CNN 1985: ‘EMF weapons being used for consciousness control’. EMFs include 5G, bluetooth, cell phone radiation, WiFi


It has been reported that some American Embassy workers in China and Cuba were attacked with microwave weapons and suffered brain injuries from their experiences. Research has determined that exposure to ALL sources of microwave radiation – including 5G, Bluetooth, cell phone radiation and WiFi – can disrupt the blood brain barrier, cause it to leak, and kill brain cells as well as cause all kinds of undesirable symptoms and health issues and increase cancer risk.

NONE OF THIS IS BREAKING NEWS. Thanks to Environmental Health Trust for devoting an entire page to a segment produced by CNN about EMF weapons being used for consciousness control in 1985 (see the videos below). Like totally rad – NOT.

CNN Special Report 1985 – electromagnetic frequency weapons for consciousness control

In 1985 CNN special reports hosted by Chuck DeCaro presents the early use of Radio Frequency devices in the military and testing it’s use for remote human behavior control. The scientists interviewed which include Dr. Robert Becker and Dr. Ross Adey show how electromagnetic fields and radio frequencies were tested as weapons of war against both machines and humans as well as counter terrorism efforts during the Cold War. At the time Russia was at the forefront of this technology with a device since the 1960’s called the LIDA machine on psychiatric patients to alter moods and behaviors by emitting pulsed EMF, heat, sound and flashing lights as a form of consciousness control. “Certain kinds of weak electromagnetic signals work exactly like drugs” stated a government scientist to CNN.

Similar work by Dr. Jose Delgado achieved behavioral consciousness control via radio frequencies aimed at the brains of animals and humans. Delving further into the segment reveals the testing of EMF and RF for inducing hallucinations, manipulating judgement, altering brain function and intellect.

CNN Special Report of 1985 about Electromagnetic Frequency Weapons named “Weapons of War, Is there an RF Gap?” with Elizabeth Rauscher, William van Bise and Chuck DeCaro:

Microwave News coverage of the LIDA machine

“Last month, newspapers across the country ran an AP story on the Soviet ‘Lida’ machine being tested at the VA Hospital in Loma Linda, CA. The Lida uses low frequency radiation to tranquilize experimental subjects. Dr. Ross Adey is quoted as saying, ‘It looks as though instead of taking Valium when you want to relax yourself, it would be possible to achieve a similar result, probably in a safer way’ with radio waves… If you are thinking about investing in the companies that market electrical devices to regenerate bones, take a look at Richard Regis’s ‘Electrifying Growth’ in the May 16Barren’s. Regis describes the various players (Electro-Biology, Telectronics, Biomagnetics, Elcctromedical Products among others) competing in what has become a high stakes, competitive market, and the patent wars that are raging among them…” Microwave News June 1983 

Patent: Soviet Union LIDA machine



September 20, 2020


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