1. Introduction in tantra yoga

 by yoga professor Gregorian Bivolaru

There often is a tendency to oppose the will of asceticism and of denial of the sense world – proper to YOGA, to the systematical use of the manifestation, in all its aspects which define TANTRISM. This is to oppose transcendence to immanence and non-duality to duality. This presentation aims to bring together these concepts by means of an original and exciting synthesis between Yoga and Tantra.

From the very beginning we have to mention that the conceptual and practical instruments that TANTRA provides are double-barreled weapons. Indeed, if often they can help the “fast penetration of the ignorance shroud”, they can evenly contribute to satisfy, comfort and strengthen the psycho-mental processes of our ego. And we know it is absolutely necessary to completely release ourselves from ego “before attaining the Self (Atman) achievement”.

Therefore we must have a “giving up” attitude the very moment we act; this is what TANTRA calls “the non-action of action”, where the central axis consists of the permanent attention.

TANTRA determines us to discover that an aspect of the bottomless mystery stands in the fact that, the reality is containing us and we contain the reality, entirely and without discontinuity. Here we’ll explain this.

Reality, whichever it may be, cannot be seized but in terms of a vast totality (the MACROCOSMOS), which simultaneously includes all forms of manifestation and conscience. Therefore we may say it comprises all the individualized beings, including our thinking that we conceive it with. 

Our ordinary conscience, confined to the play of mental and intellect, enables a certain perception of the world for us. It enables us also to produce concepts regarding this subject and borrows, through RESONANCE, that reality which brings us tranquility. Anyway, this perception, which we call “ordinary” always is strictly individual.

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