5G frequencies were tested in Russia on humans and animals with disturbing results

“The USSR experimented on humans and animals with similar 5G frequencies (those used for 5G) in 1977, 1972 and 1997. A proper military experiment. The humans suffered metabolic problems, i.e, everything started to fall apart, blood problems, immune system dysfunction, severe medical and neurological problems. With animals, since they were able to dissect them, they found the bone marrow was suffering (which produces the immune system), respiration damaged, enzyme activity damaged, nuclear DNA damaged, and the total exposure time was only 15 hours over 60 days. Roughly 15 minutes a day and the levels were not high. Not as high as you are going to get in a classroom.” – Dr. Barrie Trower.


Mark Steele has a website, https://www.saveusnow.org.uk/ (save us now), where he shares all the detail on how he fought his council in Gateshead in court and won. Note there is a campaign to discredit him and his work which should tell you something. Please ignore the debunking links you will see when you search. If there were anything dodgy with this man, Dr. Barrie Trower would not be teaming up with him for the video interview that you can see below.

Also it’s worth to visit Josh del Sol’s site, where you will find an excellent although concerning intro to the shonky science we’re dished out on the so called “safety” of EMF/ Wi-Fi particularly relating to smart meters.

Lastly, Dr. Trower has many interviews on YouTube that will give you insight into how Wi-Fi is affecting us already, particularly our children. Some frequencies of 5G he illustrates are used as a military grade weapon for crowd control: “The roll out already started in Vienna, the unsuspecting people immediately suffered from nosebleeds, cardiac problems, chest pains, fatigue, dizziness, vomiting in fact all of the symptoms of microwave sickness known since 1932.”

“5G has to have Megahertz Frequencies to comply with other transmitters and receivers. Also in other countries it has to have the low Gigahertz frequencies. In some countries you will have as many as 22 different frequencies when it’s fully functional because it has to comply with all of the other things. It will be added to Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, 4G, and smart meters. Its compliance with smart meters is actually quite worrying because each smart meter has to have two transmitters, one low frequency to go into the house and talk to the fridge and the telly etc. and one to reach the main transmitter.

Each household could in the future have up to 15 appliances. Each small group of houses, goes from 500-5,000 houses, in a mesh – in urban areas. When looking at the math, like a little group of tower blocks on a big estate, you can have as many as 5,000 smart meters, two transmitters for each smart meter, so you have ten thousand smart meters transmitters in a small area. About 15 per house, so one reasonably sized council estate can have up to 150,000 transmitters. They are producing the 5G wave forms and Wi-Fi, at 2.4GHz which is a microwave oven frequency. It is known in the military and published. Stanford Institute Research California also did their own experiments and said the two most dangerous frequencies for living cellular structures, which is all of nature, trees, animals, insects, humans, is the Wi-Fi frequency and 950 Mhz. A doctor with 22 years experience in the WHO Cancer section has said that all of this can cause cancer.

5 Gigahertz isn’t 5G, it is a telecom signal frequency. It is capable of recording every device in your home, once the Internet of Things comes along.” – Dr. Barrie Trower.



November 25, 2019

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