A few secrets about erotic massage


by Amedeia Grigore

A wonderful way of exploring our bodies and enjoying more and more profound levels of couple intimacy is erotic massage. The tender touches full of love coming from our loved one awaken intoxicating erotic and affective sensations and also nourish our soul.

In the esoteric yogi tradition the sense of touch corresponds to the subtle force center ANAHATA CHAKRA, center of affection and pure love located in the chest area. Amongst all five senses, touch is the one that can produce us the highest enchantment – we all surrendered to the touches of our loved one, woman or man. When this natural tendency of each of us transforms into real art it becomes a gate towards an indescribable happiness and sublime ecstasy states.

Eroticism is an euphoric force that flows between people that love each other and is in general obvious and real just before the lover lets his hands run down on his lover or before the lover begins to tenderly caress her lover’s body.

Spray smooth drips of natural scented oil on your lover’s naked body to the toe. Then begin to massage him/her sensually without gripping the skin or hitting it like an ordinary relaxation massage but by slowly pressing it with the tip of your fingers sliding paths whispered by your heart. Your hands and fingers are the extension of your soul, they transmit to your lover all the feelings that thrill you, all the love you feel for him/her. Simultaneously caresses help you to feel his/hers soul. You can become aware in a gentle and subtle way to the way your lover feels and lives the pleasure of your touch.

We now desire to address to each of you so let’s begin.

A few advices for women

Sensually touch the interior of his ear, gently, surround it with one finger, slowly. Then circle the exterior of his ear just like before, slowly.
Gently and provocative touch the little crescent moons that you can notice behind his ears. Did you ever touched him there?
Later if he is curious and passionate he can touch you the same way.
Breathe hot and sensual on the skin of his neck. Blow warm air towards him.
Touch gently but sensual the inside area of his arm with the tips of two fingers. Then slowly circle his nipples with your tongue.
Sensually blow warm air on his abdomen.
Then passionately circle his navel with your tongue and then blow warm air on his naked skin.
Glide your tongue on his spine up and down… again and again.
Caress his upper shoulder area with two fingers gently and sensually.
Gently touch his buttocks with your breasts.
Sensually caress his palm and tickle with the tip of your nails each finger of his.
Softly and sensually touch his underarm with the tip of one finger.

A few advices for men

Gently and sensually touch her eyelids. Her eyes remain closed feeling your palms.
Touch her lips in a stimulating way.
Then do gentle and small circles on her smooth cheeks.
Sensually caress her neck with the tip of your fingers.
Caress the sides of her breasts in a long 8 motion.
Gently press one finger into her navel.
Gently and sensually blow warm air on her nipples.
Delicately hit the area behind her knees.
Voluptuously caress the inside of her thighs with your tongue.
Slowly press her buttocks.
Feel its charming vibration.
Caress the inner thighs in a sensual way using the tip of your fingers.
Playfully tickle her knees.
Caress her thighs and tickle her again and again.
Tenderly and in a stimulating way press her toes to your fingers…
Feel her breath in your palms, the pulse of her neck, her big and wonderful breasts, touch her hair that sits on her naked arms…

Knowing the erogenous areas is of real use but, once awaken, the body becomes capable of vibrating sensually full of delight with every cell. Love, tenderness, cuteness, refinement and imagination will help you discover the sensual universe and elevated passion’s unsuspected richness. In this magical way the body reveals a lot of its mysteries and opens us to the superior dimensions of the soul and spirit.

february 2016

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