Three Easy Ways to Get Psychically Clean

Sticky, dense, negative energies are very real. Spiritual hygiene is as essential as washing your hands to protect your health and well-being. These simple yet powerful techniques take only a few moments, and are easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Once you get in the habit of clearing heavy energies from your aura and home you’ll be amazed at how your own psychic and intuitive abilities will pop into greater focus.

What Needs To Be Cleansed?

People’s emotional detritus tends to collect and hang out. We all leak negative emotions, and these will fall off us and linger in the corners like emotional dust bunnies.

Anyone, “sensitive” or not can pick up on these lingering psychic dust bunnies. Depending on your level of discernment you may, or may not, know that these emotions are not your own. Nausea, headaches, sudden unexplained sadness – all of these can be caused by lingering residual energies.

Here are three ways you can remove those clingy energies. Try them all, and find the ones that resonate best with you. With each though, your intention, your attitude and your mindset are all critical ingredients.

Thoughts Are Things!

Your thoughts make and shape the energies, so use them wisely. None of these techniques will work if you simply go through the motions while thinking about what you’ll do Saturday night. Before using any method, prepare yourself.

– Pause
– Breathe
– Calm your mind
– Set your intention
This is essential. Say, think, or visualize that any negative or harmful energies be released, dispersed and returned to the Earth for renewal. Hold onto this intention as you are cleansing.

When your mind is calm and your intention firmly in mind, begin. You can use these methods individually, or sequentially. Using more than one has a cumulative effect, and there is no harm in the use of any of these practices!


Smudging is the burning of sacred plants to clear out negative energies. Sage is the most commonly used, and nearly everyone will say “Burn some sage!”, especially if paranormal activity is suspected. But, it’s certainly not the only choice.

Sage is easily available; some shops carry it pre-bundled and ready to use. However, other plants like palo santo wood, cedar, sweetgrass, and frankincense have all been used to clear spaces for centuries. Each one acts to cleanse, but they all have additional properties to be considered before using – protection, healing. Read up on your choice before smudging to ensure it’s in alignment with your intention.

The how-to is simple – light the herb and gently waft the smoke where you want to cleanse. Some use a feather or other fan-type instrument to direct the smoke, but this is not critical. You can simply wave the herb, tracing around the outline of your body, or carrying it through the space you want to cleanse. When smudging spaces, ensure the smoke reaches into all corners – the heavy energies like to collect in the same areas physical dust bunnies do! Some find it beneficial to vacuum and/or dust before smudging to stir up the energies and facilitate their removal. It is important that you visualize the smoke collecting the heavy energies and carrying them away.

Take the steps to cleanse yourself and your space regularly. You will be amazed at the difference it makes in, how you, and your home feel. You’ll also be amazed at how much your discernment and psychic abilities increase when you consistently clear out the emotional “junk”.


This isn’t your quick, jump in-and-out rinse. This is a longer, deliberate ritual to wash away negative attachments from your body and aura. You’re already there daily, so give your morning or evening rinse a little extra kick by deliberately charging the water coming out of the shower head to remove psychic attachments.

To charge the water:
– Bless the shower head and water.
– Visualize that the water is filled with pure light.
This light can be white, silver, blue, lavender, or whatever color feels most appropriate to you. But make it bright and strong.
– As you scrub, visualize removing energetic attachments, state affirmations, such as “I now remove any attachment that does not contribute to my highest healing good.” Visualize them swirling away, being carried down the drain and out to the sea where they will be dissipated and renewed.

When you are done, visualize sealing any holes in your aura so that your energy field is whole. Picture your aura as a smooth, protective barrier that completely envelops you.


Grounding is one of the easiest cleansing techniques, but it is powerful for all its simplicity. All you need to do is get your body in contact with the Earth. The ideal is to get your whole body in contact with the ground, but ultimately everything touches the Earth, so if you’re up in your apartment use visualization to connect yourself to the ground.

If you can, take off your shoes, and get your toes in the grass, or sand. Sit and rest your palms against the ground. Or, find a big tree and lean against it. Trees are usually happy to let you “borrow” their roots to ground and energize.

Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Visualize yourself connecting to the Earth through your soles, palms, anywhere you’re in contact with the ground. Open these connections wide and release your pain and fear. Use affirmations similar to “I release any and all attachments…” as you did in the shower. Really see these attachments dropping off you and down into Mother Earth.

Synchronize your breathing to your visualizations. As you exhale, imagine the attachments falling away. As you inhale, visualize clean, renewing energy flowing up into you from Mother Earth.

Don’t feel bad! You’re not polluting! As with the shower, think of it as putting those attachments into a giant recycling bin so they cannot move on and attach to another person. Mother Earth and the sea are vast, and readily absorb those energies, cleansing and renewing them.

Try all three techniques. Play with them! Part of the beauty of energy work is finding your best modality. Take your time; be observant of how you feel and what you experience. Adjust and adapt as you need to, just be sure to keep your beneficial intentions clear at all times. You’ll be amazed at how good you feel! It won’t be long before you’re practicing at least one of these energetic cleansings daily.

September 4, 2017 

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