Bhuvaneshwari’s physical beauty radiates out of her inner splendor

Bhuvaneshwari’s physical beauty radiates out of her inner splendor and it is thus sung in the “Hymns to Goddess Bhuvaneshwari” by Sir John Woodroffe:

“Oh, Great Goddess, You are of beauteous face fascinating me. Your body is moist with the divine nectar (some) flowing from Sahasrarapadma. You sport rounded breasts and slender waist; holding a rosary, a pitcher and a book in your three hands, your fourth hand makes Jnanamudra. You are Lakshmi rivaling the luster of molten gold. You hold two lotuses in two hands and with the other two hands you grant boons and dispel fear (Varana mudra and Abhaya mudra).”

“Oh, Bhavani, I worship your extremely beautiful body which Siva Himself gazes at with great love and admiration and as if not satiated by looking with two eyes made for himself a third eye to delight Himself with Your beauty. I recall your two thighs which humble the pride of the trunk of an elephant and surpass the plantain-tree in thickness and tenderness. O, Mother, youth fashioned those thighs, which support the weight of your hips. Your great breasts and big hips seem to have absorbed the waist with the downy fine hair of your youth clothing your body.”

“Oh, Devi, Let me not forget your navel, a secure inviolate pool granted to you by your blossoming youth filled with the liquid beauty. Your lotus-like breasts smeared with sandal paste bears ash telling the embrace of Siva. Your breasts remind me of the frontal bilobes of the elephant in must rising from the waters flicked with foam.” (It is common to compare breasts to the two protuberances of the frontal bone of the elephant.)

“Oh, Mother, your two arms are beauteous with water dripping from your body. Again and again I look upon your shapely neck, which has stolen the beauty of a well-formed shell and adorns a pleasing necklace and other jewels. Yet I am not satiated. I often recall to my mind your face with large round eyes and noble brow, radiant cheeks and smile, the high straight nose and lips red like Bimba fruits. Whoever contemplates on your wealth of hair lit by the crescent moon and resembling a swarm of bees hovering over fragrant flowers is free from all shackles and will never be born again in this world. The mortal who reads these sweet hymns from his heart attains all wealth in the form of Lakshmi, You Great Goddess at whose feet crowned kings fall prostrate.”

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