What We Need To Know About the Dark Occultists and Satanists Running Our Institutions (3)


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The two fold New World Order

Mark Passio warns us that the religion of the NOW, or what he calls the “dark” New World Order is two-fold. “It is a mixture of Dark Luciferianisme at the top levels and Satanism underneath that”. These two religions comprise what he calls “the Dark Great Work”, which is “the work of slavery and totalitarianism”.
The people who propagate the negative world-view are the Satanists. They are the “minions” of the Dark New World Order. These are the high level Satanists like Anton LeVey, Peter Gilmore, etc. These are people who have such a negative and jaded world-view about human nature that they have bought into the dark ideologies and are propagating them themselves.

“These people are unable to break free of that and come up to a higher consciousness level of understanding about the world.” Mark Passio was only able to break free of that after enormous suffering and realizing that the suffering was a result of the negative world view that he was harboring.

“Above the Satanists are the Dark Luciferians. These are the dangerous people because they really do understand how natural law operates. These are the true dark black magicians or sorcerers that are running the show. They are multi-generational dark occultists whose families propagate enormous wealth, power and influence in society. They are connected to ruling elite bloodlines that go back into the ancient world.

Their mindset is that the entire universe or creation itself is nothing more than a prison for their own consciousness and the consciousness of those like them who are psychopathic and sociopathic and want to rule over everything, but they know that natural law is in effect.”

“These people look at natural law as a prison condition. Under natural law we have free will to choose our own behaviors, but we don’t have free will to choose our own behaviors without consequence. The behaviors that we choose carry consequences with them. The whole philosophy of natural law has often been termed Consequentialism. The principles that underlie natural law are the basis of deep positive occult teachings taught in the ancient mystery schools.”

Dark Luciferianism is the religion of the dark ruling Priest class that is really running the Earth right now. This group looks at the boundary conditions of natural law or the spiritual laws of consequence that govern the decisions that we make through our own free will. The goal of the Dark Luciferian Priest class is to do whatever they want without consequence. They essentially want to turn the natural laws of creation on their head.

Why do they do this? What do they want?

They want to find a way to break the laws of creation by doing whatever they want, no matter who it harms, and being insulated from the consequences of those behavioral choices. This is total folly and cannot be done, but they want to insulate themselves from those consequences to the extent of their power in the physical domain. They want to be the rulers in and of the physical world. They are ego driven.

They consider the physical world “hell” because of the rules of natural law and they want to be rulers of this physical “hell”, rather than serve the creation by propagating the understanding of natural law.

They have actually become quite effective at momentarily overturning natural law in a way and being able to do whatever they want, no matter how vicious, evil or harmful it is, without paying the consequences themselves in this physical world. In other words, avoiding repercussions from KARMA or the principal of what comes around goes around. The balance of their negative actions will be paid in this world or the next, at some place or time or another, even if it’s after death, and they know this.

Their goal is to extend their lives as long as possible in this world and not pay any KARMA-ic retribution while here. It sounds crazy but nobody said these people are sane. They are working on life extension technology to keep their consciousness here for as extended a time as possible.

“This dark Priest class is behind the Trans-humanist agenda we see unfolding today to merge man with machine and merge consciousness with machine. This dark Priest Class makes up the Eugenicists and Social Darwinists of today. They are trying to play God here on Earth.”

These Dark Luciferians are the people who cannot accept reality the most, more than anybody else. “They know what the reality of natural law is and how it works, but they cannot accept it. To get around this in the current physical realm, they are insulating themselves from consequences by a very smart methodology.”
“Instead of doing all of the negative and hurtful behaviors themselves, they have the belief that the KARMA-ic or natural law consequences are going to be lessened or dampened if they can get other people to do the bad behaviors for them.”

This is where the idea of “moral culpability” comes into play when we talk about who is really running the control system. It’s a Priest Class of Dark Occultists, more specifically Dark Luciferians because they have the knowledge. That is what the word “Lucifer” means, “one who brings knowledge” or “one who carries knowledge”. In Latin, Lux and Lucius mean “light” or “knowledge of how things really work and operate” in occult schools of thought.

We measure light in Lumens, which comes from Lux in Latin. The Latin term “ferre” means “to carry”, which is where our modern word “ferry” comes from. So Lucifer means to carry the knowledge, (but note that is not at all about the Godly knowledge). So Luciferians have a lot of occult knowledge in their possession.
They have a lot of knowledge about how things work, particularly about how the human psyche works and how the laws of nature work.

The Minor and Major Arcana

The “minor arcana” of occult is the microcosm or “mona” of consciousness called the human being, which is the human psyche, the underlying motivations and drives of the human being. It also entails the different qualities of the personality.
Then there is the “major arcana” or the macrocosm, which is about the laws of nature and the universe, especially the rules of natural law. This knowledge is being used against us in advertising, propaganda, psychology, symbolism, language, education, media and many other various ways by those who rule.

“The Dark Luciferians do not want to share and use this occult knowledge to help bring other human beings up in consciousness and help them understand how these things work so that they can improve themselves and help improve society. They want to hoard all of that esoteric knowledge and use it against other people to control them.
You may wonder why David Cameron and the British government want to ban internet access to websites containing ‘esoteric material’. Now you know.

So these Dark Luciferians get other people to do these negative, immoral actions for them by manipulating their mind into believing they have to do it. In doing this, they believe that they insulate themselves as much as possible from the KARMA-ic natural laws of consequence for those actions in the real physical world. This comes back to ‘moral culpability’.”

Who is more morally culpable, the one who gives an order to commit harm to another person or the one who carries out that order and actually commits the harm to another person? Invariably at all times and places, the brunt of moral culpability is always going to be taken by the person who commits the act of harm to another, rather than the one who gave those orders, according to the Luciferians.

“The person who carried out the action is the one who lead to the manifestation of the wrong doing by physically doing the action. The action would not have been done if the order follower simply said ‘No, I will not do that. That is going to cause harm and I will not be a part of it’. By refusing to carry out the order, that stops the manifestation of the evil thought right then and there.”

Let the order giver carry out the manifestation and the evil act if they can. Most of these Dark Luciferians are old men with graying hair in dark suits, smoking cigars and cigarettes who are either overweight from indulgent lifestyles or skin and bones because of a metabolism from an over-active mind. These men couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag if they tried, so they can’t possibly carry out the act of physically harming others themselves in most cases.

They have to get “dupes” to carry out these actions for them. They need people who have no idea what’s really going on in the world and in life, who have never opened a non-fiction book to read once in their life, don’t pay attention to anything and are extremely ignorant, people who have self-loathing tendencies and ultimately hate themselves and want to be kept like pets, people who want to be ordered around everywhere so they don’t have to think for themselves.

“Basically, self-loathing children with mommy and daddy abandonment issues that haven’t been worked out make perfect dupes for the Dark Luciferian Priest classes biddings.”
“These are typical unquestioning order follower people. The Satanists and Luciferians are giving them all of these commands of immoral things that they have no right to do and they are saying ‘Yes sir, yes sir, yes ma’am, let me go out and do these things to keep my paycheck, to keep my job’ or to keep their ego identification of the role they play in life, ‘This is who I am, I am a cop’ or ‘I am a soldier’.”

These poor dupes are taking on negative KARMA and the brunt of the natural law consequences and responsibility for the whims of sick, twisted psychopaths who look at themselves as these dupes’ “owners” or “masters”.
“Yet they continue to do it because they don’t know any better. They don’t know themselves outside of their false ego identification. They don’t know the first thing about the first thing. They don’t know principles. Order followers who blindly follow orders to harm other people don’t have principles.”

Why do order followers lack principles and ethics?

“If you are actively an unquestioning order follower to the point that you harm yourself or others by following those orders, you don’t have principles, you don’t know what principles are. You can think you have principles, you can believe you have principles, but you don’t know what principles really are.”

People with principles act with their own volition because they know that what they are doing is the right thing to do, based on knowledge of truth and knowledge of the definitive objective difference between right and wrong.
The good news is that even if you have acted without principles before in your life, you can simply change things by acting with principles any time you choose. Simply say “No.” Quit your job. Don’t follow orders that cause harm to others or yourself. Do something else, no matter what immediate consequences or hardship it brings you.

“Blindly following orders is not a virtue. It is absolutely the most reprehensible path to all forms of evil.
All of the murder and genocide throughout history were not carried out by the psychopathic order givers in our history books. They may have gotten the blame for it, but the actual murders themselves were carried out, or manifested in the physical world by the unquestioning order followers who did the bidding of these leaders with no resistance whatsoever.”

Mark Passio says that the irony is that the order followers are serving people who hate and loathe the order followers the most. “The psychopathic priest classes of Satanism and Dark Luciferianism who run the New World Order hate the order followers who do their bidding more than anybody else. They look at them as pawns, puppets, clowns and even dogs. Henry Kissinger is alleged to have said ‘Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy’. This is how they feel about the same police and military men who protect them and carry out their orders.
They hate, loathe and detest these people but they will use them and use them again until they are all used up, physically, spiritually and emotionally and have done so much evil, bidding in their insanity that these followers have taken on the KARMA-ic consequences for acting the sorcerers’ sick twisted thoughts.”

The Satanists and Dark Occultists are too cowardly to carry out their own sick twisted thoughts. They instead prey on people with psychological illnesses and issues who have never looked into healing themselves. People with self-loathing and abandonment issues are usually the biggest prey. Even though there is knowledge and healing methods all around most of these people, they often want to take their own issues out on other people and are quite willing to blindly follow orders to harm others, rather than taking the time to look into themselves and find out what psychological trauma it is they need to heal from their past.

Many of these people never ask themselves why they are strapping on a gun or a badge and following orders from some psychopath. They think they are courageous, but are they? Do we describe the Gestapo, the SS, the Soviet Secret Police as courageous? No, they are cowards who wouldn’t say “No” to their superior officers or controllers above them.
“These blind order following dupes are not un-intelligent people. They have the capacity to figure this out but they don’t work with their capacity like most others do. They are illiterate, un-educated, un-read, completely ignorant people. They would rather just take action and follow orders because somebody else told them to do it.”

They think that is going to absolve them from their moral responsibility to choose right behavior over wrong behavior. They don’t have to think about it, they just accept the order and do it un-questioningly. Many of the police and military know they will get off from legal punishment or consequences, despite having no idea of the KARMA-ic moral consequences that will follow due to natural law, even if protected from human civil law.

“What is the suicide rate for returning soldiers from wars? This is the dynamic between the Dark Occultists and their KARMA-ic stunt double dupes.”

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June 22, 2018


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