Action of Global Non Compliance to the System: Unslaving Mankind (2)

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The entire Illuminati system is today operated by the crown, and what is the crown exactly?
Well, contrary to popular belief, the crown does not refer to the Royal family or to the British monarchy, but to the inner City of London which, in actual fact, is a privately owned corporation that functions as a completely separate sovereign state, outside the jurisdiction of England, the same as its two sister city states of Vatican and Washington District of Columbia, all of which combine to form the Empire of the three cities.

Most people are completely unaware that when they swear allegiance to the crown, they are actually swearing allegiance to this private Corporate Empire owned by the 13 Illuminati families. These are the same private individuals who also indirectly own and operate the World Bank – and what does the World Bank do exactly?
Well, apart from other things, like control global oil prices, it lends money to whole countries by supplying each country’s Federal Reserve Bank and then it collects interest on these loans, which is paid by taxing the labour of the people of each country.

Now let’s explain that again so you clearly understand how this really works.
If you live in a country that has a federal reserve bank, then the World Bank, a privately run company that is able to legally create money from thin air, is the one that supplies your country with money, at interest, and you the individual are required to pay a tax on your labour to pay off the interest on the government’s loan from this private bank.

Many people are duped into believing that their taxes pay for infrastructure and without taxes there would be no roads or schools and the country would fall apart, but this is completely untrue.
The Government has the legal right to coin its own money and control its value but it does not, it borrows money from a private bank and uses this bank loan to pay for infrastructure, and you are taxed in order to pay of the interest on the loan, interest, which from a business perspective, is pure profit for the international banksters.

However you choose to look at it, one thing must be very clearly understood, and that is that each person in the western world who has a job, is forced, every year, to give away approximately 3 months’ worth of wages in taxes and that tax money goes directly into the pockets of the private individuals who own and run the World Bank.

It is one big, privately run scam and if you ever allow yourself to be microchipped and cash money is abolished altogether, which is their plan, then all bills and all taxes will be automatically removed from your account when they are due, whether you actually owe the money or not, and if you complain about the system, they can simply turn off your chip.

Since all commerce will centre on the chip, you will not be able to buy food, or pay rent or do anything and there will be absolutely nothing whatsoever that you can do about it.
And that is their goal – to limit the size of the population on Earth and microchip those that are left. Then it is game set and match and total control of the world and everyone in it will be in the hands of an international cartel of criminal banksters.

This whole scam is being planned and carried out very methodically. It is these people and their minions and puppets who attend such gatherings as Bilderberg meetings and the Bohemian Grove summer festival and who still adhere closely to the schools of ancient mystery (which many, such as the late Bill Cooper, have referred to as the Ancient Mystery Religion; however, it is more a mechanism of control designed to reach an ultimate goal rather than a religion).

Though steeped in ritual and black magic, it is simply a system, the Illuminati system, and even if its workings seem complex to the layman, in reality it’s quite simple, and it’s also very easy to see, once one has acquired the correct manner of looking at things.
And there is definite purpose and reason in the ritualistic nature of this system, in its use of numerology, symbolism and ritual, and all that is needed to realize this is a deeper understanding of the true nature of the Universe and how we are all connected to it. This conspiracy directs its focus on the system itself and the key to this system functioning, which is through covert control of the money supply by very few people.

It is crucial that people become aware of this, because the methods by which society could free itself from this system of control are also very simple, once a person has gained an understanding of the true realities of this world we live in – and this is not as difficult a task as you may at first think, because due to its complexities, the illusion the elite have created, that most perceive as reality, is a very fragile one.
It is fragile because it is not reality.

The reality is that the world does not have to be this way at all, it does not have to be heading in the direction it is heading, people do not have to live in a never ending sea of self-generating debt, wars do not have to be fought and children do not have to starve, and don’t think people starve because the world is over populated.
Don’t believe what the televisions tells you, the world isn’t over populated at all. In fact, let’s look at it realistically with a simple comparison of population versus land mass, and we can do a rough estimate to demonstrate this very easily.

There are approximately 7 billion people in the world and there are 2.97 million square miles of land in the island continent of Australia. 2.97 million square miles breaks down to 1 billion, 900 million, 800,000 acres which then converts down to 7,603,200,000 quarter acre blocks of land.
So if we could hypothetically give every person in the world a quarter acre block of land, they would all fit into an area the size of Australia, and each would have enough land that they could all have gardens and grow a substantial supply of their own food, and we would still have 603,200,000 quarter acre blocks left over – plus the entire rest of the world.

Now just pause to let that sink in to your mind for a second. All the people, that’s every man woman and child on Earth, would comfortably fit inside Australia, each individual person could have a quarter acre block of land, and we would still have 603,200,000 quarter acre blocks and the entire rest of the planet left totally unoccupied.

The world is not over populated at all. It’s just very badly managed and you need have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that this bad management is intentional, and it is methodical.
It would, however, be very simple to fix things and all that is required is for people to wake up to how much they are being lied to and how much they are being scammed – and this goes for everyone.

People really need to gain an understanding of how this system actually works because this bad management is crippling the world and it is crippling the people.
The methods that are used to do this become truly transparent once a person has gained a clear enough vision to see it and people really do need to open their eyes to see it right now, because now that the world has been made smaller and now that all resources have been discovered and there are no frontiers left to conquer, the criminal elite intend to carry out a mass depopulation of this world and their plan to do this is well underway.

They are doing it in the Middle East with war, in countries of Africa through starvation and now in western countries through water additives, aerial spraying and through the introduction of toxic and nutrient deficient GM foods.
But people are now beginning to wake and realize that all is not right and they are beginning to speak out.
The police need to understand this situation and take action to address these matters as well. This is very important and there is no reason the Police should act against the people who are waking up and speaking out about this corrupt system, for the police are also being scammed, just as badly, and in some ways even worse, than everyone else.

Worse because it is the Police who are being coerced and tricked into defending this elitist corruption by puppet governments put in place by the banksters who coerce these officers into compliance by applying creative names to public awakenings such as “social unrest” or “civil disobedience” and by instilling a robot-like adherence to authority within the minds of police officers, rather than a strong set of moral values.

The police, in these cases, should stand by the people they are sworn to protect, not blindly follow instructions given to them by the criminal elites.
The police need to realize that they too are the people and they are being stolen from and used as well. The way to beat this system is for the people, the police and everybody else to simply stop agreeing with it – and also the politicians who bow to these corrupt money cartels and enact these ridiculous pieces of legislation.
These politicians need to think seriously about what they are doing. They need to realise that these money cartels don’t care about them or their families, these politicians have children and grandchildren who are also going to have to live in this world that is being created. Don’t kid yourself that there is a politician in a position of power who isn’t a puppet…

All are puppets of the money cartels, without exception. These people may well have been voted into power but the voting process is simply theatre for the masses, to promote the illusion of people’s choice. The people may vote for one particular candidate over another, but they do not get to actually decide who these candidates will be to begin with.

The people of the world need to realize their own potential and wake up from the dream they are living in. Forget what you are told and trained by the TV, because it’s a lie. TV is there to train people what to think and how to act. It is nothing more than a tool of propaganda that has successfully brainwashed 95% of the western world by feeding people manufactured news, disinformation and by giving people an utterly false perception of the world and of their relationship to each other. Turn your TV off and leave it off, after even a month of no TV, you will be surprised at how much better and healthier you feel.

It needs to be clearly understood by people everywhere that the elite only have the power over the people that the people themselves grant to them, so stop giving it to them.
Stop doing what the TV tells you to do and stop complying with the system. Understand that there truly is no division among the people of the world, no matter who they are or where they are from. We are all people and we are all one.
It is through the constantly promoted illusion of division that the system is able to function but in order for it to do so, it needs public compliance. Stop complying and you will shut the system down.
You will shut it down completely because if people stop complying, it will simply implode. It will collapse like a house of cards. And all it would take for this to occur, is global awareness of how it really works.

We have reached a turning point in history and the veil of secrecy that has always surrounded the Illuminati system is now at last being lifted. Now is the time for the people of the world to look after each other, and not the system.
It really is that simple, and the world is almost on the verge of that happening now, because a new awareness is growing among the people.
More and more are waking up every day, and they are spreading the word, as we all should do as often and as loudly as we can, because the masses who are still sleeping really must be woken up to what is occurring. There is quite literally nothing more important than this issue, and this plan goes even deeper than the international money cartels.
There truly are deep dark forces at work controlling things here but it is through the manipulation of the money system that global control is maintained and it is that system that must first be addressed.

It’s all very well for us to all talk about this stuff and to continue learning and gathering more information about it, but the time for merely gathering information is now passed. What is needed now is action, and it is needed very quickly because the prison door is swinging shut.
Please understand that these people plan on depopulating at least 90% of the world and that most likely includes you. This is not a joke and it is not some wild conspiracy theory.

It is the absolute truth and this matter seriously needs to be addressed. All the information on how they intend to do this is available in the public domain though of course you are not hearing it reported by the mainstream media because the money cartels own the mainstream media.

A great deal of information regarding this is posted online and we highly recommend that you read it and distribute it to as many people as you are able, because the time for talk is really over.
What is truly needed at this time is for the good people of the world to act and to act now.

The key is in love and unity among all of mankind because it matters not who you are, what country you are in or where you are from, it makes no difference whether you are black or white or Christian, or Muslim, or Jew, it makes no difference at all what your beliefs are, because the prison that is being constructed affects every one of us equally.

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December 6, 2018 

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