Be as open as you may to the energy of the erotic ecstasy!

by yoga teacher Gergorian Bivolaru

As each of us could realize, the life means mysterious subtle energies, flows, PRANA, dynamism and movement. As long as each of us are able to move, are dynamic and fit we can say that we are living and that the mysterious subtle energy of life exists and manifests in our inner universe.

Each step that we take, each word that we say, each idea that goes through our mind, each state that we have, each gesture that we make are all the same expressions of this mysterious energy of life. Either we know it or not, either we want it or not, all these altogether and each of them in part generate within our inner universe different specific phenomena of occult resonance with certain spheres of energy in the Macrocosm. Depending on our habits and resonances, which occur within us most of the time, all these phenomena of occult resonance generate in our inner universe certain subtle energetic prevalence. This is why, they often say that habit is the second human nature. At the same time, it is necessary to realize that all these manifestations are confirmations of our human condition. But all these also relieve the so-called “death” that each of them implies. Few of us realize that all these manifestations determine us to die at every moment and come back to life at next. It is important to realize that at every moment we die and the very next moment we are born again. This process of so-called death in a moment and of revival in the next moment takes place even when we don’t realize it. This mysterious process of “death” and “rebirth” at every moment is an ineffable one. By means of this sequenced “death” – “rebirth”, we consequently know the instant.

In an erotic relationship based on mutual love, this polar opposite subtle energies which are at the same time complementary, occur by emergence of the processes of resonance with the corresponding energies in the Macrocosm, and within lovemaking they merge in the emotional sphere, in the passionate sphere, in the mental sphere and in the spiritual sphere. The love, eroticism, sensuality, sexuality compose together, in unison, the specific environment which makes possible our intimate fusion on multiple plans with our lover.

The lovemaking with transfiguration and continence is the field of the meeting between the body, soul and mind for the two lovers. The love is manifested through the force centre ANAHATA CHAKRA. This force centre enables us to express within our erotic relationships all the states of love, even the kindest ones. Because of the extreme importance that many human beings give to the verbal communication, they many times forget that they are at the same time also physical structures and their body has its language. Few know that the body allows us to express and even to perceive different specific states and aspects, much before they are expressed verbally.

Within the lovemaking with transfiguration and continence, we can express our love, adoration, frenzy, pleasure through the body much easier than through the words, in a direct, sensual, instinctual, erotic manner, which conveys deep feelings between the two lovers. The mysterious body language is in connection with certain vital subtle energies. By means of the body we can easily manifest the subtle energetic vibration, which is the very mysterious essence of life.

Many times, the two lovers make the mistake to consider that their vitality is a simple form, an insignificant shell – the body into and through which they live – and not a vital force, a totality of subtle energies that circulate throughout this body. Because of this attitude, which proves ignorance, the two lovers fail in deeply and fully manifesting this vitality. Especially the women should realize that there is a close connection between vitality and their body weight. This implies for them to manifest a perfect body harmony and neither be fat, nor too slim, but physically filled out in a balanced way.

In some intimate erotic relationships, either one or the other of the two lovers, and sometimes both of them, forget to fully and deeply connect themselves to this mysterious source which is the vital energy of their lovers’ body. The two lovers should realize as soon as possible that usually the different subtle energies (which can take the form of a body, of a state, of a sensation, of a feeling or of an overwhelming emotional exchange) actually thrill each of them to the bottom of their heart. Some human beings do not really become aware again of these mysterious energies of life unless when they get ill and their body suffers, in certain circumstances being exhausted, weak or on low energy. Beyond these, we are given the strongest proof of the existence of these mysterious energies of life by children, as well as by the human beings who fully and harmoniously awaken the state of SHAKTI or the state of VIRA.

When involved in an intimate erotic relationship based on mutual love and transfiguration, we are barely interested in the material shape of the other one’s body (the look, the harmony of the body, its characteristic shape, which always is an expression of the necessity), what attracts us, simultaneously with the manifestation of the state of love for that human being of the opposite sex, is exactly this energetic sphere that gives us polarity and at the same time complements us. Even when we don’t realize this, we practically enter the mysterious mystical area where love, eroticism and physical sensuous attraction become nothing but expressions of these energies.

In such circumstances, we no longer experience those mysterious energetic exchanges as simple emotions, but at the same time we experience ineffable invisible vibration of these energies that we perceive as mysterious flows or ineffable sensations, we feel them tickling both at the level of our body and at the level of our heart, as they generate overwhelming experiences. These intense euphoric overwhelming states are often manifested as sublime thrills, that translate the manifestation of the love that we feel into the language of the heart.

If you strive enough to shift from the consciousness stage of the matter to that of the energy, and then translate on to the ineffable stage of the sensation, if you often search for the company of those human beings whose enormous subtle energy will instantly bring you into a state of ecstasy (SAMADHI), you will thus gradually expand your inner individual ability to experience love. In doing so, you will be able to continue to express the love that you experience and at the same time intensely and deeply feel all its other aspects, through direct experience. You will thus perceive its energetic nuances and all the range of euphoric delightful sensations that most of the times are beyond words. As soon as you experience this astonishing beneficial state, let your heart open and also your ANAHATA CHAKRA. Next, you need to endeavor to open each constituent atom of your being and afterwards, you will aspire to attain the ineffable, pure and sublime knowledge of light related to the subtle mysterious energies of the soul.


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