Coincidence, zeal excess or intimidation? During yogi’s meetings always something else happens

An article by Maria Nicola

Protest meeting day. On Friday, June 17, 2005, hundreds of yogis participate in a rally in front of Cotroceni Palace, the Romanian presidency headquarter. They look for justice at the gate of “the president of all Romanians”. We’ll see which the results will be about. Meantime, although the authorities were aware of this meeting (or, maybe because of this), police crews decided to pay visits to yogis homes, in that very time. Having a very serious reason: forwarding the distrait notices for tens of private houses.
Of course, receiving these distrait notices worried the tenants (those who remained at home during the rally), until they realised that, actually, there is nothing new, but the same distrait ordinance for 70 buildings, issued at the end of April. By that ordinance the authorities granted the yogis a „Happy holiday” at Herculane spring camp. Despite the media show then triggered – once again – by prosecutors, the official notices arrived more than 6 weeks later!
For sake of variation, the polite policemen shown even zeal excess and checked the documents of those who opened the doors for them. And those who hadn’t a temporary residence visa or residence at that particular address were fined, although they were just visiting and had residence some few buildings further, on the same street.

It was not the first time when the authorities chose to do such kind of actions exactly in one of the days when yogis organize a rally. Also, not the last time.

On Thursday, June 23, 2005 – another rally day. It was the turn for CSM (the Superior Council of Magistracy) and PNA (National Anticorruption Prosecuting Magistracy) to ignore our presence… But, meantime, at M.I.S.A. Library and Reference Centre, four persons arrived, identifying themselves as being from economical police department. They were looking to speak with someone from the leadership of Shambala Publishing House. Policemen said they “noticed” by themselves that Shambala Publishing House has published two books signed by Gregorian Bivolaru: 

 “The Freemasonry – the unveiled mysteries of a giant planetary satanic conspiracy” and

“Sensational disclosures regarding the satanic actions and plans of world freemasonry”.

Thus the policemen searched out if M.I.S.A. Library still has these books in store (it has not), if they are selling them there (they aren’t) and if they have been recently printed again (last time they have been printed in…1996!). Showing perfect kindness, the policemen informed us that if they have found these books, they would have confiscated them. And if these books are still for selling we are at risk to be long term jailed.  The reason? Their … xenophobe and anti-Semite content.

Certainly, the kind visitors who “noticed” by themselves didn’t read the above mentioned books, because, by doing so they would have realized that these books are strictly about the international freemasonry and not about any particular nation. Still, behind the essence of the problem, we appreciate that policemen had learnt to intimidate people having a smile on their face and a remarkably politeness… what else could we think about this “incident”?

For those who aren’t yet convinced that the real reason behind the battue of Gregorian Bivolaru and MISA Yoga School founded by him is the anti-Masonic campaign and especially the publishing of the above mentioned books. This could be an interesting hint.

And why, though, these events are so remarkably synchronised with the yogis’ rallies? It is about coincidences? Probabilistically speaking, the more often these strange synchronisations are happening, the less probable they are just „happenings”. Of course, these are „polite” intimidation actions, some „fists in the mouth” applied with smiling faces…

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