The subliminal code of the “Illuminates” hiddden in the MTV’s videoclips

by Monica Dascălu

What is in fact hiding under the disguide of an “innocent” and “funny” music video broadcasted by MTV”: certain secret “Illuminati” messages, in the shape of some so-called “Christmas wishes”, full of satanic and masonic symbols.


The large public generally perceives the Satanism as a mixture that reveals the existence of a social disease, a confuse notion that defines all kind of weird things, aberrations, unnatural habits which, altogether, outline the unhealthy image of a perverted society. The more and more often occurrence of Satanism shows to the attentive and lucid people that the contemporary society collapses morally and spiritually, being more and more under the influence of evil.  Maybe for the common people, the fact that some “initiates” practically apply (carry out) certain satanic rituals overcomes their power of understanding. However, when analysing attentively, there is not reason to wonder: it is already obvious that the personalities in the public field who promote and militate for the New World Order (which in reality hides, under this apparently innocent name, an unique planetary future, of fascist type) use all their strengths and means they have at disposal, including satanic sacrificial rituals that sometimes imply human sacrifices, aiming to enforce a project out of which us, the common citizens of this world only perceive a small part, without having access to the big picture.

Do you think that those who sound the alarm signal concerning the dangers of this “New World Order” suffer from mental disorders? Is it paranoiac delirium? Those who have serious mental disorders do not rather carry out satanic rituals? It is harder and harder to correctly judge what happens if we have not basic initiation notions. The public’s power of judgement is hardly tested, especially because lately the satanic occult symbolism, meant to those “who know”, is more and more present in our lives, often circulated through mass media.

The MTV Clip

We propose you to analyse together with us the script of a movie broadcasted by MTV on December 25, 2007, apparently with the aim to wish Merry Christmas to the viewers. It is about a pervert, kitsch and “malfunctioning” clip, like the materials usually broadcasted on MTV, which is the TV channel with the greatest audience throughout the world. This video clip has a relatively simple scenario: the action takes place on the Christmas’ Eve, in a Christian family who celebrates Christmas according to tradition. Right before the Christmas dinner the grandmother goes to the kitchen for the last preparations of the sauce that will accompany the traditional turkey (note: in some countries, amongst which USA, there is a custom to eat turkey at the Christmas dinner).

In the dinning room there is a celebration atmosphere. The parents bring the champagne. Two twin boys and a third person sit at the piano and sing a Christmas song. For completing the family picture, we are shown a dog who sleeps in a basket. The grandfather sleeps in a chair. The Christmas tree thrones in the corner of the room. Briefly, here it is the idyllic picture of a Christmas evening. Suddenly the girl, who comes back from the kitchen, hits a ball with the leg – for playing with the dog.


The ball hits a candle which falls and lights the presents. The pleasant picture from the beginning becomes very soon a nightmare. The cork of the champagne bottle jumps brutally and hits the grandfather in the forehead. He falls on his back and, while falling, pulls the hunting trophy from the wall, which covers his head completely. The scene triggers panic when the gifts, tree and grandfather burn on fire one by one. The father pulls the curtain and hurries up towards the grandfather to extinguish the fire. In his way he hits the girl who falls and pours the sauce boat on her white dress. The mother faints. The man from the piano runs to help her and tries to awake her. On their turn, the twins take the girl by her arms for lifting her.

In this very paroxysm moment of the catastrophe the grandmother comes back from the kitchen, bringing the turkey. “Comic” effect guaranteed: the video camera shows us the scene, stoned in a kind of new “picture”, but this time it is not an idyllic picture anymore, but an apocalyptic one. The MTV logo appears on the screen together with the sentence: “We wish you a Merry Christmas”. Even though it is about a quite macabre humour, this video clip seem at the first sight nice and funny, doesn’t it?

A researcher of the occult symbols, who publishes his opinions on internet, using the nickname JustAFreeMind, has not the same opinion. This specialist in satanic symbols considers that this only apparently innocent scene actually hides an implacable satanic logic. Based on a clarifying argumentation he proves that certain persons initiated from MTV wanted to transmit a satanic subliminal message, on the occasion of the Christmas wishes broadcasted by the TV channel.

His demonstration, under the form of a video footage entitled: MTV wishes you a Masonic, satanic, baphometic Christmas!, on the internet page: is revealing and thrilling. According to JustAFreeMind, when we come to know the pagan symbolism and rituals who still take place in our days we discover behind this comic „good child”-type scene, a macabre set-up of the „illuminates”.

The researcher’s demonstration takes the movie sequence by sequence, for precisely discovering all symbols. The analysis intends not only to prove the occult influence and presence of the „illuminates” behind this clip and decipher the occult satanic symbols (proving through their abundance the existence of an obvious occult influence and of some “initiates” who directed this video clip, being behind its production), but also to show the cold logic in which this movie originated.

If is to believe all these, the arguments that we provide in the following prove the fact that this video clip was not produced “by accident”! For sure, every detail of the movie was attentively analysed and performed on purpose in this way, since its producers knew very clearly the significance of the symbols used and their correlation with the human sacrifices done in the satanic rituals. The terrible “coincidence” of the scene in the video clip with certain elements from the satanic rituals, which does not leave space either for inspiration or hazard, helps us discover that this video clip was cynically structured. In the following here it is this video clip deciphered (decoded).

Act 1: Scene with the salt

From the very first scene one notices the salt, in a lidless vessel. Very few persons know that in the Bible the salt was used for sacrifices in temples.
Leviticus 2,13: „And every oblation of thy meat offering shalt thou season with salt; neither shalt thou suffer the salt of the covenant of thy God to be lacking from thy meat offering: with all thine offerings thou shalt offer salt”

Act 2: Sacrificial ritual

We must mention that the favourite victims of the “illuminates” satanic sacrificial rituals are blonde little girls, as the one from the video clip. The little maidens who will to be sacrificed are always dressed in white, like this girl. Within certain ceremonies of secret societies the presence of “Doves”, these white-dressed young girls, is a reminiscence of the sacrificial practices of the “illuminates”. Therefore, the salt indicates from the very beginning that the girls will be sacrificed. At the end of the movie, her white dress is stained with tomato sauce (blood colour), on the heart level and this shows to the “knowers” that the sacrifice was done. The behaviour of the twins who seem trying to help the little girl is subtly ambiguous, like other scenes from video clip. In fact, do they really try to help her stand up? Their strange position shows rather that they keep her prisoner and prevent her from running away. Everything depends on the way of interpreting things.

Actually you have noticed that the twins are dressed absolutely identical, in white and black? Obviously this is not accidental.  Black pants, white shirt and black tie compose the classical outfit for entering the Masonic lodge. And actually why do the twins appear here? The symbolism of twins is used because the “illuminates” call themselves “brothers” and address to each other by using the name “brothers”.

The small clip that already does not seem so humoristic anymore enables therefore to decipher a whole series of details characteristic to a satanic ritual, revealed through the secret code of the “illuminates”. 

Act 3: Violence

JustAFreeMind thus shows us that behind the apparent story (action) of the video clip there is another story, an occult and macabre one, like the drawings hidden in another drawing.
Now let’s talk about the part when the mother faints. The piano player rushes to help her. Is it so?  JustAFreeMind help us notice that the man seems possessed… Is he trying to wake her up or rather to strangle her? His behaviour (probably under the pretext of the burlesque comic) is so violent, that makes us think if eventually he would not kill the unhappy woman. And the researcher adds a thrilling detail: in the satanic rituals this kind of violent acts ends up with necrophilia acts. 

Act 4: Baphomet

The stuffed animal head which falls on the grandfather’ shoulders is in fact a representation of Baphomet, another image of Satan, under the form of a goat-headed human body. In ancient times, its strong smell and procreating role made the goat to be assimilated to Satan very soon. Baphomet, a monstrous character, was subsequently associated with divinities like Pan, Faun, Sylvan, Satyr etc… This idol, this supposed ancient god, which is actually a representation of Satan, is worshipped by the highest ranks of the “illuminates”. Only the highest initiates, “the heard men” have access to these mysteries; the low-ranked freemasons do not realize that they actually worship Satan. In the MTV clip the left arm of the goat burns and the grandfather shakes his hand apparently for extinguishing fire, but in reality seems to shake a flame. Here it is another name of Satan: Lucifer, the light bearer (from Lux – light, and Ferre – to bring). The symbol of flame is very strong and the freemasons use it a lot. We find it on the statue of Liberty, but also on the statue which sits on the peak of the column in Bastille. We also find a flame above the Alma Bridge, where Princess Diana has died. And, obviously, in the ritual of the Olympic Games flame. We must mention that the fire is an essential element in any spiritual practice. Through it, the sacrifice can attain the world of gods. The fire is not an evil, malefic symbol in itself, but in this context of “flame bearer” it is a clear Masonic symbol.

Act 5: „Sacredness”

Now let’s analyse the end of the movie, which is the most important scene, according to JustAFreeMind’s opinion. This represents the ceremony of crowning the “Great Monarch”, the Antichrist. In this scene we see the father, completely dressed in black, like a priest, who has just pulled the white curtain and covered the shoulders of the grandfather/Baphomet. In tradition, covering a prince with a white pelerine means to raise him to the rank of a king. It is not an accident that in gospel, in the moment of crucifixion, Jesus’ head is covered with a crown of pins and his shoulders are covered with a red pelerine. The red colour signifies that the king was about to be sacrificed on his order. 
I take this opportunity for drawing your attention upon an unbelievable detail. Did you notice that in Christmas time of the year the TV journals, TV stations and talk shows are almost every time marked by a crushing dominant of red and black? Or, black and red are the two colors associated to the Antichrist. As for the rest, the appearance of the 3D TV crowns what was predicted concerning the image of the Beast: the Apocalypse of Saint John 13.15: „ And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.” I end here this bracket. So, the video clip shows Baphomet dressed in a white pelerine, a symbol of royalty. It is thus revealed the ultimate objective of the “illuminates”: the establishment of a New World Order that will imply the return of “the King” on the throne of the world, ruling over people for 1000 years.  This crowning is doubled by another very powerful symbol: the destruction of the Christmas tree through fire. The Christmas tree is by excellence the symbol of the Christ’ spirit which still lives in the children’s hearts. This strong image indicates that the Christ’s message itself will be reduced to ashes at the moment of crowing the Antichrist.


The example that we presented to you is not at all singular. The secret code of the „Illuminates”, including satanic symbols and subliminal satanic messages is more and more present and starts being found in various movies, musical video clips, but also on the computer games or in the children toys.

A significant example is the interactive game Pokemon (Pocket Monsters), launched by the Japanese in 1996. Numerous scientists signalled the existence of what they recognized as being a satanic code, hidden inside the arcane of this game. They stated that in fact the game is a support for getting the youth familiar with the satanic symbolism. For example, on the cover Pokemon Kadabra, one can distinguish a five-pointed star, the burning star of Baphomet. This reversed pentagram symbolises the head of goat and has a malefic, satanic connotation.
Those who will see this Pokemon will notice on his chest the presence of three letters „SSS”, under the form of lightning, like the one that appears of Harry Potter’s face. The scientists also noticed the similarity of the posture from the effigy on the book, namely the “horned greeting”, an exclusively satanic salutation.

Another key-piece in this strange world is the character Mew. The analysts are especially interested in this character, occult by definition, because it can not be found – it can be downloaded, but can not be transmitted on the games consoles. If one writes “MEW” with capital letters, can see that this name bring together  the only three letters of the alphabet similar with the trident, namely three “W” letters, variously leaned, so that they form an “E” (90º rotation) and an “M” (180º rotation). Or, the letter-name “W” is the figure 6 in Hebrew. It is also the 23rd letter of the alphabet: 2×3 = 6. There is thus no doubt for the analysts that MEW corresponds to the number 666, same like on the internet, where all the web addresses begin with: WWW.


At the present times, one finds the secret code of the “illuminates” through the means of using an occult satanic symbolism in almost any media creation conceived on the international plan. One of the last debates concerns Lady Gaga, who, according to a small amusing detail, got three MTV Video Music prizes. For the conspirators, Lady Gaga would be actually one of the slaves/priestesses of the illuminates. Her biography on Wikipedia abounds in such details that prove this influence.

We must mention that Lady Gaga was introduced to the Queen of Great Britain on the occasion of a charity party, after the clip Just dance (2006) full of satanic symbols (she was wearing a kind of lightning on her cheek), like an obvious head of goat hung on the wall; her clip, Bad Romance, overcomes all that was done in matter of revelations. This time, the code of the “illuminates” is highlighted, multiplying the allusions to the world of vampires and reptilian aliens. You should see in this respect the explanatory video clip of a French researcher on the site Dailymotion: Thus, in our days, spreading the secret code of the “Illuminates” through mass media tends to get general, in parallel with its classification. It seems that we face a burdening tendency.
The MTV Video Music Awards 2009 show was completely an occult Masonic mega-ritual dedicated to Satan. Under the appearance of “spontaneity” and “originality”, during the whole event a multitude of occult symbols and manifestations were visible, from the ritual of initiation (acceptance) in freemasonry to the collective prayer addressed to Satan, the soul-selling ritual etc. 

Article from the Programm of the Yoga Spiritual Camp – Costineşti 2010


27 septembrie 2010


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