2. The expansion of the conscience realm in Tantra Yoga

An article by Gregorian Bivolaru

Our ordinary conscience, confined to the game of mind and reason, allows us a certain perception of the world. It also enables us to produce concepts regarding this subject and it borrows, by RESONANCE, that reality which brings us tranquility. Anyway, this perception, which we call “ordinary” is always strictly individual.

If we sufficiently enlarge our field of conscience, or better said, if we transform our perception area, not allowing anymore the conditioning intrusion of our mental, reason and classical observation- our perception then becomes non-ordinary (extraordinary), but it still remains individual. Still, now it doesn’t belong anymore to an “I” which is restricted to a sheer personality due to the luring reason and senses, but it acquires an impersonal dimension, revealing as if by magic our intimate relation with the Wholeness, the emphasis that our individuality, body and psyche, far from being autonomous, are permanently contained by this Wholeness. As a next stage it comes to reveal us our plenary identity with this Wholeness, and therefore they can perceive that in fact we comprise the entire universe (MACROCOSM) as a MICROCOSM.

But let us not deceive ourselves: for the time being our perception is but thinking. If thinking stops the world disappears for us – which doesn’t means at all that the world is unreal! –That means that the world we call “objective” is in fact a constant creation of our thinking (which is calling upon processes of RESONANCE); or to put it different it is an act of collective memory reiterating inside of each individual.

Living in the daily routine torpidity, we often came not to wonder anymore though facing the only fundamental evidence, that is: “I am”. I am perceiving the world. No one else but Me. And everyone of us is perceiving the world in this way, even at the lowest level of consciousness; by this “Me”, by this “I am”. It is enough to fall asleep and the world will vanish for us. For, can you say where is the world when we are deeply sleeping?

Obviously, when we wake up, we find it in the very same place, even though it had seemed to vanish away, because the collective memory preserves it. Our friends and bosoms who were awake during our sleep, will then assure us everything was going on as usually while we have been sleeping.  Still, not even their testimony and our getting back in contact to the world after waking up, can make enough evidence. There is some conviction left that in the absence of perception and thinking the world simply dissapears for us. The only one who can have the experience of the reality is “Me” (everyone’s “ego”). But for this extraordinary feeling of “I am”, everything dissapears for us.

The central knot and the key of the problem, obviously in case you agree that there is a problem, can be found at this very point. Not even the smallest sensation or perception can be really shared only by spoken or written means. Those who imagine the contrary are trapped by the so called “communication”, a quite trendy concept nowadays, but which is often superficial and false. This is nothing but getting ordinary comfort, ideas exchanges that may be consoling, but somehow sterile. In fact, excepting the states of communion and emphaty, which are related to the innefable resonance procesess, we don’t communicate, because this is almost impossible. We are irremediably alone. Most of the people only understand this when they die!

The reality is “what exists”, this means it is a totality without division, and not at all an amount of parts; and anyone of us can experience this indivisibility everytime he perceives that “I am”. This is how the reality is entirely and continously contained inside of everyone. But our state of captivity in the slumber of duality, although required such as for the world, triggers distorsion. The global experience of “I am” degrades itself and becomes the experience of the ego, an experience of argument and differentiation. The only chance that tantra (along with other spiritual paths) offers is for us to awaken.

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