Bucharest, April 5, 2005: Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru was restrained at the Immigration Headquarters in Sweden according to the official procedure

Bucharest, April 5, 2005.

According to Mr. Bivolaru’s lawyers in Sweden, we can state:

It was not the Police who have seized Mr. Bivolaru, but he has requested himself to the Swedish authorities to be given political asylum because he cannot trust the objectivity of the Romanian justice. The PSD (Social-Democratic Party)meetings minutes directly referring to M.I.S.A. and Gregorian Bivolaru stand for clear evidence in this respect. This already is a well-known case of abuses and human rights breaking in Romania. It must be said that Mr. Bivolaru did assume his searching by the Interpol.

Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru was restrained yesterday, April 4, 2005, at 1 p.m., as he was having his second presentation (the former had been two weeks earlier) at the Immigration Headquarters and this is part of the legal, official procedure, so it has nothing to do with an arrest.

When he had himself recorded in the European Register of the political refugees, it was quite obvious that he would be searched for the alleged accusations in his native country. He was fully aware of this and he assumed it.

According to the Swedish legislation, Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru is being protected by the Swedish Police and he cannot be extradited unless a Swedish court has analysed and judged the case. The court is going to assess if the decision to restrain his fundamental right to freedom is fair or not.

Mrs. L.P., his lawyer in Sweden, a specialist in immigrations for the political refugees, stated: ”Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru’s file is the best documented and explicit one I have seen in my entire career and it shows serious abuses and countless human rights breaches”.

The yoga practitioners in Romania and worldwide, amongst which members of the International Yoga Federation, express their solidarity to a person who cannot freely teach and practice yoga in his country.

Further information available: M.I.S.A. Press Relations, E-mail: birouldepresa_misa@yahoo.com

Also available in: Română Français

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