Incredible, deeply revolting but true. This is the obscene art that the freemasons are promoting!

This is the obscene “art” being promoted by freemasons!

As the sublime artistic shows promoted by our Yoga School where nudity scenes were displayed have been debated in serious media controversy, not even a word has been said about a horrible spectacle of so called “art” recently performed in Paris.

A subject verging on the very bottom of decadence, that’s the show “The crying body” successfully performed in Paris in the beginning of this theatrical season. We wonder what will be the lowest level of abjection and nullity the modern art, particularly the theatre, can reach?

The Fleming artist Jan Fabre, (the author of the distasteful painting here displayed) wrote, directed and re-acted a “choreography” (which was obviously given support by the Government and by the city authority in Paris), “The crying body”. The show was performed in the debut of 2004-2005 theatrical season, in front of French Minister of Culture, Mr. Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres.

The nine interpreters show up naked, they urinate on the stage, spit each other, fight each other, roughly insulting the public and eventually masturbate. There follow scenes of blasphemy where an Archbishop is disguised in Santa Claus and a completely nude Christ is agitating his sex in roars. A priest rises himself while listening the shameless confession of a fisher woman, he takes off his frock showing off his genitals, twisting his body as if insane. Then three women take off their robes to urinate, displaying their sex, and their legs up doggy-style.

There comes another actor who urinates and another one is drinking his own urine. Then comes a scene of collective masturbation, for ten minutes, then the audience is insulted and the persons in the first rows are splashed with urine.

Still –as a frightening mark of the times we are living – after having faced this incredibly degrading porno-scatology only 40 people or so, out of thousands viewers went out the hall, while the others remained to the end, frantically applauding and shouting “Bravo, Bravo!”, while the actors kept insulting them.

The imbecile minister of culture remained impassive in his chair and his presence therefore meant an official silent accord of this culture wreckage of confirming the State involvement in this direness in the name of “vanguard”. The “Choreographer” Jan Fabre and his troupe will be present (for a good amount of money, of course) at the Avignon Festival.

In a different approach let’s imagine, for one second only, that the Islam would have been treated in this play the same way as Christianity is. Maybe Jan Fabre and his actors would be sleeping today in jail, or anyway they would be submitted to justice.    As usually, the catholic leaders didn’t raise any protest against. Having the minister of Culture as a guarantee, the performance will go on. This business is telling us a lot about the degree of nihilism and depravity that not only the contemporary “art” but also the public spirit has reached these days.

Regarding the fine arts under State sponsorship, displayed in museums, this taste for horror and scatology and the complete lack of talent are very usual. We can say the same about the French novel where the squalid is a general term. Moreover, there are high quality artistic creations but the State ignores them, the exhibitions are denied. One of the greatest contemporary French carvers, Serge Mangin, recently accused of “fascism” because his creations are erroneously are beautiful, he self exiled himself in Germany where he is working now only for private orders.

This choreography business of Jan Fabre is repeatedly performed by officially employed artists, under the local or state control. There is a class of false artists specialized in searching for ugly and instigation. They are given State support and protection. Every year the FIAC (The International Fair of Contemporary Art) is taking place in high pomp; there is a genuine museum of horrors, where different ”masterpieces” can be “contemplated”, such as cleaning rags thrown in a bucket, frozen human parts, etc

This community of impostor artists, remunerated from the public money, forms the self-claimed “cultural environment”. All of them have a left side political direction and monopolize the exhibitions, fairs, public orders. A particular feature to them is a tremendous financial rapacity. The city administration of Paris has recently bought from a German “artist” one of his “sculptures”: a parrot in a cage, for several millions euro.
What is still extraordinary is the complete naivety of the public to fall in this imposture, such as the audience applauding the “Crying body”. But this state of facts is lasting from long time already. Picasso himself, drawing to the end of his life, cheated on the public who bought at huge prices some works that Dali would later name “mere scribbling”. You just have to visit the paintings galleries of New York or Paris to see the “scribbling” is the absolute ruler, combining the nihilism with the ugliness. The art is the reflection of the public spirit, it is the seat of a civilization.

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