Top Four Ways To Stay Happy


Have you ever wondered what the secret to staying happy is? There’s no golden rule that defines permanent happiness but if you understand the basic science behind joy and ecstasy, you won’t have to feel cranky about a bad day at work or a frayed relationship. Most people tend to feel happy when good things happen and get annoyed or depressed when things don’t go as expected. This happens because these people generally have little control over their emotions and feelings. If you find yourself in a similar situation, do not worry. The following tips can help you stay calm and in control of your emotional wellbeing.

Don’t Overthink

The first important consideration is to stop reacting immediately to situations. This just leads to depressive feelings or conflicting emotions. Whether it’s a new relationship, new apparel, difficult decisions, gritty issues or a major career transition, stay calm and think rationally keeping worries aside. It’s not worth worrying about implications of a problem and overthink simple things. Instead, ponder about the solution and think optimistically about ways you can overcome issues in life. Some people overthink about simple tasks in life like moving to a different place or starting a new business. If you are shifting to a new area, stop fretting overs aspects like buying new furniture or wondering if the neighbors would be friendly. Relax, stay placid, and move on with the flow.

Socialize Often and Plan Fun Activities

If you’re going to sulk about a breakup or a job that’s not paying off well, it will only make you feel jaded and depressive. Instead, socialize with friends and family to take the stress off your mind and give your brain a breather to stay fresh and nourished to think rationally. Plan fun activities like take a road trip or engage in general wellness programs like yoga relaxation or de-stress therapies for cognitive health. Most people feel good when they talk about a certain problem they are facing in life. This usually takes some of the feelings of melancholy and anxiety away. Discuss things with a trusted friend to find a solution to a problem or to help make an informed decision in your life.

Stop Chasing Your Wishlist

When you run behind your desires and wishes, it gets difficult to stay happy because you’re constantly making efforts to meet your goals and targets. This may result in feelings of despair, melancholy and low self-esteem, especially when you’re facing a hard time achieving your milestones. Focus on your needs and set realistic goals for yourself that you know can be achieved without having to sacrifice your happiness.

Assume Responsibility

Some people blame others for problems in their lives without deliberation and any substantial justification. Spouse arguments, blame games in domestic life, colleague rivalries at the workplace are some common examples. Focus on the good in your life and assume the responsibility for a difficult situation or unhappy circumstances in life rather than blaming others for feeling miserable. Find out how you can make things better, take charge and turn the situation around. You deserve that happiness and peace!


October 13, 2018

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