A journey in time with George Wells and the brilliant French engineer, Emile Drouet

by Gregorian Bivolaru, yoga professor

„Let there be no doubt: ever since the very beginning, all the possibilities, all the future ideas had existed as a potential and as a seed. Therefore, we mustn’t expect our revelation from the future, but from the power of our memories.”

(Gaston William Adam de Pawlowski)

Most of us have read the book “The Time Machine”, by Herbert George Wells, in 1895, a book which took us into the imaginary future of our planet, more precisely, in the year 800.000! But Wells did not intend to give his contemporaries a concrete method of time travel. Until present day, except the conscious yogi projection into the universal memory of AKASHA TATTVA, where all the past and future events are recorded in great detail, there is no other official means of time travel. Yet, the case of Pellegrino Ernetti and his chronovisor, as well as the case of the Dark Secret Project of Montauk, whose participants claim to have succeeded in teleporting themselves both in the past and the future of the planet, are well known. In 1946, the French engineer and astronomer Emile Drouet conceived a time machine. But unfortunately, he wasn’t able to build it, because he lacked the necessary financial means.

Drouet’s time machine

The machine imagined by Drouet was shaped like an astronautic torus, with the diameter of 200 meters and it very much resembled what was further going to be known as a “flying saucer”.
The torus should have been launched in space from the Equator, with the help of the Earth’s centrifugal force, at a starting speed of 108.000 mph (the exact speed with which the Earth rotates around the Sun), perpendicular on the elliptical plane, on the same direction as the antapex (the antapex is the opposite of the apex, the apex being the direction towards our Sun, together with the entire solar system is heading, into the star concentration of the Hercules constellation), up to the theoretical point in which our planet would have been at the desired moment in time. This spaceship was supposed to have a frequency modulator on board, in order to tune the driving mechanism on the wave length required to perform the desired space-time journey. This mechanism made travelling possible into the past (antapex) or the future (apex) of terrestrial time, without the need to come back to a base, because the fundamental element in the functioning of the ship being the energy of the Void.

In the 1940’s the costs of such a project were almost as high as two billion francs. Also, there were a few major difficulties that probably Drouet couldn’t have dealt with at that time.
In 1970, the English physicist John Bernal said: “It is possible for us to approach, and finally, even reach the point where we can find a way that will make travelling in time as casual as travelling in space.”

Is time reversible?

Emile Drouet was thinking of time travel both in the future and the past.
If we take into consideration Einstein’s theory of relativity, the speed of light is an impassable limit. Time theoretically stops at this threshold; it stands still without starting to flow backwards.  The traveler that moves with a speed of 300.000 km/s stops getting older, but it doesn’t get any younger either. In 1957, Lee and Yang, two Chinese physicists who were working in an American university have discovered that the rotation of elementary particles has a unique pattern, thus being able to draw the conclusion that time is also following a unique flowing pattern, coming from the past and heading towards the future. More recently, atomic savants have came to the conclusion that, in theory, in the world of the infinitesimal, time flows simultaneously in both ways, which contradicts the theory of Lee and Yang.

Space-time or the four dimension world

Around the year 1925, there were many debates on Einstein’s theory of relativity, about space-time and about the fourth dimension

Einstein himself had admitted that an outsider can lose his minds in these quick sands. He explained, using simple words, what this mysterious fourth dimension consists of: we have the three classic Euclidean dimensions plus time.
“The non-mathematician is thrilled when hearing people talking about four dimensions, a feeling which resembles the one given to us by ghosts in the theater. And yet, nothing is more banal than the affirmation that the space in which we live is a continuum with three dimensions. The position of a point (fixed) is determined by three numbers or coordinates (x, y, z). We can always find, in a vicinity, no matter how close to this number, at least one more point, whose position can be expressed by three coordinates (x1, y1, z1). Thanks to this last attribute, here we have the concept of a continuum, and because of the three coordinates, there are three dimensions

Analogically, the world of physical events, which was given this name by Minkowski, is naturally characterized by four dimensions, if we view it from a space-time perspective.
For it is made of individual events, each of them determined by four numbers, three space coordinates, x, y, and z and a time coordinate, t. Thus, our world is a continuum, because for each event there is a number of neighboring events (real or imaginary) whose x1, y1, z1, t1 coordinates are only a bit different from the x, y, z, t coordinates of the first event we took into consideration.”

How is this “world” presented in Minkowski’s and Einstein’s vision? First, it is curved: Einstein has mathematically proven this aspect, before the astronomers noticed, during a total Sun eclipse; he noticed the deviation of the rays of light coming from a distant star, a deviation which is caused by the Sun’s attraction force. According to this theoretic model, another characteristic of this world is the speed limit of 300.000 kilometers per second, which can’t be exceeded by any material object and any kind of energy, but this hypothesis must be reconsidered, in light of recent discoveries. At the speed of light, we stop aging! This is relativity: the faster the movement, the more time slows. At 300.000 kilometers per second, time completely stops! Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington, the great English astronomer and physicist has explained this paradox very clearly: “Theory and experience has taught us that mass, or the inertia of matter, grows when speed increases, and the growth of inertia naturally triggers the decrease in the flow of time. Consequently, for the traveler that moves with a very high speed, time goes by much slower. Thus, while a man on Earth will become 70 years older, the traveler will only grow one year older!”

Travelling at the speed of light is the dream of modern astronautics, but the obstacle we come across is our insufficient technology. Therefore, without wasting too much time from his brief existence, man could visit our solar system all the way until its limits, then other neighboring starry worlds, maybe even the Proxima Centauri star, which is only four and a half years away from us… light years!

Into the country of the fourth dimension

Let us now make a few steps into the fourth dimension. We enter the house and walk towards the stairs; towards one flight of stairs, to be more precise, for there is more than one, if we believe our eyes. But where is the first step? Ah! There it is, behind this ramp, hiding it!

At last, we place our foot on the first step and we begin to climb… But, at the end of a dozen steps, our stairwell stops, leaning towards another one, perpendicular to it. So be it! We take this new stairwell, which goes back, climbs a bit, then descends again until it reaches the floor. Where are we? We look out the window. We see the street and the tiny people passing by, as if we were at least on the tenth floor. Good! We see a number on the wall: 10. At the other end of a corridor there is another staircase. We go there and climb again. We find some new crossing staircases, in all directions. But it is undeniable that we are indeed climbing to superior floors, many floors… Finally, a new floor: we should find ourselves at the nineteenth or twentieth floor. No! We see the same number: 10. On the floor, we see the same stain we’ve noticed on our first stop. We look down the window; the people passing by are neither bigger, nor smaller than earlier. But they are the same, in the same place, in the same position of their trajectory, exactly as we’ve seen them a few minutes ago. What an astonishing building! It resides in the fourth dimension, which explains everything, or rather, it doesn’t explain anything. But we must admit this, by going beyond the conventional way of thinking and the ordinary sensory perception.

We are conditioned by a three-dimension universe. The four dimension world is the Cosmos, just as a being whose consciousness is capable of comprising it in a space defined by four axes perpendicular on one another, which start from the same point. But for most people, it is rather difficult to represent a super-volume, a hyper-space with four coordinates.
“Somebody who would consecrate his entire existence to this, might eventually end up representing the fourth dimension”, said the great mathematician Henri Poincaré. There is one person who made it: another mathematician, an Englishman, Howard Hinton.
In his turn, Boucher, the geometrician, said that the one who could make use of the fourth dimension would see the interior of material bodies and that the smallest part of any object would appear as having the same dimensions to him. He might emerge from a closed space without opening a door. In this four dimension world, we might even notice, without any shred of surprise, an amazing flat little house, with two exits: one of them towards Dorobanţi Square, the other one towards Unirii Square. We can simultaneously see a bus in all the positions of its course, in all the moments of the day. Here we can also find the untied ribbon which is always tied.

This phenomenon has surpassed the boundary between the real and the unreal, being physically experienced by Pawlowski. He wrote: „I knew that efforts have been made in order to explain the unusual experiences of a psychic which involved using the fourth dimension. This psychic made some genuine clubs shaped knots with a taut string whose extremities were fixed and held together by trustworthy people (…) but I didn’t have the chance of taking note, myself, of the possibility of some experimental demonstrations of this sort, until the day in which, wanting to keep some letters that I cared for, I wanted to tie a ribbon around a small, wooden, Indian made chest. After tying the know, I realized I had forgotten to put a certain letter in the chest and, instinctively, thinking of something else, I opened it, I put the letter inside and then I closed it.”
Except, in that very moment I realized that… he had forgotten to untie the binding.
“I’ve recomposed the facts in vain, for I have been obligated to take note, due to the wax seal, that the knot I had made and the knot that made it impossible to open the chest was untouched. This object was undoubtedly not obeying the ordinary laws of our three dimension space. (…) I’ve looked through all the possible means of rationally explaining the phenomenon. I had been, undoubtedly, the victim of a simple hallucination and I kept telling myself that the lost letter was in its place. I opened the chest once again, this time by untying the bind. The letter was there! Maybe I had put it before opening it the first time? But there was a small amount of wax on the forgotten envelope, which I noticed while closing the chest for the first time, and that confirmed my memories. From the material perspective, the fact was impossible to accept. But from the same material perspective, I was however obligated of taking note of its reality. I confess that this certainty caused me some very unpleasant states, for it overthrew some fundamental notions, without whom our spirit wanders and goes adrift.”

We can ask ourselves the question: Pawlowski was a psychic without being aware of it? Undoubtedly! Because, with the fourth dimension, we are entering the domain of the psychic powers. Einstein believed that some persons are capable of representing the four dimension space for themselves: “This is the case, he used to say, of good chess players. If a great chess player plays good, this is due to the fact that from a single glance of his mind’s eye, he embraces the entire chronological and spatial ensemble of possible moves which derive from a single initial move, with all their repercussions on the chess board. He simultaneously sees all the succession of moves on the chess board.”
But Einstein did not say anything, in his description, of the “blind” chess player who simultaneously plays dozens of games with dozens of different adversaries and who wins most of the games he plays, without even watching the chess boards… “A tremendous mental acuity”, is what they usually tell us. “An inexplicable wonder”, most of the people say. But, while we watch the world from Einstein’s view, we prefer to think it is a being who can enter the universe of the fourth dimension, and that is the space-time.

It is possible to enter parallel universes. This four-dimension universe is part of what we call, quite inaccurately, “parallel universes”. It is the first from a string of universes imaginated by mathematicians, universes with five, six, seven, ten and even a hundred dimensions! But the appellation “parallel” is inaccurate – they should rather be called “tangent”. They are not parallel, because (non-Euclidean) parallels can intersect.
These universes do not intersect our own unless in a sui generis point: so they are, more likely, in geometric terms, tangent universes, and they seem to exist in a reality different from the one we perceive through our five senses, a reality explained by Einstein’s theory of relativity.

The four dimension universe is, in fact, our Universe, to which we add, as we’ve already seen, time. It is the space-time, but we do not feel it like this – we dissociate into its two aspects. There are only a few human beings who are endowed with special psychic powers and can have access to it. Here’s how this perception is described by a character from a novel by Gustav Meyrink, a science-fiction novelist: “An indescribable solemn feeling contains me. An indefinite vague feeling, as a feeling of a past present, as if the world around me has been spellbound: the impression of living a dream in more than one place at any given time.”

The countless possible systems represent parallel universes, that scientists call “shadow universes”. Shifted in time and space, they are not in unison but they touch one another – they are tangent and at the same time – inter-penetrable, due to the void which is constituting the essential sub-layer of all spaces. This leaves us with the possibility of going from one universe to another, more or less easily. Their area of incidence is a gateway of passing for the inhabitants of the two parallel universes. Therefore, it is necessary for the one who wishes to surpass from one universe to another to find the area of incidence, the area of inter-penetrability and to learn how to make use of it. This area is the gateway between two parallel universes, or, if you prefer, the threshold, the lock chamber or the “induced gate”, as Howard Phillips Lovecraft, science-fiction author, used to call it.

Let us pass through the “induced gates”

From Lovecraft, the expression became far-famed. Jacques Bergier studied these “gates” with passionate interest. Some of these openings are artificially created by reflective beings, that Bergier calls “Intelligences”, beings who dispose of “technologies that momentarily we are far from grasping with our intelligence”.
He added that through these gateways, accidental entrance is possible, through what atomists call “the tunnel effect”, a phenomenon which is rather difficult to grasp with the help of the ordinary mind, a phenomenon which makes things to be and not to be, at the same time, a phenomenon which is one of the characteristics of the infinitesimal world, where a particle can simultaneously go through two very close orifices and where sometimes time flows simultaneously in both ways: from the past and into the future, and backwards. These induced gates open up towards dimensional creases or Riemann surfaces (named after a great geometrician specialized in non-Euclidean spaces).

These are surfaces made up of a great number of “layers” that are simultaneously in the very same place, being both separated and non-intermingled at the same time – this is the definition of parallel universes. All these theoretic, abstract models are not so appealing for those who are not mathematicians or atomists, unless they are associated with “induced gates” and certain phenomena that are correlated with the human experience. Thus, it is possible for these gates to be the cause of some astonishing phenomena, such as mysterious disappearances and occurrences, translations of persons or objects, or some other different events that could never be explained.

Let’s begin with some objects: a Dutch psychic confessed that he assisted to the “materialization of two fresh blossoming plants, whose roots were still full of moist dirt, looking as if they were just ripped off from the ground (…) Subsequently, I was ordered to go plant these flowers in a garden that was close to our house”.

Let’s continue with other examples, in which human beings were involved and, from the amount of cases that were noted, we will choose the case of Doctor Gerardo Vidal and his wife, from Argentina. It was May, 1968. One day, both of them were driving through the outskirts of their city, the harbor of Bahia Blanca. At some point, they were suddenly enveloped by a thick fog, which is quite rare in this dry area. They had lost their consciousness. When they regained consciousness, they were amazed to see that their watches had stopped, their car’s paintjob was seriously damaged and the road they were one was unknown to them. Upon reaching the closest village, they were surprised to meet some people who also spoke Spanish, just as they did, but with a different accent: they were in fact in Mexico! It’s been only 48 hours since they entered the fog. They had unconsciously – or while being sound asleep – travelled 8.000 kilometers all of a sudden, and they had crossed over six borders…
Another phenomenon, a more famous one, which can be explained by the induced gates, is the famous “Bermuda Triangle”. Many articles and books were written on this subject, but the mystery is still alive.

There are many independent sources that are pointing towards the fact that these technologies of creating induced gates are already operating right here, on Earth, but they are for now controlled by the evil group of the so called “Illuminati”, a group who uses them for occult purposes, together with many other extraordinary technologies.

This article was taken from the Costineşti 2011 – The holiday yogi summer camp Book, volume 3, published by Shambala Publishing House, printed by Ganesha Publishing House

September 2014

Also available in: Română Français

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