Frantic adoration of Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneshwari

Bhuvaneshwari supports all worlds with the beings and things characteristic to them, in a gesture of perpetual “blossoming” of Creation – the nature of her own Self. From this point of view, she resembles Great Cosmic Power Tripura Sundari. In other words, we may state that Bhuvaneshwari practically represents the entire universe (Macrocosm) embodied as a deity. Through resonance, her intense adoration generates the cosmic vision upon Reality, thus surpassing any limitation imposed by a certain particular opinion or belief. The goddess mainly helps the human being successfully get over any kind of false identification and prejudice, by sublimating it at the level of a much higher understanding. This global, integrating vision upon the Macrocosm, generated by Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneshwari offers the yogi aspirant the intuitive understanding of the great mysteries of Creation as a whole. It makes him ineffably and indescribably perceive the reality of the Infinite.

According to the law of analogies and correspondences from the oriental spiritual tradition, the entire Macrocosm is fundamentally and proportionally contained in the tiny and extremely subtle space inside our heart. In other words, our heart is the place sheltering the infinite (universal) space inside our being. Therefore it is the very residence of Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneshwari. One of the infallible methods allowing us to experience the subtle ecstatic communion with Bhuvaneshwari’s gigantic sphere of consciousness consists in directing our consciousness towards a loving and vigilant investigation of this mysterious, very subtle space at the level of our spiritual heart.

This is why the spiritual yogi tradition states that the entire universe (Macrocosm) necessarily originates in the infinite space of the divine consciousness. Especially those who seek to become genius artists, great visionaries or creators – regardless of the art they choose – will have to adore Bhuvaneshwari with a true and loving heart. They will thus create a sacred space inside their minds (dedicated to the goddess). At the same time, by creating this space we are automatically released from stress and various other tensions that are nothing else than the limited forms of our believes, prejudices and attachments. In other words, the endless space may be assimilated to rest, peace and infinite equality. This ineffable state is granted by Bhuvaneshwari’s grace and therefore, in order to find supreme peace, it is highly recommended that we worship this Great Cosmic Power.

Another way for easily resonating with Bhuvaneshwari’s sphere of influence consists in meditating as focused as possible upon the infinite space. With this method we will develop and refine our inner attitude of a detached witness of Manifestation through the mere observation of the various events, things, beings, etc. We might even interact with them yet without being identified with any of these aspects.

Another method for worshipping Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneshwari is the meditation upon her specific yantra. All Cosmic Powers’ yantra-s comprise many common elements, with a few small differences, according to each case. The basic yantra consists of a central spot (bindu) that may or may not be represented, yet it is present in all types of yantra-s. They also contain one or several triangles, one rectangle, pentagon, hexagon or spiral, several lotus petals, mantra-ic letters on the lotus petals comprising various colors according to the deities on these petals, one or several circles, the outer square and the gates.

Bhuvaneshwari’s yantra comprises the imaginary (white) Bindu or the mantra-ic letters specific to her in the middle. Next there is a triangle with the apex pointed downwards representing the energy (the feminize aspect in manifestation, or Shakti) and a triangle with the apex upwards representing consciousness (or the manifested masculine aspect, Shiva). A six-pointed star is generated through overlapping the two triangles. The yantra also contains 8 lotus petals arranged on a circle of a larger diameter. They are concentric and both included in a four gates (gaps) square. From the point of view of its deities, Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneshwari’s yantra comprises eight deities (gods and goddesses) located inside the eight petals. There are other four deities on the layer inside the lotus. There are several pairs of gods and goddess, each placed on one of the six apexes of the triangles. There are also eight other goddesses at the eight endings of the petals. There are eight more shakti-s (feminine deities) located in the spaces among the petals. Each of the 8 petals is governed by a deity. There are four deities guarding the eight gates and other four deities guarding the four corners of the square. The surface in the middle of the yantra is generally dominated by feminine deities and the perimeter is the area of masculine deities. The central Siva-Shakti bindu is surrounded by all these deities. The adorer of this Cosmic Power will worship all the deities of the yantra.

By worshipping Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneshwari, the adorer acquires such charisma that fascinates anyone listening to him, due to his personal charm as well as to his intuitive and mental abilities. Diseases, enemies and problems are for ever chased away from the aspirant’s life. He will acquire countless material and spiritual earnings. His family life will be fulfilling, as he will acquire fame and respect of the people around him as well as the respect of a whole nation. He is in full control over his life, by successfully surpassing all unexpected problems arising. Through intense and persevering meditation upon this wonderful shape of the Goddess, provided that aspiration is truly powerful and genuine, this Great Cosmic Power will bestow her grace upon him. Such grace may even be enlightenment or the revelation of the Supreme Self Atman.

Another technique is the persevering pursuit to empty our minds from the idea that the surrounding names and shapes resents reality. This methods highly resembles the practices of jnanayoga (yoga of discrimination) and is based upon the fact that all we know relies on the overlapping of names and shapes (that are but mere conventions) upon an unknown “presence” that is nothing else than the creating void, powered by an infinite energy. All these spiritual techniques for the adoration of Divine Mother Bhuvaneshwari require perfect detachment from the ephemeral dual aspects of comic illusion as well as full and honest opening towards the discovery of the Supreme Truth. These are the most indicated ways for worshipping and at the same time honoring the divine charming presence of Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneshwari.

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