Vibrating In and Out of Different Realities

As you become more light/more energy, more multi-dimensional, you will have to “learn” (remember) how to merge your holographic realities with your physical ones.

You may have to accommodate your new energetic existence, your new Light Body with forming crystals in it, constantly shifting from tuning modes, transmitting modes, receiving modes… as your new body vibrates in and out of dimensions. Challenging and confusing is an understatement for a while.

You may have to limit external stimuli more to avoid overload, as you won’t be able to subject yourself to the density of the old like before. You are not the old carbon-based human like before. You are learning a whole new existence and it’s nothing like it was before.

You will start to realize that you cannot do some of the old things anymore, that the energy of everything complete affects you now, yet in a different way than before.

It’s not an emotional experience, it’s an experience “that inspires me, that depletes me, that contributes, that takes, that is open, that is closed, that is resistant, that is imposition, that is selfish/needy, that is awesome, that’s not…”

You will start to realize that where you focus your energy, that’s what materializes in your physical reality. You will start to realize that you are vibrating in and out of different realities and each one has a different outcome. You will start to see that all of this is your creation and you are the one who is responsible for it. You will start to see with new eyes/vision the energy of all.

You will hear/see/feel love, purity, truth in a very different way. It’s not with the words anymore, it’s the vibration that others transmit out, not what they actually say.

This may be confusing for a while, for it takes you a while to understand that they are not conscious of themselves yet, they do not realize they are lying to themselves, being disrespectful, living by old programs that are not true.

You can hear/see/feel their subconscious… They may or may not be in-tune/be aware… This is just one of your gifts as a multitude of gifts return, subtly at first… stronger as you exist from purity within your own self.

You will see their human-ness, you will be provided an opport-UNITY to become a higher self-guide, to step beyond your own human-ness… you will see how inner-mingled human realities are, how much lack there still is.

You will see the patterns/themes, you will realize how selfish many humans are and how they cannot share, do not step up to support and still try to live in lack/fear. You will see how much humans project out unconsciously.

When you finally leave the matrix realities that you were awaken to, you will see the unconscious dimensional realms, yet you will no longer live there. You will have capabilities you did not have before. You will be provided with opportunities you did not have before.

You will step fully into service in a whole new way. It will no longer be about you anymore… it will be about what you came here to BE and DO and you’ll “learn” (remember) how to BE and DO simultaneously, as you master all realities and merge your holographic existence with the physical one.

The power you hold is immense, yet it’s through the purity of love and you realize how much you signed up for before incarnating/walking in here. You also can tell when all is pure and when it is not. You won’t have any desire for anything less anymore in your own physical reality world.

Your relationships have to be pure for you connect from the depths of your soul and with others that don’t have this capability you won’t have much in common anymore.

You won’t desire to pretend or have shallow exchanges and you’ll let all go easier, for you do not “need” anyone or anything to fill your space anymore.

Deep profound purity, deep profound love, deep profound respect and honor… these are not as “deep” anymore… They are our natural and organic existence here. Our core is our entire being, fully exposed, fully visible, fully present… and anything less is a whole different dimension that we don’t vibrate into anymore…

Vibrational existence will change your whole vision of the world. You will learn to function all over again… a whole new way… in every moment of every day. Nothing will be the same as you integrate/merge/embody all of your aspects in your physical “here and now”.

Your life will be filled with so much love, as Pure Godly Souls awaken to the Heaven within, on the new Earth.


April 9, 2017

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