The Unacknowledged Special Access Programs (2)


by Cristina Valenzuela

Editorial staff note: Please use your discernment while reading this article. Although some aspects presented here may be pure fantasies, this text also contains certain pieces of interesting information, therefore we decided to present it to you.

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The Illusion of Biological Consciousness and the Reality of the Soul

There are some discoveries such as how biological consciousness is a mirror of this control system and must be overcome with powerful intention and self-awareness in order to yield a reality beyond physicality and thus biological consciousness and this mind-containment system humanity has fallen into.

A Fear, Automation, and Low Self-Awareness Based Control System

More is explained elsewhere, and the idea is that fear is what feeds the system to know just what to “place in a person’s way” so that they turn back from the edge and go into the labyrinth. Think The Truman Show, this was literally a message, directly from the people involved, to the public mind, to realize that fear, superstition, trauma, social pressure, temptation, etc. etc. etc. is all used by this system to keep one’s mind focused on the trivial details that are literally generated as if from a script through a simulator and to stop them from gathering the courage and intent to walk directly out of the boundaries and across the great ocean of the unknown to find the edge of the grid.

One spends their time in this containment system unless they perform this great journey. That is about enough of a background as is necessary to make this easier to understand and to help those involved. I have written much more and spoken about this as well.

Simultaneously “Resulted” and “Has Always Been”

What we consider the “other side” of life, is developed out of our creation of that side, through interacting with this one, as well as simultaneously having always been.
One way to see how this works is that these technological gateways seemed to have opened up access between the physical plane and what is referred to as the fourth dimensional plane where an array of various level of intelligence exists in a state in between self-aware and automation and beyond the physical plane yet before the higher planes of completion through harmony, free-will and self-awareness.

In essence, these are dream-like realities populated by entities who are anywhere as low as 1% awareness (to entirely automated ‘programs’) who merely carrying out the engagement and fulfillment of a limited set of parameters and desires that are not collectively harmonized around a central intelligence enough to be considered human or even life-centralized. This realm exists between the physical plane and the higher plane where the soul-awareness can express and integrate in ways that go beyond the limitations of the physical plane. Those are the in-between, ‘psychic fragments’ that have compiled after billions of ‘cycles’ of disharmonic experience on Earth.

A Paradoxical Conundrum

One could say, we created those psychic fragments and populated that plane with the negative energy on Earth, the unwillingness to face the truth and inadvertently creating partially aware ‘extensions’ of experience that drift from this plane and hover closely outside not having the proper buoyancy to rise high enough to escape the pull of lower dimensional, or lower awareness experience, yet not heavy enough to condense down into a physical existence. These are the broken streams of dreams and bio-emissions that literally coalesced to form chains of entities and nests of shadow mind fragments that filled this in-between cosmic space.

So one could say that, “this (those entities) is the result of that (the disharmony on Earth).” Similarly, one could extrapolate that the control system which developed around a number of powerful interdimensionals who seek to control humanity through direct and indirect engagement with the population is a result of this which is a result of people.
Then we arrive at the notion (give enough exploration and discovery) that this entire control system, from the start, is generated, out of a necessity for certain beings to sustain themselves on the disharmonic bio-emissions of those people.

So if the disharmonic lower energy bio-emissions of people, created this limbo void-space which then populated with entities pieced together and sustained by those emissions, then how did this place come to be initially organized in such a manner so as to produce a system that enables the sustaining and manipulation by those entities in the first place?
If people created them, and people came after the development of the system, then how could the system be designed to enable their proliferation? Thus is the time-matrix.

The two outcomes are that A) the substance of man and woman is not physical embodiment but SOUL and that this soul existed before this physical and energetic engagement system and the B) this system was either designed or modified from an original to ensure that certain mishaps and inconsistencies occur in regards to the human existence which increase the susceptibility and ease of manipulation by these entities or disharmonic emissions and decrease the control and access the human has to the true (multidimensional) reality and thus their ability to discover this process and protect themselves from this manipulation.

Temporal Recurrence and Retroactivity

Another way to look at this is that somewhere in the timeline this technology was developed and this opened up a gateway to the interdimensional realm of fragmented psychic energy which lead into a feeding frenzy that developed over time. Yet due to the nature of time and consciousness, that realm occurs outside of space and time as perceived biologically.

There are two ways to see this, one is that A) as soon as this gateway was opened, the ‘feeding frenzy’ spread both ways in time, forwards and backwards to cover the entire timeline and it simply always seemed as if this is the way things always were.

Or that B) in the beginning of this civilization or realm, as long as the possibility existed somewhere along the timeline in the future, that this gateway event would occur, then these entities had access to plant themselves all along history leading up to that event because that event acts as a trans-temporal, transdimensional access point, a gateway that interacts in space and time from a source that is beyond the limits and therefore has ‘unlimited’ access before and after that point. The only requirement from that view, is that there must be a point, somewhere in time where that gateway is viable, and thus for ALL of time from the perspective of people in the linear view of time, those results are apparent and effective.

Thus, the system was not necessarily created through this, but always existed just because the possibility for this to happen existed, and we are in an area of ‘hyperspace’ (fourth dimensional ‘possibility space’) that is proximal to these probabilities to the point of a bridge being likely and therefore experience being oriented to those unseen possibilities.

The Multidimensional Awareness

The method for resolving this situation is to reduce the likelihood of our trajectory of experience moving through the possibilities and probabilities from interact with a reality stream that is, more or less, ‘infected’ with the access of these interdimensional who have literally ‘leaked in’ to this dimension through those gateways. The gateways are merely probabilities of experience certain possibilities, made viable through technology and disharmonic energies, that are actualized and brought into manifest in this plane and are neither generated nor independent. The whole system is just a stream of possibilities and proximally centralized probabilities that resonate or attract to a given intention and consciousness stream (interacting and intending based upon various possibilities) and one merely connects with a reality when experiencing in rather than ever actually creating anything.

Fifth Dimensional Creation

What this means is that all realities and possibilities actually exist in a gradient that extends out from your current reality based upon your ability to resonate your intentions and free-will with the possibilities and probabilities that you observe through an engagement through your self-awareness and application of focus. In other words, what you focus on, interact with, intend and honestly know in regards to your self-awareness and free-will is what alters those probabilities and brings into view a new array of possibilities.

So the idea here is that the reality that one seeks which is beyond the confines of the current is not ‘created’ by experiencing or developing it. That is simply how the universe develops a consciousness trajectory through a series of steps of engagements that act as a kind of resonators and resistors to either repel one’s focus or to enhance and secure their acceptance that what they’ve held within is now becoming a reality.

As a side note: this is all through the application of one’s expressions through the self. To clarify, the ‘self’ is interacting here and now, reading this text, feeling a certain way and exposing the mind and behavior to a certain stream of possibilities based on consciousness parameters or potential options or responses one can manage. When one changes the parameter set of the possible interactions and that ‘role’ of the self becomes ‘alive’ on its own instead of following the script of what is expected purely based upon the previous moments and the preconceived notions regarding the physical existence and subconscious, then with that ‘switching of roles’ one also activates a corresponding ‘switching of possibilities’ dependent on the way one changes that role. If you feel confident, powerful, self-aware, harmonious and free-willed (via self-observation) then you are emanating this out and as a result the “character role” and the set of possibilities attached to that in this system is modified as a result.

The same happens with a lesser awareness and disharmony a collapse of the confidence and free-will of the self. Then possibilities and probabilities that enable more of the same in more and more developed or expanse methods arise and present themselves.

The idea is if one learns how to do this directly, specifically, while not paying attention to side-lined intentions, beliefs, programming, etc. etc. etc., then one can directly alter their trajectory through time simply by changing their mind.
This is what happened to humanity and introduced the possibility of a realm where all these entities already existed and always have existed. Thus, we arrive back at the initial conclusion, something about a time-matrix where nothing is ever truly created but that as soon as we engage with the possibilities the conscious experience is then opened to those potential realities.

A Potential Reality System

Thus, the entire show, the whole system is based upon what could be if you give the idea enough focus and intention and none of this is about what actually is or has been. All of this is an array of potential probable realities that are engaged with individually and over a collective and shift and change in every measure of experience.
Thus, some people are from a reality where this never occurred, because specifically, individually their focus has never fallen to those probabilities. And some people are from a reality where this how things always were and even worse and that this, for them, is the calm.

Thus, as a collective, we meet in the middle where each side has the opportunity to individually and collectively experience both worlds as all the combinations eventually separate according to two-dimensions, more self-awareness and free-will, or less self-awareness and free-will.
Thus, Earth becomes the middle-ground where a massive interplay occurs where the two seek to settle over who attains the most ground and therefore gains complete control of the realm.

Civilization Reset

It was discovered that if any one polarized trend of probabilities does become dominant over the entire realm that a system-wide reset occurs as if someone either likes to watch people fight, or is trying to give the hint to settle in a cosmic equilibrium.
Thus, the game becomes a covert play of pretending there is a huge battle while secretly convening to work together and allow one side to contrast with the other and keep the cycle going.

The issue with this is that there may be an actual path to a cosmic equilibrium which is the intended and natural result of all of this and that this has been pushed away out of the probabilities for so long through psychological and physical abuse that a kind of broken-record system developed and that this is simultaneously what was capitalized on by these interdimensionals as well as what attracted or generated them in the first place.

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May 18, 2019

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