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LiveOnlineYoga Courses
A New Option for Remote Novices and Practitioners Worldwide
The LiveOnlineYoga course has started as a response to the high demand for our method of teaching yoga that came from people that could not possibly attend the on-site classes of our successful international and multi-continental yoga school. As our name implies we offer real time instruction and yoga practice in unison, in a similar manner with the on-site classes, not video recordings.

The teachings offered through LiveOnlineYoga are rooted with the largest yoga school of Europe, MISA (Movement for Spiritual Integration into Absolute) founded by the famous Yoga Teacher Gregorian Bivolaru.

For those who are not in the areas where Europe’s largest yoga school - MISA has classes, this internet course is a great alternative to practice under the direct guidance of one of our experienced teachers. We highly recommend this course for all our students who receive correspondence courses and would prefer to have weekly live instruction in the comfort of their own home under the watchful eye of a full time instructor.

Course description: the most comprehensive teachings available on Integral Yoga
Course span: 2 hours/ week for the beginners and 2 ½ - 3 ½ hours/ week for the advanced students

Teaching method: Intensive (One class per week with real time instruction)

System requirements:
Windows XP or higher / Macintosh
High speed internet service (DSL or cable)

Contact Information:
Instructor Contact Email: liveonlineyoga@gmail.com