What is Sexual Continence?

Sexual continence involves a total awareness and control during lovemaking. This implies that the couple will experience complete union with the possibility of reaching many orgasms. This kind of love fusion does not end with ejaculation for men nor an explosive discharge of sexual fluids for women.

This technique is also known as coitus reservatus (refraining from ejaculation) or karezza. Both lovers, the man and the woman, have desire but totally refrain from reaching orgasm with the resulting discharging of sexual energy. The man allows orgasm with ejaculation only when both lovers plan to have a baby.

This kind of sexual fusion was named by Dr. Alice Stockham “coitus reservatus ” or “sublimated coitus”.

The Karezza technique also recommends taking complete breaks when experiencing intense erotic pleasure. During these breaks the erectile penis should remain immobile in the woman’s vagina, while the lovers enjoy the mutual transfer of erotic energetic fluids.

Dr. Stockham stated that through this technique one achieves youthfulness, longevity, and an increase in vitality.

The control of sexual energy for women is often spontaneous, and only in rare cases requires minimal training.

However for men this control and the halting of ejaculation for long periods (weeks, months, years) requires continuous and diligent training.

Caution!  Blocking the sexual energy discharge through the retention of sexual fluids of both lovers does not entail that procreation is impossible. The man can have orgasm with ejaculation when the couple desire to have a baby. Research has even proved that when couples that have practiced continence procreate, the babies are healthier and more vigorous.

What happens to the sperm when men practice sexual continence? This is the most frequent question raised by men upon hearing about sexual continence for the first time.

Far being harmful, long term seminal retention leads to biological transmutation of sperm. This creates the opportunity for the tremendous energy that is produced to be sublimated to the superior levels of the human being. This happens particularly if the retention is accompanied by adequate techniques for raising energy to the superior levels of the person such as yoga exercises, intense intellectual effort and other methods. Therefore sperm retention becomes a great energy through transmutation, rather than leading to somatic disturbances.

The beneficial effects that accompany the practice of sexual continence are felt differently according to the power centres (chakras) that are awakened and harmonized through sublimation of the sexual energy.

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