Astrological Houses

The human being has numerous fields of activity; astrology has characterised them into twelve categories. This grouping is behind the concept of the twelve astrological houses. Previously we saw that astral influences are imprinted on man through the signs and planets, in the form of characteristics and tendencies. As we live on planet Earth, it is natural to ask how do these forces influence one and if so, how can one perceive their presence? The answer  is though the astrological houses.

The houses denote the relationship between the signs and the Earth”s rotation around its axis. The houses” symbolic nature were revealed through intuition and illumination by the ancient sages and at the same time they have a natural explanation. They represent the different fields of activity characteristic to the human being such as relationships, career, health and personality.

The signs indicate the way in which we receive astral energies through the medium of the planets; the houses illustrate how we express these astral energies – namely in which specific areas we manifest these astral energies. Therefore the subtle influence of the planets and of the signs that are placed in a certain house centres specifically on the activities corresponding to this house.

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