TREASON: Who Did 9/11 And Why Did They Do It? (5)

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Federal Reserve and the Elimination of Regulatory Control

A review of actions taken by the Federal Reserve in the days and weeks following the attack on the WTC reinforces the theory that the attack was used to cover up illegal trades with the support of the Federal Reserve. Hence, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) activities following the attack on the WTC could only have happened with the approval of those who owned the Federal Reserve Banks.

The Bank of New York would continue to be at the center of virtually every money laundering scandal coming out of Russia, including Alexander Konanykhine’s European Union Bank (of Antigua) and Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s Bank Menatep, and Nordex. Now, it would be identified as the bond clearing house to be at the center of failed communications as $240 billion in fraudulent bonds were settled under suspicious circumstances in the aftermath of September 11. The Federal Reserve would be reported by records unofficially released from the Office of Naval Investigation as having been involved in a number of secretive transactions in 1990 and 1991 that ranged between $60 and $100 billion dollars. In these transactions, the money moved through the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank (London), Chase Manhattan Bank, Key Bank (Ogden) and the MidAtlantic National Bank.

The Bank of New York has been able to fend off any serious investigation from Federal agencies regarding these various money-laundering schemes, but only with a tremendous amount of political support, and lack of outcry from the American public. As far as the public was concerned, this was Russian money – and, therefore, had little effect on their lives. The exposure of the Brady/Durham bond fraud would have been too impactful for the American public to ignore. The regulations of the SEC would have resulted in an immediate exposure of this crime during settlement. Hence, the only option available to the people that pulled this fraud together was to create a national emergency which would allow the Federal Reserve board to suspend the SEC regulations, and the clearing agencies (Bank of New York and GSCC) to mask their operations.

KEY POINT: This national emergency was the attack on the World Trade Center.
As a result of having had a dry run at this situation only the year before during the naval war games, the management of the Federal Reserve had a precise strategy of how to deal with this situation. Within hours of the attack on the WTC:
“…the Commission for the first time invoked its emergency powers under Securities Exchange Act Section 12(k) and, on Friday September 14, issued several orders and an interpretive release to ease certain regulatory restrictions temporarily. Last Friday, September 21, we extended this relief for an additional five business days.” – Testimony Concerning The State of the Nation’s Financial Markets in the Wake of Recent Terrorist Attacks, Harvey L. Pitt, Chairman, U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission Before the Committee on Financial Services United States House of Representatives, September 26, 2001.

Recall, however, that this national emergency was declared even though the entire system remained whole, and as documented earlier, none of the trading data was lost.
If the Federal Reserve had to cover-up the elimination of $240 billion in bogus securities, they could not let the volume of capital shrink by that much in the time of a monetary crisis. They would have had to push excess liquidity into the market, and then phase it out for a soft landing, which is exactly what appears to have happened. In about two months, the money supply was back to where it was prior to 9/11.

The need for an extra $300 billion in liquidity at the time of the “crisis” seems to be a bit of a mystery, and there has not been a significant effort to explain it. The immediate demand for cash (ATM machines, checking accounts etc.) never exceeded $2 billion. The U.S. banks had already agreed amongst themselves not to force balance settlements, so the Federal Reserve loans which were supposedly necessary to save the banking system never needed to happen. The SEC had indicated the financial companies could continue financial reporting as if any transactions from that day had never occurred. Most importantly, all the transactions pumped into the WTC financial centers were replicated in their Disaster Recovery sites, which were up and running in two days.

Why the Banking System Really Needed a $300 Billion Infusion

With the regulatory changes that followed in the immediate aftermath of the attack on the WTC, it was not the banking system that required a $300 billion monetary infusion. The $300 billion was required for something else. This report hypothesizes that the delays in structuring settlements of “fails” were caused by an absence of matching buy/sell records, because the trade data was actually provided by a program run from a war game simulation server from within the WTC and connected to the trading system. The fraudulent bonds were put up for a settlement that was not forthcoming, and in the settlement process at the Fed, were replaced with new Federal Reserve securities.

KEY POINT: The bogus bonds were replaced with legitimate U.S. debt, and the $240 Billion in bogus bonds were written off the books as the Fed’s reduction in the temporary boost in M3 (measure of money supply that includes large time deposits, institutional money market funds, and other larger liquid assets) required to “prevent a crisis.”

The only conclusion one could reach is that if there were $240 billion in illegal securities in circulation, all due at once, one could not imagine a more opportune moment to make those securities disappear than the suspension of all regulations and the perceived justification to increase the monetary supply by at least twice that amount. The coincidence of these two situations happening at the same time, by accident, can only be described as highly improbable. 

9/11 Was Devised to Cover up Many Crimes

This report hypothesizes that once it was determined to support the destruction of the WTC to derail investigations into Swiss and German gold accounts, the actual attack was postponed and timed to coincide with the need to resolve the fraudulent bond deal. Given that the same international banking cartel was involved in all the crimes mentioned, and that the Bush covert operations of 1991 stood as the source of all of them, it probably matters little if one or more of these crimes provided the key motivation.

The Naval Intelligence Threat

There are a number of public sources of information that suggest that the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) represented a threat to the Bush administration, and the alleged Greenspan/Bush $240 Billion security fraud. The threat manifested itself in a number of different manners, through a number of individuals – suggesting that the friction between the Bush organization and the Office of Naval Intelligence was more than personal, it was institutional. At an organizational level, it is reported that the ONI was at odds with Bush and his primary enforcement agencies – the CIA and NSA.

Huffman Flight School

The Huffman Flight School garners the most media attention, for at least four reasons. First, it was the primary training school for Mohammed Atta and four of his reported cell member colleagues from Hamburg. Second, it is also known that recruiting for the school was actively conducted by Yeslam Bin Laden, brother of Osama Bin Laden. Third, the school was responsible for training of the bin Laden family pilots for SICO, it’s Swiss investment arm, run by two former BCCI agents. Fourth, the school has an intriguing story behind its ownership. Actual financial ownership of the school has not been thoroughly documented, but the consensus appears to be that it was under the ownership of Oryx Investments, an investment holding company formed in Dubai by Adnan Khashoggi, Sheik Kamal Adham, director of Saudi intelligence (1963-79), Prince Nawaf bin Abdul Aziz (a major investor in Barrick) and Wallace J. Hilliard.

Wally Hilliard is a semi-retired insurance entrepreneur/multi-millionaire, and many observers – including the FBI – view him as an innocent victim in his connections to the terrorists. Unfortunately, while Wally Hilliard continues to claim he was duped, many of his business partners have well documented links to the intelligence and criminal underworlds. He also appears to have political friends that might ensure his protection from any prosecution. Wally made his first fortune by selling an insurance company – Employers Health – that he had co-founded in Green Bay. That company was sought for purchase by the Fireman’s Fund Insurance, whose Chairman was Myron Du Bain. Myron, it seems, was a close associate of John McCone (former CIA Director), and they held simultaneous seats on the boards of several major financial institutions, including the United California Bank. It is fair to speculate that Myron is responsible for introducing Wally to the fast paced world of weapons merchants and drug smugglers. Significantly, he and his investment partner in Oryx, Adnan Khashoggi, have spent several years attempting to establish businesses in Cuba.

The Saudi Culprits and the Flying Terrorists

Adnan Khashoggi – is first and foremost one of the world’s elite arms merchants. Referred to as a “notable member of this elite group” he was described in the Small Arms Survey of 2004 with the following words: “Some brokers with powerful political clout, like Khashoggi, are virtually ‘untouchable’ insofar as their relationships and dealings involving government officials at the highest echelons go. Any persecution of these brokers, or denunciation of their activities as illicit, could result in the incrimination of states, or the exposure of embarrassing covert activities by the governments themselves.” – Small Arms Survey, Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva, Switzerland, 2004

Khashoggi has his fingerprints on so many aspects of 9/11 that he may well be the key conspirator. Gaining notoriety by being at the heart of the Iran-Contra guns for drugs scandal during the Reagan administration, Khashoggi has since leveraged his notoriety to the point where he is a familiar face with film and rock stars, presidents, sultans, sheiks, kings and queens, investment bankers and of course, war lords. While most famous for his connections with the Arab banking community, he is also well established with the Deutsche Bank, most recently continuing his notoriety in the U.S. press by being sued, with Deutsche Bank Securities of Canada, for fraudulent manipulation of security prices. “In the case of MJK Clearing vs Deutsche Bank Securities, Adnan Khashoggi et al., filed in December 2002, the facts presented suggest that in addition to misrepresentation by the defendants, an ‘unanticipated drop in stock prices’ on September 11, 2001 enhanced their ability to increase the payout of the purported fraud.” – Business Week, May 2003.

As part of the ever increasingly tangled web of relationships, Khashoggi also had ties not only to the Deutsche Bank, but the Bronfman family as well (additional key investors in Barrick) by way of another Deutsche Bank executive – Mayo Shattuck.
His ties to the Bronfmans went well beyond Shattuck, as Khashoggi and Bronfman would become investment partners in Barrick, through Trizec Hahn. Khashoggi was also identified as an early participant in the October Surprise meetings and subsequent Iran-Contra deals. Khashoggi would later create Oryx, which funded Hoffman Aviation –the training school where many of the hijackers validated their “education” visas.

After the invasion of Iraq, Adnan Khashoggi (Genesis Aviation) became a business partner with retired General William Lyon (on the Board of Kellstrom Industries, Inc., an Israeli owned company) in a venture called Wings of Democracy, an attempt to penetrate the commercial Iraq air business. Lyon is the founder of several university diploma-mill operations in California (American Commonwealth University, aka William Lyon University). These operations are directly associated with the entry to the U.S. by two of the 9/11 hijackers in the early 1990s. Lyon is a major Republican fund raiser in Orange County, associate of Karl Rove, major financial backer of the Swift Boat Veterans, and keynote speaker at the Republican national convention.

Khashoggi is also of interest due to his relationship with Yaslem Bin Laden, a known business partner of his in limited number of investments. In this case, Yaslem admits to have recruited young Arabs from across the world for Huffman Aviation, a school owned by his former and ongoing business partner, Adnan Khashoggi. Similary, Khashoggi has banks in Azerbaijan, where he easily could have coordinated the recruitment of hijackers with the assistance of his other business associates Richard Secord and David Kimche (Mossad).

Sheik Kamal Adham is the last and least mentioned investor in Oryx was Sheik Kamal Adham, director of Saudi intelligence (1963-79), brother-in-law of King Faisal and the CIA’s key liaison in the Arab world, a relationship established with George HW Bush when he was Director of the CIA.
“In the 1980s, the Sheik Kamal Adham and Abdul Khalil (Adham’s successor as Saudi intelligence director), became officers of BCCI, and were implicated in a hostile bid for FIB, and became embroiled in the BCCI bank scandal. In a related venture, Majority shares in Capcom, a BCCI subsidiary, were held by Adham and Khalil. Capcom activities included money laundering and drug trafficking. Adham was eventually prosecuted for fraud in the BCCI case and paid a $100 million fine.” – Saudi Entrepeneur Adnan Khashoggi Linked to 9/11 Terrorists, Alex Constantine

Also of interest is the report that two of the 19 reported hijackers were actually from Saudi Intelligence: “Two of the hijackers – part of the team that flew a plane into the Pentagon—had very visible connections to Saudi intelligence and the CIA. Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar were well known to the CIA and FBI. The claim that an FBI informant in San Diego who knew the men and assisted them but never mentioned any of this to his FBI handlers has another, darker explanation. A former CIA officer who worked in Saudi Arabia described what he says happened: ‘We had been unable to penetrate Al Qaeda. The Saudi’s claimed that they had done it successfully. Both al-Hazimi and al-Mihdhar were Saudi agents. We thought they had been screened. It turned out the man responsible for recruiting them had been loyal to Osama bin Laden. The truth is bin Laden himself was a Saudi agent at one time. He successfully penetrated Saudi intelligence and created his own operation inside. The CIA relied on the Saudis vetting their own agents. It was a huge mistake. The reason the FBI was not given any information about either man is because they were Saudi assets operating with CIA knowledge in the United States’.” – The Real Intelligence CoverUp: America’s Unholy Alliance, Joe Trento’s Column, 8/6/2003.

It is possible that like the Israelis, the Saudis’ with interest in global gold movements, decided to place two of their own team with the hijackers to ensure success of the mission. (Author note: Of course as we reflect upon Heidner’s report in 2016, we know that there were no planes used in the WTC attack; these were all controlled demolitions or nuclear events. And the Pentagon attack was more than likely a missile. But when Heidner’s report was put together in 2008, hijackers and planes were still the leading “causes” of the destruction.)

Another interesting point is that Prince Nawaf bin Abdul Aziz was an initial investor in Barrick, and had remained primarily an investor through the 1980s and 1990s. However, two weeks before September 11, 2001, he was appointed as the new head of Saudi Intelligence.

Needless to say, if one had to find the type of criminals necessary to provide the Arabic hijackers which would create the appearance of an Arabic terrorist operation, these latter three men were the right men to bring to the job. Finding willing terrorists, however, was probably the easier part of this operation. After all, there are reported to be thousands of these ‘terrorists’ just looking for the opportunity to strike at America. The more difficult part of this operation would be to manage and steer these terrorists, which would be the task of Mohammed Atta and his friends from northern Europe. Here is where the proclivity for being two-sided was required of a perennial middle-man. Adnan Khashoggi was that middle-man with a reputation of dealing with anyone and everyone, and being able to misrepresent the total picture. Khashoggi’s relationship with Richard Perle is well documented in the press. Adnan would have no difficulty on one hand, encouraging his friend and partner Yeslam Bin Laden, to find recruits for this mission. On the other hand, he was probably required to work into the management team of this attack three probable sayanim: Pascal Schreier, Rudy Dekkers, Arne Kruithof, and one deep cover Mossad agent – Mohammed Atta– who would have been provided to him by the Mossad.

KEY POINT: This report, with the evidence provided, will conclude that Mohammed Atta was actually a deep Mossad agent rather than an Al Qaeda operative.

The Iran-Contra Re-Union Culminates in 9/11 Event

Throughout this report, there have been names of individuals previously associated with treason, bank fraud, money-laundering, gun-running which all seem to find a common background in the events referred to as Iran-Contra, the October Surprise, the BCCI bank scandal, the Lincoln Savings and Loan scandal. This group appears to have moved its base of operations to Azerbaijan, a small country whose dictator is widely recognized to be a criminal in his own right. This group includes:
– Adnan Khashoggi, whose Azerbaijan banks “played a big part in the formation of terrorist camps and in the opening of laboratories for developing chemical and bacteriological weapons in Nagornyy Karabakh”; major mover of illegal gold; major investor and founder in Barrick; major investor in Oryx – financial backer of Huffman Aviation; business partner with General William Lyon – founder of diploma mills which provided access for two hijackers;
– Richard Secord, a former U.S. Air Force major general who helped to recruit and train the Azerbaijani army as well as regional secret services in conjunction with David Kimche;
– Richard Armitage, managed illegal gold funds for George HW Bush during Iran-Contra period; acting as a consultant to Halliburton and Unocal at the time, and President of the US-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce; demonstrated history of visits to Pakistan and the rest of Central Asia;
– Farhad Azima, arms merchant with Iranian background, member of US-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce, assisted Richard Secord in recruiting and training mujahedeen mercenaries, owned the Azerbaijani Airlines, and has a twenty year relationship with the Bush family enterprise; significant co-investor with Wally Hilliard of Huffman Aviation in Spatialight. Inc;
– Khalid bin Mahfouz, owner, with the bin Laden family and members of the Saudi royal family of the Saudi companies Delta Oil and Nimir Oil. Both are partners with Unocal in Azerbaijan; partner in multiple Bush family enterprises; participant in Barrick and Trizec Hahn;
– Brent Scowcroft, Director in the Azerbaijan International Operating Company; participant in congressional hearings that let Iran-Contra participants off-the-hook;
– Dick Cheney, as CEO of Halliburton, lobbyist for the Azerbaijan International Operating Company on US-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce; participant in Congressional hearings that let Iran-Contra participants off-the-hook;
– David Kimche, Israeli Mossad agent who brought Israeli agents into Azerbaijan at the request of Secord, and worked Secord and the regional secret service organizations; participant in the October Surprise and Iran-Contra scandal.

KEY POINT: This report hypothesizes that this group conspired to provision and execute a plan to destroy the World Trade Center on behalf of the German/Swiss banking cartel.

The idea for the attack most likely came from the Israelis, as did the original thinking for the October Surprise and Iran-Contra. The proposal probably came from Kimche, through Bronfman to the cartel, as the quid pro quo required to successfully negotiate a solution to the U.S. gold related investigations plaguing the Swiss banks in 1998.
In exchange for a lucrative payout on the gold issue, Bronfman promised the banks protection against further investigations by various U.S. agencies housed in the WTC, which were drilling deep into accounts that might expose larger bank vulnerabilities. Bronfman’s connections with the Clinton administration brought “Buzzy’ Krongard into the CIA in 1998 to coordinate the cover.

However, this would not be enough. Khashoggi was a person all parties could work with, and had demonstrated his ability to arrange financing for covert activities which could be well hidden. Khashoggi, with Bronfman, was able to arrange for additional U.S. support by engaging his former Iran-Contra colleagues. Once Khashoggi had coordinated the involvement of the Iran-ContraAzerbaijan team, Secord probably arranged recruitment and Armitage probably managed diplomatic cover (e.g., Pakistani involvement, German involvement, Syrian involvement) Kimche probably managed “insurance”, making sure the back-up plans for destruction of the buildings held up and the designated hijackers did what they were recruited to do.

At the end of the day, this attack was going to happen whether the Bush enterprise wanted it or not, whether Bush was president or not. Bush knew that, and capitalized on it rather than prevent it. Bush knew that if the actual planners were identified by U.S. investigators, they would take him down with them.

KEY POINT: Thus, Bush put in motion an elaborate cover-up which involved controlled patsy – Osama Bin Laden.

Getting More Bang for a Buck: Capitalizing the 9/11 Event

Once the primary plan was in motion, other plans were set in motion to capitalize on the event. The Bush administration had its plans– essentially to move its Central Asian oil agenda further, faster. The Israelis had their plans, which was to use the event to further its own security interest in the Middle East. Khashoggi made a few million on his MJK Legal Group scandal. The Bush enterprise was able to legalize investments and aid in Azerbaijan, thus enabling them to continue their standard pump and dump practice of oil stocks. Equally important, it allowed the Bush enterprise to push billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars from Aid for International Development, the Overseas Private Investment Corp. and the Export Import Bank through the Riggs Bank, where they were taking their percentage whether the investments paid off or not.

It seems as though the Bush family had been setting up its own international banking pipeline to compete with the Deutsche Bank. This would prove to be the Riggs Bank, with its small set of global offices providing banking services to nearly every foreign embassy in the US.

Robert Mueller – Slanted Investigations

When it was time for the investigations, Robert S. Mueller (U.S. Attorney and FBI Director) was named, and, not surprising, he was had also been in charge of major investigations of crimes linked to the Bush group. Mueller had been the chief investigator and prosecutor over the BCCI scandal, the Iran-Contra criminal investigation, the Noriega-CIA drug connections, and finally, the 9/11 investigation. His protégé, Leslie Caldwell, was responsible for the Arthur Anderson investigation, and later the Enron investigation.

“In the case of Noriega and Gotti, they were silenced through the capable tools of the American justice system. And overseeing the prosecutions – Noriega, Gotti, and BCCI – happened to be a man who would, years later, be entrusted with overseeing the investigation into the causes of 9/11 – Robert Mueller III. ” – Backdrop: Detecting The Puppet Masters

Other items warranting mention concerning George Bush are:
– four probable violations of SEC regulations by George Bush Jr. while with Harken which have been overlooked;
– closing down of criminal investigations into Jeb Bush’s partners Camilo Padreda and Miguel Recarey;
– Bush Sr’s destruction of SEC records of Zapata Oil;
– Interference with bank regulators during the Riggs money-laundering investigation, where Jonathan Bush is a director. 

The Bush family has three generations of experience in circumventing investigation into their financial conduct. They have appointed six of the Supreme Court Justices, and given major federal appointments to two of the Justice’s children, after having been given the presidential office by Supreme Court dictate.

Complicit Culprits and Their Positions at the Time

– Bill Casey, CIA Director Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission;
– David Doherty, General Counsel of the Central Intelligence Agency, Vice President of the New York Stock Exchange;
– A.B. “Buzzy” Krongard, Executive Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Chairman of the investment bank A.B. Brown and former Vice Chairman of Banker’s Trust;
– John A. McCone, CIA Director, Director of United California Bank, Western Bank Corporation, Pacific Mutual Life Insurance;
– John Deutch, CIA Director, the board at Citigroup;
– Nora Slatkin, CIA Executive Director, sits on Citibank’s board;
– Robert “Bud” McFarlane, CIA Director Board of Directors of American Equity Investors (AEI);
– William Colby, CIA Director, General Counsel of the Nugan Hand Bank, unlisted counsel to Household Bank;
– Mitch Rogovin, CIA Legal Counsel, Board of Directors of American Equity Investors (AEI);
– George Clairmont and Howard Hebert, CIA officials, Board of Directors of American Equity Investors (AEI);
– Bobby Inman, CIA Director, and ONI Board of Directors, Federal Reserve, Dallas
– Maurice “Hank” Greenburg, floated as a possible CIA Director in 1995, CEO of AIG insurance, manager of the third largest capital investment pool in the world.

People of the world and American patriots, if you made it through this article, congratulations. Heidner’s report is much longer and filled with the data we need to begin cleaning house. If you are not a U.S. citizen, we ask you for your assistance in helping us rid the United States of these thugs and murderers. None of us are safe, now and in the future, until we call this out for what it is and put the Bad Guys away: TREASON and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY should be their charges.


October 1, 2017


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