As she represents space, Bhuvaneshwari is Kali’s complementary aspect

Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneshwari somehow creates the „stage” where later on Kali dances her terrible dance of life and death. This analogy also allows us to notice the fact that the supreme goddess simultaneously is the one witnessing (or observing) as well as the one rejoicing at and taking part in Kali’s cosmic dance. This also represents an important meditation subject pointing out to one of the fundamental methods for the revelation of the Supreme Self through the adoration of Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneshwari.

Therefore Kali creates events in time, while Bhuvaneshwari creates objects in space. The deep understanding of these aspects is that all events are nothing but mere “sequences” in the gigantic field of consciousness of Divine Mother Kali (manifesting time) and all locations in space are but mere resonance “stages” of Divine Mother, Bhuvaneshwari’s cosmic “dance” as she manifests space.

As we thus reach the mysterious knowledge of the fact that Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneshwari somehow is the “foundation” we rely on and at the same time the subtle reality impregnating every instant, we acquire the extraordinary ability of practicing the highest and most elevated yoga techniques and methods highly successfully. These techniques may later on take us to the supreme spiritual liberation in a relatively short time interval. In intimate connection to the space she represents, Bhuvaneshwari also is correlated to space directions. The four space directions (North, East, South and West) are nothing else but various visions or aspects associated to the presence of this Great Cosmic Power, each with their specific qualities.

As a significant parallel, Kali also creates what we call “time directions” namely – as we know it – past, present and future. However the spiritual tantric tradition mentions the fact that space is mysteriously particularized in time. East for instance almost every time represents the beginning of an action, while North is synonym to the direction of spiritual enlightenment. This is the reason why we may state that in a mysterious way, space contains time. In a similar manner, time also contains space, since every moment in time features a certain location and direction or space orientation.

Philosophically speaking, a certain context or location in space (whether physical or subtle – astral, mental, etc.) is nothing else but a reflection of our own vision or inner awareness upon the reality in question. In the event that our vision or perception is altered, the space (place) where it is located, also changes immediately. Moreover, our visions or imagination also generate the direction of our range of experience. Therefore when we direct our mind towards a certain space-time area, we will immediately perceive certain places and events characteristic to that area. This is why the tantric writings of Hindu sages claim that Bhuvaneshwari essentially represents God’s original creating vision. In other words, Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneshwari represents the direction onto which the Supreme focuses during the act of Creation or His force of awareness upon Manifestation.

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