Motto: “Sometimes people stumble over the truth, but only the foolish rise immediately and continue walking with indifference”

Attention!!! Each of these benefic moments, as veiled gifts from God, helps you enter and savor – in a spiritual way – the secrets of esoteric astral resonances. By constant and firm attention, these ineffable moments offer us the chance to plenary and profoundly love the mystery of the present moment.
                                                                                                                                Yoga Professor  Gregorian Bivolaru  Sunday, the 12th of September, from 13.30-14.15 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Venus in sextile with Pluto. Effects: This aspect gives the awakening of sensitivity, artistic refinement, dynamizing of creative imagination, it makes possible to appear the elevation of affective experiences, it gives an impulse to the spiritualization and refinement of feelings. It awakens and amplifies spiritual aspiration. It facilitates the awakening and dynamizing of elevated mystical experiences, it makes possible the fruitful engagement for the fulfillment of the great spiritual ideals of mankind. It awakens the creative force, making it effervescent, it dynamizes and amplifies erotic refinement; it favors the orientation and sublimation of the beneficial subtle energies towards artistic creativity.
Sunday, the 12th of September – Meeting of the group to deepen the relationship – Aspirant – Spiritual Guide.
Tuesday, the 14th of September, from 17.00-17.45 – Meditation of communion with the moment of the Christian holiday the Ascension of the Holy Cross.
Sunday, the 19th of September, from 05.30-06.15 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Mars in sextile with Pluto. Effects: This aspect awakens the power of transmutation of the creative potential and it makes possible the spontaneous sublimation of the resulting energies into harmonious, elevated passion. It dynamizes courage in beneficial actions that imply the overcoming of one’s limitations, it gives an impulse to spiritual transformation through conscious orientation of the individual will towards an ineffable state of abandonment to the will of God the Father. It facilitates the overcoming of selfishness and it is also an excellent opportunity for improving the self-control.
Sunday, 29th of September – Meeting of the group to deepen the relationship Aspirant – Spiritual Guide.
Tuesday, the 21st of September – Tripura Sundari. The moment of maximum beneficial influence is Tuesday, the 21st of September, at 03.46. The favorable period of love-making in the couple, with love, transfiguration and continence is from 19.00 (Monday,  the 20th of September) -13.00 (Tuesday, the 21st of September). The meditation of communion with the Great Cosmic Power Tripura Sundari is from 03.30-04.15.
Thursday, the 23rd of September, from 05.40-06.40 – Meditation of communion with the moment of the Autumn Equinox. Effects: This aspect generates in the universe of the human being a state of balance between the need for physical activity and the need for exteriorizing the affective potential. Because of the energetic balance of this special moment (day equals night), all the beneficial actions which are performed during this period can be predominantly charged with the state of love,  because, especially now the lower aspects of the Virgo zodiacal sign (persistence in unnecessary actions, almost obsessive concern for material duties) are  sublimated into elevated aspects of the Libra zodiacal sign. (the state of detached love, elevated experiences and artistic inspiration, spontaneous sense of measure, refinement, romance). This moment allows us, among other things, to realize that the artistic experiences are, in reality, forms of certain soul experiences. The main lesson of this moment of hiatus is to learn to harmoniously combine business and pleasure, the material sphere with the spiritual sphere. The highest moment of the Autumn Equinox is Thursday, September the 23rd of September, at 06.09.
Thursday, the 23rd of September – Full Moon. The period of negative influence of the Full Moon starts Wednesday, September the 22nd , at 18.17 and it ends Friday, September the 24th, at 06.17. The moment of maximum negative influence of the Full Moon is Thursday, September, the 23rd at 12.17 pm.
Thursday, the 30th of September, from 17.00-17.45 – Meditation of communion with the great yogi Lahiri Mahasaya.
 Saturday the 18th of September, from 14.57 – YANG SPIRALS WITH COMMUNION WITH THE SOUL OF THE ROMANIAN and with the SOUL OF THE HUNGARIAN PEOPLE, which will be realized in unison in several cities in Romania and Hungary.
September 2010

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