What We Need To Know About The Dark Occultists And Satanists Running Our Institutions (2)


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How do we break free?

So what can we do to get out of this mess and break free from this control system?

“One of the many remedies to fighting these controlling Dark Occult and Satanic networks lies in studying occultism and metaphysics in the positive way. Yes, there is such a thing as ‘positive occultism’.

Many people say that occultism is all bad. That is not true at all. There is hidden knowledge that is not widely or popularly known. That is all that the word ‘occult’ means, ‘hidden from the majority’. The black occultists try their best through print and film media to make us believe the occult is all evil and demonic, for they dare not tell us what metaphysical and psychological powers we all have nor what metaphysical and psychological trickery they are using against us to control us.

They want us to think that magic and occult practices are only about men in black robes with strange symbols and candles on the floor, chanting magical incantations and summoning demons from other realms to do their bidding. This is a tiny grain of sand of Dark Occultism in a vast beach full of light and dark occult knowledge, but the sacred knowledge is much more vast than what we are led to believe” explains former Satanist Mark Passio.

So what is this hidden knowledge then?

A large body of this ancient and modern occult knowledge is all about how the human psyche actually works. This is very powerful information that we can take in to ourselves, learn and grow from! We can study deeper aspects of the self and of psychology. “Know thyself”.

We can study consciousness and understand how it really works. We can go inward and attempt to balance aspects of our own consciousness. We can re-shape our diet and pay better attention to the nutrients that we consume and eat.

We can pay more attention to the media that we take in and consume and the kinds of books that we read and the kinds of videos and films that we watch, etc. In this way we can put ourselves in a more balanced state. We cannot get into a position to help and heal others until we have helped and healed our own self and removed this mindset of selfishness and self-preservation.

Mark Passio believes that one of the core beliefs and philosophies of the Satanic and Dark Occultists is based on a “false assumption”.
The Satanists and Dark Occultists will tell you that evil, greed and selfishness is humanities natural state, or “human nature”. Mark strongly disagrees.

His viewpoint is that Satanists and Dark Occultists are confusing “human nature” with the current “human condition”. Many people hear this statement that humans are naturally evil, greedy and selfish hedonists and agree with it.
They agree with it because they see what many humans are like right now in the world, at this particular time and place in history. They say “Oh yeah, people are just selfish, they want selfish things they don’t care about anybody but themselves, it’s just human nature.”

Mark Passio explains: “What people don’t understand is that the negative selfish behaviors that they are seeing playing out like that in society is not the nature of a human being.
It is the condition that human beings have been worked into, through mind manipulation, through the horrible conditions of daily life on this planet in many places in these modern times, through the mindset that is propagated by other people in positions of control and power and even those around us who are victims of this brainwashing, societal programming and mind control, whether knowingly or unknowingly.”

“It has nothing to do with the nature of a human being. If we are to be honest, many people go completely in the other direction and say that the nature of a human being is totally good and pure and unselfish and is only this way because of all of the corruption and negative elements in society. This is not true either.
The human beings’ nature can be described as angelic or demonic or somewhere in between, it is not either or.” But how can this be so?

The biggest secret

“One of the biggest occult secrets used against us is that the nature of a human being is programmable, and can be worked into a particular condition! That is the true nature of a human being. It depends on how the human being is ‘worked’.”

Mark says it is like asking the question: “What is the nature of this sculpting clay?”. Is the nature of this sculpting clay that it automatically forms into some beautiful, majestic work of art or is it that it is useless, can’t be worked at all and just forms into amorphous blobs everywhere?
“The nature of sculpting clay is neither of those things. The nature of sculpting clay is that you can sculpt it. That is also the nature of a human being. It can be sculpted into various polarities of human condition depending on what goes into that human being.
The human being can be conditioned into whatever you want it to be. That is the secret.”

“How a human being turns out is determined by what we program that human being with. What do we put into that human being? If we put good, quality material in, if we put good quality understanding, if we put truth into that human being, if we put compassion into it, nurturing, creativity and logic and we put a healthy desire to question things into that human being, we’ll have a human being that has all of those traits.

We’ll have a compassionate, critical thinking human being that knows the difference between right and wrong and the behavioral output is going to be great. They will be doing things that are good for the world and for society all around them.”

Garbage in: garbage out

Conversely, if we put garbage into a human being, totally selfish belief systems, the idea that man is just another animal, there is no higher expectation of human kind than to know the difference between right and wrong and then choose the right over wrong, to not harm others, if we say harm whoever you want just don’t get caught.
What kind of output and behavior are we going to get from that human being? That human will be worked into a condition that makes you think that the particular person is just like another animal that lives like a beast in the field and is vicious, cut throat, cunning and ruthless.

But that is not the nature of the human being. That is the condition that the being has been worked into.

A condition is what we make it. It has been conditioned to be what we want, that is why they call it a condition. The condition of your computer or television is dependent upon how well you kept it and what you put into it. Did you put good parts and software into it? Did you repair its parts when they broke down?

The Satanists and Dark Occultists who run our institutions are mistaking human nature with the human condition to justify their own immoral behavior caused by their own negative conditioning in their own lives. This is a false axiom of belief based on their own erroneous perception of human nature.

Anyone who buys into the Satanic religion has essentially “bought into” the belief that the fundamental nature of the human being is bad, greedy, selfish and animalistic. That may be the condition that the majority of human beings have been worked into at the current time that we live in by the various control mechanisms put in place by our profoundly sick culture and society, but it is not human nature.

“The human being can be changed at any time depending on the quality of information that is going into the human being. If good information goes in, good output comes out. If bad information goes into a human being, garbage comes out.”

Ego identification

One of our biggest problems right now is that in the current human condition, humans are suffering from “Ego Identification”. Human beings play different roles in life. Someone may play the role of a parent, or what they do at their job like a sales person. These are situations or aspects of a person’s life.

These are what people are doing, not who people are. Some people have siblings so they themselves are a sibling. That is just another aspect of their life. So people play out different situations and roles in our lives. These are all different “egos” that have to act and behave in certain and sometimes different ways in each of these situations.

“Ego Identification is where we become attached to one of our many particular roles or life aspects and we start to see that role as who we are, as our actual identity instead of just one of the many roles we play in our life. We are identifying, or taking on as our identity, one or more of these particular ego roles.”

For example: you ask somebody “Who are you?” They come back and say “I’m a taxi driver” or “I’m a cop”. Is that who they are or does that happen to be a job they perform on a daily basis to make some money? That may be how they define their own identity but that is not who or what they really are, that is ego identification.
In reality a person can do something else as a job or hobby any time they want to. They can change to a new ego role at any time they choose. Just because you are a soldier or doctor now doesn’t mean you always were and doesn’t mean you always will be.

“The problem is when people start to get locked into these roles and identify that role as who they are and can’t imagine they are anything else other than that particular role. It is a mode of consciousness that is limiting and it stops that human being’s expanded consciousness from growing and puts it into a tiny limited box by saying that everything outside of these parameters of this role that I identify myself as is not who I am.
‘This is who I am. I am a cop in this particular city and a parent. That’s it. That’s all there is to me, that’s all I am.’ No. That is just a few things they do in reality.”

Authoritarian mindset

Attachment to these ego roles can be very powerful, especially in Authoritarian mindsets and jobs like military, police and government roles. This can even be seen in the field of education in people who have tenure at big Universities or even school principals. “I am a professor, that’s who I am. This is my life and that’s it.”
This is why these people cannot hear information that conflicts with who they think they are or information that criticizes the particular organization that they have ego identified themselves as being or with what they are doing.

If you try to talk about the “Police State” with a cop or try to talk about the imperialistic mindset of your country with a soldier of that country, they have a difficult time separating themselves from that identified role as cop or soldier and this prevents them from even being able to see or hear the truth about what is being said or what is actually going on in the world at a particular time. They don’t want to hear that because they think “Hey, I’m involved in that. That’s who I am!”.

Mark Passio points out that you can try to tell a teacher about the outcome based education indoctrination system that is based on the Prussian educational model and how that was just a cult like mind control program for indoctrinating children into becoming mindless automatons who follow the State and do whatever it told them to do.

“You can explain to some teachers point for point how this is exactly the current educational system in America right now, at this time in history. But because that person is involved in that role as a teacher in that system right now, they can’t hear that. You can tell it to them but it is not sinking in because they are thinking ‘Well, I’m a teacher and I know that I’m a good person and I’m involved in this system so it can’t be what you or the facts are saying that it is’.”

This is the danger of people who are attached to Ego Identification. They can willingly continue to participate in evil without even realizing it because they see that job or behavior as who they are at the very essence of their being, no matter what harm that organization or activity may be causing to others on the planet. That is why it can be so hard to get through information to people that is conflicting with their world-view and their belief system as a member of that institution.

That is why it is so important to understand what Ego Identification is and to help try and break down the barriers to it, to help bring people out of that conditioned mindset that what you do is who you are. That is not who you are. Who you are can be changed with an act of your own will in the very present moment, at any time you choose.

It’s all about taking a look at yourself and seeing yourself from a different perspective. We have to stop being so attached to the “story” we keep telling ourselves that we are. That is just a story. That is not who we really are at a deep fundamental level.

The important difference between Wisdom and Knowledge

Mark puts his own definition to the word Wisdom. He describes wisdom as “Doing the right action with the knowledge that you have come to acquire.” You now have understanding based upon knowledge, which is hopefully based upon truth. You’ve taken truth in, you have knowledge and you have understanding of that knowledge or truth.

Mark says that only when you take action, the right action based on the implications of that knowledge and understanding does it become wisdom. It is not enough to know, one must act accordingly. Wisdom is what you do with knowledge.
“Wisdom is right action, or action in true alignment with natural law and the laws of morality. You are taking actions that are not causing harm to anyone and benefits society.”

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June 13, 2018


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