Climate Change – Everyone is on One Side of the Boat


It has become religion to believe in global warming and climate change. In fact, apparently now it’s been shortened to just climate, as in “climate denier”. Uh sorry, but haven’t Earth always had climate? When did someone suddenly discover we have climate?

The religion around “climate” is disconcerting enough, but the strident attitude towards anyone with an opposing view is frightening. There have been from “reputable” people to prosecute anyone with a different viewpoint.

The “climate” scheme/racket has been built around fraud. In 2007, U.N. “scientists” warned we only have eight years left to deal with “global warming” – oops. (Back in 2007, global warming was the trendy term, now it’s climate change.)

Also in 2007, U.N. “scientists” warned us that only carbon taxes will save us. Sound familiar. So they’re going to take totally fraudulent science, basically fake news, and cripple the world economy, just so the disgusting globalists can line their own pockets. And harm possibly billions of good, honest people in the process. While not warning of/researching a potential climate disaster awaiting us if the global cooling issue is the real problem.

The “science” promoted by the grotesque (in many ways) hypocrites who attend Davos, is generally being used to enrich themselves and their globalist elitist comrades. They could care less about climate change. But how they have gotten most scientists, universities, MSM, SJWs, and mainstream politicians in all countries to join in is beyond people’s understanding.

The ones who are doing it purely for the money is easy to understand (yet disgusting), but how about the others. Like those who are seeing zero cash flow from their zealotry.

And what if the Earth is not actually warming at all? What if it’s actually beginning to cool – significantly? Is a new Maunder minimum staring right at us? Some villified and ridiculed (and brave and ethical) scientists believe so.

Professor Valentina Zharkova has done some troubling research which goes far beyond the normal 11 year solar cycle. She and her colleagues are quite concerned about another Maunder minimum, which itself was part of the Little Ice Age, fast approaching.

The current solar cycle 24 is the weakest in 100 years, and is still not expected to hit its’ minimum for several years. And we are already in the process of cooling significantly.

As Dr. Sircus shows, even the scam artists at NOAA tried to hide the fact that there has been no warming on our Planet for 60 years. And there was actually some cooling into 1979, and then some warming into 2010, with sunspot activity.

So as Professor Zharkova stated, we are now back on the downside since around 2012. And there are scientists who have proposed that it is not the CO2 increase which causes the warming, but the warming which causes the CO2 levels to rise.

Russian solar physicist Habibullo Abdussamatov has some interesting observations about the hysteria over “climate”. He believes the current theories are backwards.

Meaning, they’re confusing cause and effect. The cyclic increase in sunspot activity into about 2012 caused the oceans to warm and then to release more CO2. So it wasn’t the increased CO2 causing the warming, but the warming caused the CO2 increase.

Professor Abdussamatov believes it’s the sun, not the CO2, which should be the focus. How did we have all of the large warming periods on this planet before the burning of fossil fuels/modern man?

The Professor’s studies with ice core samples shows the CO2 increases always follow the Earth’s warming cycles, i.e., never precede the warming. So are all of the regulations, carbon taxes, and beating up of climate “deniers” going to just make a difficult time period even worse?

One thing is certain. Most of the “informed” capital is positioned for global warming. On a big time frame, it’s akin to the biggest speculative long position of all time. It makes more sense to contemplate the possibility of a different scenario.


October 20, 2018

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