I wasn’t afraid of that little dead nun, but oh, my heart ached for her. And you know after the bell tapped and I realized my hour is gone the nun who comes to relieve us comes back here somewhere and of course she walks on her tiptoes. No noise is made in the convent and they don’t speak, they just touch you. And, of course, my being down there with that little dead nun I was full of fear. Well that girl laid a hand on my shoulder I let out a scream, a horrible scream from fear, just fear. I didn’t mean to do it. I didn’t break that rule on purpose, but I was scared.

And immediately, of course I had to come before the mother superior and that’s when I first learned to know one of the first times about a dungeon. They didn’t tell me there were dungeons in the convent. And she put me in such a dirty dark place with no floor in it for three days and nights. And I didn’t get any food and any water, and I’ll assure you, I didn’t scream any more. I tried so hard not to break the rules of screaming because there is a dungeon and I know they’ll put you in it. And let me tell you right now, it’s not a nice place to be. After you’ve been in one of those places, you’ll know what it feels like.

Alright, now, I’ll say this now before I go any further, that popery is a masterpiece of Satan. I said it’s a masterpiece of Satan with his lying wonders and his traditions and his deceptions. It’s a terrible thing when you know about it.

And so, as I come down into this room and she took me and let me look at this little girl, and that particular, we call it a penance is over. Now the very next morning she said again to me, “Charlotte, you’re going to do penance.” (Not the next morning, it was three days afterwards because I spent three days and nights in the dungeon). So the fourth, fifth morning, whichever it was, she said, “You’re going to do penance.”

She took me down into another room. Not the same room. And when we come walking down this time I could see that big piece of wood but I didn’t know what it was. And when I came a little closer there was a cross. It was made of heavy timber. I might say it was eight or ten feet high. Very heavy. And that cross was sitting on an incline like that. And she had me walk over here at the base of the cross and she said, “Now strip your clothes off.” And I took my clothes off down to my waistline. Then she made me drape my body over the foot of that cross and she pulled my hands underneath and bound them to my feet. That’s where I’m going to spill my blood. She had not told me how, and neither could I ask how I would spill it. She gave two little nuns that came with her, a flagellation whip. I might call it a bamboo pole. It has six straps on it. On the end of each of those straps there’s a crossed piece of sharp metal. And those little nuns, each was given one of those whips and they stood on either side of the cross. At the same time those girls began whipping my body. And I mean when that metal hit my body it would break the hide of course. It would cut into the flesh and I spilled blood. It was running down to the floor. That’s my flagellation whipping. That is where I spill my blood as Jesus did upon Calvary. And of course I’m human, it wounded, it hurt! It was very painful.

After the whipping is over, they don’t bathe my body. They put my clothing back on my body and I have to go the rest of the day. When the night comes and I stand in front of my cell there, after we have to stand there to undress with our backs to each other, then when I went in, oh, I couldn’t sleep that night. I wasn’t a bit sleepy because I couldn’t take off all my clothes. They had dried in those wounds and it was terrible. I didn’t take them off for several nights. And I’ll assure you that when I came before my food I didn’t want my cup of black coffee.

A nine-day penance

In the morning we get a cup of black coffee they serve in a tin cup and we can have no milk or no sugar of any type and we have one slice of bread. That’s made by the nuns of the cloister. They weigh it. It weighs four ounces [113 g]. That’s all I get for breakfast. And then, of course, in the evening I get a bowl of soup, and that’s fresh vegetables cooked together (there’s no seasoning in the soup whatsoever) and a half slice of bread and three times a week they give me half a glass of skim milk. That consists of my food 365 days in the year. And I began losing weight very rapidly, I’ll assure you, because I didn’t have enough food to eat. I don’t know the day that I went to bed without a hungry stomach. Sometimes it would be so hungry I couldn’t sleep. The pain was gnawing. You can hardly stand it and you know you’re only going to get that one slice of bread the next morning. That doesn’t fill you up.

And of course, we have to work hard all day long. And I’ll assure you, those little nuns, and I covet your prayers for them, they need your prayers in more ways than one because you’ll go to bed with a full stomach tonight and you’re very comfortable right now. But I’ll assure you, there’s not one of them comfortable. They’re hungry, and they’re sick, and they’re wounded, and they’re hurt. They’re heartsick and homesick and discouraged and, worst of all seemingly, they have no hope. No hope. You and I are looking forward to the day when we’re going to see Jesus. They have no hope whatsoever and I surely hope you don’t forget to pray for them. Alright that was terrible. I’ll assure you.

Then in a few mornings after this, the mother superior is taking me back for another initiation. And when I go into the penance chamber this morning we come from a place up here and we’re going to walk along like that clear to the back. And you know, it was quite a ways back there and I went through a tunnel. And then I come out into a room and I’ll walk through that railing. When I get way back there I see those candles burning and I see something else. There’s ropes hanging down from the ceiling and, oh, I’m so scared! I wonder what the ropes are for and what she’s going to do. After these two penances, you began to have a lot of fear in your heart. And so I can’t say anything and I walk back there and, you know, I saw the ropes then real plain. What they’re doing hanging down from that ceiling?

Then she tells me, “You go over there against the wall.” About that close from the wall and I have to stand sideways. Then she asks me to put up both of my thumbs and I did. And then she pulled one rope down and there’s a metal band fastened securely and she fastens that around the joint of my thumb. Then the other one comes down and fastens around this thumb. And there I’m standing facing the wall and then, you know, she comes over here to the end and there’s a… whatever you want to call it. She starts winding, and I start moving! And she’s taking me right up in the air. And, you know, when she gets me so just my toes are on the floor, just on my tiptoes, she fastens it. And there I hang. And all the weight of my body is on my thumbs and on my toes. Not a word is said. No one speaks a word. And she walks out of that room and locks the door. If you know what it means to hear a key lock in a door and know that I’m strung up there like that! You’ll never know unless you’re a nun. And when that woman walked out I didn’t know how long I’ll stay there, how long that woman would leave me there. And, you know, they didn’t come to give me food. They brought me no water. And I thought, “Is this it? Am I going to die back here just like this?”

And within a few hours, you can imagine, I’m still a human being, my muscles began to scream out with the pain. I was suffering. And that woman let me hang. Nobody came near. And what good would it do for me to cry? You can spill every tear in your body. Nobody will hear you. There’s nobody there to care how many tears you spill. And so I just hung there. And finally I began to, seemingly, I felt like I couldn’t stand it. I’ll surely die if they don’t come and get me quickly! And I felt as if I was beginning to swell.

I don’t know how long went by and she opened the door one morning and she had something for me to eat and the water was in a pan. And it was potatoes, and those potatoes were not good to eat. They were in a pan. And there’s a shelf over there on the wall that she can adjust to the height of the nun. And, you know, she pulled it up. Now (recall) I’m not against the wall. I’m far from it. But you get that food. She puts it there and says, “This is your food.” And she walks out.

Now, how am I going to get it? She didn’t let my hands down. But this is what you’ll learn and you’ll struggle to get it. I’m hungry. I’m so thirsty I feel like I’m going mad. And to get it, I discovered that this hand goes high and this one will come down a little bit. And that’ll keep on going higher as I lean I have to reach higher with this one. This one (the other) will automatically let down. And to get that water and that food I mean I had to get it like the dogs and cats. And I lapped as much of it as I could because I am so thirsty. And get those potatoes? I tried as hard as I could because I’m hungry! I mean I’m hungry! And I got as much of it as I could, naturally. But I was hungry! That’s the way she fed me for a while. She didn’t release the bonds. She let me hang there for nine days and nine nights. I hung nine days and nine nights in this position and, may I say, the time come when I was so swollen (and naturally I could see myself puffing out) I felt like my eyes were coming out of my head. I felt like my arms were apart. I could see on them right there they were two or three size their normal size. I felt like I was that way all over my body and I was like a boil. I was in real suffering.

And then on the ninth day she comes in and she releases the bonds from my hands and my body and lets me down on the floor. Now I go down, I can’t walk. I’ll assure you I didn’t walk. I didn’t walk for a long time. But you know what? There were two little nuns, they carry me out. One gets under my feet, one gets under my shoulders and they carry me in to the infirmary and they lay me on a slab of wood, and there they cut the clothing from my body. And let me tell you right now, nobody but God will ever know! I’m covered with vermin and filth. Why? I’m hanging there in my own human filth. There are no toilet facilities [in the penance chamber]. Right behind me is a stool and they had running water in it and the lid is down and they have sharp nails driven through that lid. If I break my ropes and fall on that, I would suffer terribly! And this is the life of a little nun behind cloister doors after they’ve already deceived us, disillusioned us, and got us back there, then this is the life that we’re living and these are the things that we’re going to have to do. And I’ll assure you, it isn’t anything funny.

Daily routine

And then I remember as I lived on in that place… Oh, let me tell you! In the morning we have to get up out of our beds at 4:30. The mother superior taps a bell and that means five minutes to dress and may I say to you folk, it’s not five a half minutes. You better get that clothing on in five minutes. I failed one time and I had to be punished severely, but I never failed again in all the years in the convent. And you know, when we are finished dressing, then we’re going to start marching. And we march by the mother superior and that mother superior’s going to appoint us to an office duty every morning. It might be scrubbing. It might be ironing. It might be washing. It might be doing some hard work. But I have to work one hour, then we’ll go in and gather around the table and we’ll find, sitting in front of us, our tin cup full of coffee and our slice of bread.

And then, of course, we have hard work to do. We have, I think there were 12 tubs in the convent that I lived in, and we washed on the old-fashioned washboard. We have the old flat iron that you heat on the stove. And you know, it wouldn’t be so bad if we just had our own clothing in the convent, but the priests bring great bundles of clothing and put them in there because they can get them done for nothing. And we have to do that clothing on top of it. We work very, very hard, and they [the nuns] are not able to work because they don’t have enough food to eat, food to keep body, mind, and soul together. And these little girls are living under those particular circumstances. Well, I say we’re women without a country, and I mean just exactly what I say, women without a country. Now we belong to the pope. Anything they want to inflict upon my body they can do it. And all the howling I do, if I should howl, it wouldn’t make any difference because nobody’s going to hear me, and they have no idea that I’ll ever leave the convent. The plan is I’ll die there and be buried there.

Now you say, “Charlotte, can you go into the convent?” Any one of you folk can go into an open order convent or a closed convent into the speak room, and there is an outside chapel that you can walk into, of any that I know anything about. But don’t you just go in there and wander around to have some place to go, because you might meet something you’re not expecting. If you go in there, you go prepared to take food to some little girl that’s in there, and be sure that you know who you’re taking it to. And when you go, as you walk up toward the front of the building like this, you’ll see a bell, and you’ll know what to do because it’ll tell you. And you press a button there and there’ll be a gate swing out. It has about three shelves on it. And, of course you’ve brought something for someone that you know in the convent. It might be the mother coming to visit her daughter. And you know, when that bell is tapped the mother superior is back here behind a big black rail. Now that’s a big iron gate there’s heavy folds of black material clear across there and you can’t go back there. You’ll never see the mother superior, but she’ll answer you behind the black veil. And you might say, “I’ve brought some homemade candy for my daughter” and you might ask the mother superior to let you speak to her. You can’t see here, but you can speak to her.

You know, the mother will call that lovely little girl and call her out on the other side of the rail. You can’t see her. And you know what? The mother will speak to her and say, “Honey, are you happy here?”
And that little nun will say, “Mother, I am very happy.”
You say, “Why did she say that?” Well, bless your heart! Don’t you know that the mother superior is standing there and if we didn’t say that, after our mother is gone, then only God knows what the mother superior will do to the little nun, and so we must lie to our mother. Then the mother will say, “Do you have plenty to eat?” And that little nun will answer and say, “We have plenty to eat.” But, I’ll tell you, that mother will go home. She’ll prepare a lovely meal for the rest of the family, but if she could look in and see our table and see what her little girl is eating, if she could look into her little girl’s eyes after she’s been there for four years, she’d see those eyes are back in her head. She’d see that her little body’s begun to waste away. I’ll assure that mother, she’ll never eat another meal at home. No, never. You’d never enjoy another meal if you could see your child after she’s in a convent for a period of time. But these things, of course, are under cover and we have to take what they give us.

Laundry duty

Alright, now they can make us do anything. Here we are, the mother superior and I might be down in the laundry room, washing. (And I told you how we washed). And it’s a cement floor. Doing the type of laundry we do, some of it’s very heavy. The water slops out on the floor and, oh it’s such a mess! We’d walk in it and you know, then here comes the mother superior (and to me, seeing a mother superior is just as you’d turn loose a lion that’s very hungry and let it come walking down that aisle). I was scared to death of her. Every time I saw that woman somebody had to suffer and we’re afraid of her and she knows that we’re afraid of her because she’s cruel, I’ll say her heart is callused.

And here she comes. And there we are washing. And I tell you when she comes (and we know her, we feel her presence. Before you ever see her you know her footstep), and you know, we’ll wash a little harder. But when she gets down to you, wherever you are, she might address me, and she’ll say, “You come out here.” And I’m out there like a flash because I’m scared. And then she’ll say, “Prostrate yourself down and lick so many crosses on that floor.” That’s a cement floor! And of course I have to prostrate my body and lick those crosses, and those are not little tiny crosses. As far as I reach I have to lick those crosses. And she watches my countenance. If I don’t like it and she knows that I don’t like it then she might say, “Ten.” She might say, “Twenty-five.” And then, you know, the next morning she might walk back there again, and because she saw something in my face that made her to know I didn’t like what she wanted me to do she may call me again. My tongue by this time may be sore. It’s bleeding, but I have to lick those crosses on the floor again. And then they do the same way about compelling us to crawl. They’ll compel you to crawl, and I, may I say, it could be up and down an aisle ten times.

We know nothing about this lovely gospel of Jesus Christ. And so we have to do these things. Then the mother superior might walk through the cell door. By the way, in our cell, there’s nothing in there but the Virgin Mary, that is, she’s holding the baby Jesus, and there’s a crucifix, and then we have a prayer board. And by the way, I’ll assure you folk you’ll never want to lean on our prayer board. We lean on it every day if we are able to walk under our own power. It is a board high from the ground and there are two leaning up. And this one is about this wide and I’m going to drop my knees down on it and there are sharp wires coming up through that board. And then, this one up here, I’ll prostrate my arms on. There’s going to be sharp wires. After all, I told you we were going to suffer. We were going to do penance, and this is a part of my suffering. As I kneel on that prayer board I’m praying for lost humanity and I’m believing, as I suffer, that my grandmother will be released from a priest’s purgatory sooner because of my suffering. And I’ll kneel there longer sometimes. It’s terrible. We don’t know any better, so we’ll do that because that’s all that little nun know, and we believe it.

And there we are, and we are locked in our cells. Every night the key is turned in those doors. We can’t get up and come out of there. Then, more than that, seven minutes of twelve (we go to bed at 9:30, the lights are out), there’s two little nuns appointed to unlock every door. Every little nun again gets on her feet, dresses in full dress, goes into the inner chapel and there we again pray one hour for lost humanity. We don’t get very much sleep. That’s why. And we don’t get enough food and we work hard and we suffer much. That’s why our bodies are so broken. That’s why we seemingly don’t have enough strength to carry on after we’ve lived there.

Losing her religion

But, I’d like to say this before I go on any farther. Now I did those very things. We are taught to believe that as we spill our own blood (now we must do this), as I whip my body, if I torment it or torture it in any way that I spill blood, I’m taught to believe that I’ll have 100 less days to spend in purgatory. Now you know we have no hope. Those little nuns don’t look forward to anything. You may think they do, but we don’t. Why? After you live in a convent 10 years, I began to realize the Virgin Mary is just a piece of metal. She’s a statue. I began to realize St. Peter’s just a statue. I began to realize that the statue of Jesus is just a piece of metal. In other words we come to the place to believe that our God is a dead god.

And I’ll assure you, after you live in a convent long enough, not at first, oh no, but after we’ve suffered enough, after we’ve fallen down at the feet of those statues and spilled our tears on them and have begged them to intercede and get a prayer through to God and years go by with no answer from them whatsoever. A parent won’t even know when they’re dead. So who’s going to pray us out of purgatory? Or, rather, buy us out of purgatory?

No, we realize after we’re in there for a period of time that there is no purgatory. The only purgatory the Roman Catholic people have is the priest’s pocket, and they’re filling his pockets with coins in order to pray for the dead. And may I say there are thousands and thousands of Roman Catholics praying in the month of November, in the United States. Two years ago in the month of November the Roman Catholic priests prayed masses for the dead of the Roman Catholic people of this country and collected 22 million dollars for that. That’s just a little idea or sample of what’s going on in this country, and still there are thousands of mothers that will work their fingers to the bone to go over there and give the priest another five dollars to say a mass for loved one that is in purgatory, because that mother believes there is a purgatory.

In the convent they have a painting of purgatory, and there’s nothing in the room but just that painting. And you know, every Friday we have to walk around that painting. And when we walk around it, I could look at the little nuns faces. What do I see? The painting, as you would walk around it, looks like it’s a big deep hole out there and there are people down in there, and the flames of fire are lapping around the bodies of those people, and their hands are outstretched like this, and the mother will say to the little nuns, “You better go and put another penance on your body. Those people are begging to get out of that fire.”

And because we’re heathens, we don’t know any better. I might go someplace in the convent and maybe I’ll burn my body real bad. Maybe I’ll torture some way and spill some more blood, because as I suffer I believe that they’re going to get out of that place where a priest puts them. And there are millions of people so to speak, in purgatory that your priests have put there and when he knows that it is the biggest fraud in the world. He knows there’s not a bit of truth to it. And, bless your heart, I often say if you take purgatory and mass away from the Roman Catholic Church you’ll rob it of nine-tenths of its living. It’ll starve to death if you would take it away. It commercializes, not only off of the living, but off of the dead. And on and on it goes.

The priests

Alright. It doesn’t bother a mother superior to take one of those dear little girls, and may I say, you know, when the priests come into the convent they come as our father-confessors. Once a month we go to confession, and (we don’t want to go, don’t you worry!) I’ve many a time got in the back row. I didn’t want to go in there. I know who’s out there. I may not know the particular man, but I know he’s a priest. I certainly have seen them enough. I’ve lived there long enough. I certainly have had contact with every one of them. And I’ll assure you this one thing, I don’t trust one single one of those in the convent. Now, we’re not telling you about all the priests. I don’t know all the priests. I’m just talking about the convent in my personal testimony about convent life, and you know we know something about what’s out in that room.

Here we are. We know we’re going to confession today. It may take all day long. And here he comes, and I have never seen a Roman Catholic priest come into the convent that I was in without intoxicating liquor under his belt. And I say a man or a woman, regardless of who you may be, when you get liquor under your belt, you are not a man, neither are you a woman. You become an animal and a beast. And so we have a beast sitting out there. There’s a straight-backed, hard-bottomed chair. No other furniture but the crucifix and the Virgin Mary, but here he is sitting on that chair right out there in the middle of that room. Now here a little girl has to walk out there alone, and she has to kneel down. Think of it! Why bless your heart, I really sometimes, I’m saved now, I’m out of the convent and I now look back at that Roman Catholic priest and I often say, “I’m sure he was a twin brother to the devil because he’s full of sin. He’s full of vice. He’s full of corruption.”

And we go out there and we kneel down at his knees. Now you are a lucky girl if you get away from that man without being destroyed. Why, he’s drunk. He’s just a beast. He’s not a man. Oh, he has a holy habit on. He’s an ordained Roman Catholic priest, and so I’ll assure you, we don’t like to go to confession, but we must go once a month. And those little girls can’t help themselves, and nobody comes out into that room but the priest and I until it’s all over, and then we can come back and the next one will have to come. And I’ll assure you, we don’t appreciate that day. And those little girls don’t know any better. They don’t know anything about the plan of salvation. They don’t know that Jesus went to Calvary and died for them. They don’t know that he shed his blood for them. Those little girls know nothing about it, because, I’ll repeat again, the Bible was a hidden book to every one of those little girls.

And so now they can do things like this. Now if a Roman Catholic priest comes into the convent, he may go to the mother superior and ask her to permit him to go into the cell where one of the nuns are. And you know, that mother with her carnal mind and her carnal heart, she’s very hard and very carnal, and she is the mother many times of many illegitimate children, they belong to the priest. And you know, she’ll take that priest, and he was drinking, she knows it. They bring liquor in with them. Sometimes some of the nuns will drink with them, and the mother usually drinks with them. (And it’s really a terrible place, it is, not a religious order. It does not live up to that name whatsoever). But here she brings that priest into one of our cells. Now, I wonder if you realize how serious it is. That Roman Catholic priest, he has liquor under his belt. We know that. But he has a big strong body. He’s had three square meals of food every day of his life. He can eat all the food that he wants. But you know, there’s a little nun that may have a broken body, and she may not have very much strength. And what did he come into that cell for? For nothing else, just to destroy that little nun.

I often say I wish the government could walk into a convent just about the time one of those priests is let into a cell. The mother will turn a key in the lock and you’re locked in there with that priest. Now we have no way to defend ourselves, and I often say (I had to nurse those little girls. I got my nurse’s training by going through the tunnel over to the hospital as I lived in an open order convent). But may I say that after that priest is taken out of there, if you could look upon the body of that little nun, she looks like something you’d throw out in a hog pen and a half dozen old sows had just mauled that child’s body. And this is convent life! I can understand why your priests are calling over the phone every day or two and screaming their heads off because I’m in this city giving this testimony. But may I say to you, I don’t mind if they continue to scream. I don’t mind what they do. I’m not one bit afraid of them. I’ll continue to give this testimony. As long as God gives me strength, I’ll be giving this testimony regardless of your priests or your bishops in this country. I know what I’m doing. I know what I’m saying, and I’m not afraid of anybody in all of this world. I’m a child of God, and I believe God won’t let anybody put a hand on me until my work is finished, and then I often say, I don’t care what you do to my body after I leave this body. I’m sure I don’t mind. So I will continue to give this testimony, regardless of what your priests think about it, because I think God saved me to pull the cover off of convents. I believe He saved me to uncloak those places that are riding under the cloak of religion. I believe that with all of my heart. I’ll assure you I do.

Now, if I refuse to give my body (you know we are supposed to give our body voluntarily to those priests. Many times the nuns are overpowered), but if I refuse to give my body voluntarily to them, then you know he becomes very angry and he goes immediately to the mother superior. Then when two carnal minds come together, they can invent things that you and I – we don’t have enough evil in our heart to invent things like that. We don’t have enough sin in our lives to even think of such terrible things. And when those two carnal minds come together, the next time, I want you to know, they’re all ready. Now the mother superior might say to me in a day or two, “Now, we’re going to do penance.” Now the penance that they’ll inflict on me is something that the mother superior and the priest had invented and it might be very, very cruel. They might take me down into one of the dirty dungeons (and there’s no floors in those places), and you know they have a place down there, there are rods about three feet long. They have them burrowed down into cement and at the top of it there’s a ring about this big sticking out of the ground. They have some leather straps fastened there. And when they take me down there, they put either foot through those rings and then they strap my ankles securely. Now I’m standing [balanced above the floor] with my feet in those rings.


They’re going out of there, and they’re going to leave me locked up in that place by myself. And it’s a dirty place. Why I might stand there for two or three hours, if I have strength enough in my body. But what do you think’s going to happen to me then? I can’t stand any longer. Sometimes we faint. Sometimes we just become exhausted and we go down. But when I go down, it flips my ankles over and I can’t do anything about it. I don’t have what it takes for me to get up. I may have to lie in that position for two or three days and no one will come near. They won’t give me a bite of food. They won’t bring me one drop of water, but I must stay there. And the next thing you feel is the bugs crawling over my body and the mice running over me, and I still have to stay there. I can understand why they don’t want me to uncover. They don’t want the world to know these things are going on. No priest in this country wants it. And if he doesn’t want the world to know it, he better be pretty careful that nobody ever gets out of a convent after they’ve spent a few years back there.

But may I say again to you that my God is greater than all the outside forces. My God can reach His hand over there into those convents in this country or any other country and make a way for a girl to come out and He won’t have to ask the bishops to help Him. He won’t have to ask the priests to help Him, but God can make a way for us to come out. I’ll assure you that.

Unwanted pregnancy

Well on it goes. Then sometimes the priest came and they get angry at us because we refuse to sin with them voluntarily. And you know, after all, the nuns bodies are broken after we’re there awhile. And many, many the time, to have him strike you in the mouth, is a terrible thing. I’ve had my front teeth knocked out. I know what it’s all about. And then they get you down on the floor and then kick you in the stomach. Many of those precious little girls have babies under their heart, and it doesn’t bother a priest to kick you in the stomach with a baby under your heart. He doesn’t mind. The baby is going to be killed anyway because those babies are going to be born in the convent. Why wouldn’t babies be born when you run places like this under the cloak of religion? The world thinks it’s a religious orders, and there are babies born in there. And most of the babies are premature. Many of them are abnormal. Very, very seldom do we ever see a normal baby.

You say, “Sister Charlotte, do you dare to say that?” I most definitely do dare to say it, and I intend to keep on saying it. Why? I’ve delivered those babies with these hands, and what I’ve seen with my eyes and I’ve done with my hands, I just challenge the whole world to say it isn’t true. And the only way they can ever prove it isn’t true, they’ll have to open every convent door. If they ever serve a summons on me and call me into court, I’ll assure you this one thing: convents are coming open and then the world will know what convents really are. And they’ll have to open them to vindicate my testimony, because I know what I’ll do if they ever serve a summons on me. I’ve been before the highest laws we have in the United States. I know what I’m doing. I know what I can say, and I’m not one bit afraid to say it because I’ve been a part of this. I’ve been connected with this system 22 years behind convent doors, and it is a terrible thing.

When that dear little nun is looking forward to that day when her precious baby will be born, most of you dear mothers, oh, you have everything ready. The beautiful nursery! All the baby’s beautiful clothes are made. Everything is lovely! You’re looking forward to that precious little immortal soul that’s going to be born into your home, and everything is ready. Oh I wish you could see that little nun. She’s not looking forward to that. There won’t ever be a blanket around his body. They’ll never bathe that baby’s body, but he can only live four or five hours. And then the mother superior will take that baby and put her fingers in its nostrils, cover its mouth and snuff its little life out.

And why do they build these lime pits in the convent? What is the reason for building them if it isn’t to kill the babies? And that baby will be taken into the lime pit and chemical lime will be put over its body. And that’s the end of babies. Oh, when I think about it! That’s why I try to challenge people. Pray! If you know how to pray, if you know how to contact God, pray and ask God to deliver the girls behind convent doors. In other words, pray that God will make a way for every convent in the United States to be opened, and let the government go in. And when the government goes in, you won’t have to worry. The convents will be opened. The nuns will be taken out, and [the convents] will be closed up just as they opened the convents in old Mexico in 1934. There are no convents in old Mexico. Every convent was open and they found all of the corruption back there. The lime pit. If any of you are taking a vacation, go over into old Mexico. The government owns them. They’re public museums. Go through the convents. Look with your own eyes. Touch with your own hands, and then come home and see if you believe my testimony. It’ll still every bit of red blood in you veins. I mean it’ll do something to you that nothing else has ever been able to do. Go through them and look at them. Go into the dungeons. Go into the tunnels. Go through the lime pit and look at the skulls, rooms of skulls over there, and then ask the guide where they come from. And go and see all the devices of torture they placed upon the bodies of the little nuns. Go into their cells and look at their beds and see for yourself. Oh yes, you can go. It’ll cost you twenty-five cents to go through each one of them. You look at those things and see them for yourself, and then come home and maybe it will give you a greater burden to pray for little girls that have been enticed behind convent doors by the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church.

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July 25, 2017

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