Conquest of the peak

Fragments from the work “The powers of thought” by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

The search for divinity is long and demanding. Sometimes you are disappointed, you feel that you work in vain. But this is only apparent, like the one who digs a pit in search for water…
Although he does not find water yet, its reflection exists in the mind, heart and soul of the one who seeks. He lives with the idea, thinking, hoping that one day he will find it. And if this water has not yet sprung into the physical plane, he feels it already flowing in his heart. Likewise, the one who seeks God, although he has not found anything tangible yet, works with a very strong reality that exists in him. He can say to himself: “Of course, I haven’t found the Lord yet, but He reflected through my thoughts and feelings, because this hope, this faith is already something that comes from God “.
Here is another image. A gold digger is concerned to pass through the sieve the sand of a river, and with every won thread of gold, he is richer. Meanwhile, an alchemist is looking for the philosopher’s stone that turns metals into gold… and for a long time he hasn’t found anything, he is just as poor. But one day, after years or centuries, if he finds it (if he works by divine rules, he must find it), in a second, the alchemist becomes the world’s richest man: he can turn even the mountains into gold.

He who seeks God is like the alchemist who has not yet found the philosopher’s stone and at the same time, with the seeker of gold from the river bank, separating the sand to find a few bits of gold. For us being in search of divinity, it is required to receive daily a few particles from His light, from His love, from His power and beauty. This is what I do: I am like the alchemist, I do a work whose results I do not ever see, but this does not discourage me, like the gold seeker, I enjoy the golden bits received daily, they are already a reflection of the philosopher’s stone , of the divine presence in my life.

I often say: look for the inaccessible, look for what you cannot get or achieve. For due to this quest you will daily get something more. Of course, you will never have it all at once, but when you focus on a goal seemingly inaccessible you are obliged to cross new, virgin regions, exceeding new stages, and this progress matters most. You do not ask for knowledge, beauty, health or happiness, you ask for the Absolute, the Divine. Well, you’ll have everything else too, since, in order to get to God you’re forced to go through light, beauty, health, knowledge, wealth, love and happiness and all the wonders that furrow this way.

Blessed are those who can understand me! Why should you set out on a little thing that will bring you no satisfaction? Even when you get it you will be disappointed. What is limited can never fill the immensity of your heart and soul. Only the Absolute, God Himself, can bring you fulfillment, and you can get everything, even what you haven’t asked for, looking for Him endlessly, without getting off the road.

Of course, this is not the first time I speak to you in this way: for a long time I have clarified this issue, but I am always forced to repeat it because I see we are always concerned with all kinds of insignificant things, in the hope they can fill this giant space that is in you… No, do not believe it. So, here are two roads: one which apparently does not lead to anything, except delusions, but it will give you everything, so that someday you might say: “I have nothing and yet the universe is mine”, while the other road, no matter what it would get you, you will always feel unsatisfied, although you will have some things, you miss what is essential.

All those who know well the nature of their work say about the obstacles they encounter: “Well, these are the inconveniences of the job”, and this does not prevent them from continuing. Everyone knows that every job has its drawbacks. Why don’t the spiritual seekers know theirs? Because they get discouraged, because they quickly want to abandon immediately when it is hard and this shows that they did not understand the difficulties of their path: if they had known them before, they would have continued their search with even greater zeal. When you are discouraged, you should encourage yourselves even more! I see that you do not understand me, and yet this is the true alchemy, the philosopher’s stone.

So every day you have to get used to going very high with your thoughts. If you do not get immediate results, this does not mean that nothing happened. Because of the opacity of the matter that covers you, you do not get to feel any change yet. You feel nothing, see nothing and you think that there is nothing there. Yes, there is something: as you work, your path opens in front of you, there is a bridge between you and the heavenly regions and one day you will need only a few minutes concentration on these areas to immediately feel the joy, strength, happiness.

No spiritual practice provides more than a habit to focus on the highest image, of God. Saints, apostles, martyrs are a good subject for meditation, but it is much better to get used to focus on the highest point, the peak. At that point, you trigger certain forces, a movement: from that top orders about you are given and those who run them can be initiated, saints, prophets, people in your entourage and even birds and animals… Yes, enforcement of orders can be made through animals, through the spirits of nature or the four elements.
Some will say: “But it’s too far to walk to reach the top, it is very difficult and not practical. I prefer to pray to St. Teresa or St. Anthony, because I lost something and they can help me.” Of course, you can do this, but it will not prevent you to focus also on the top, of the Lord. Why? For He directs everything, everything depends on Him.

The initiate science, explains that we are built like the universe: we also have a peak or a center – it is the same thing – and this center which represents Divinity is the higher Self. So, when you focus at the peak of the universe, when you pray and beg to God, you reach this peak of your being; there, this triggers very pure and subtle vibration, producing beneficial changes in you through propagation. So even if you don’t fulfill your desire, you will gain a spiritual element.

True, often your prayer is not fulfilled as the cosmic Intelligence believes that your requests can do you more harm than good, and then it will deny their fulfillment. But the usefulness of this prayer is to reach the peak that is in you, to trigger a force, the highest, which propagates and produces sounds, scents, colors, influencing all your cells, the whole being. Thus, you will get to win most valuable elements.
 To obtain true results we must reach this center, the point that organizes everything, that commands everything. Consider an example: you are somewhere in society, unknown and insignificant and cannot therefore change anything in the destiny of your country. To do something, you have to go to the center, where the president or the king is. At that point you can do everything because you reached the center. If you remain somewhere in the suburbs, no one will listen to you.

The same law is found in the inner world. As long as you don’t focus on the top, of course you will get something, but not what is essential; whereas, if you are in the center you will find unexpected resources in your own being to produce real changes. See now why the really smart people do not deal with temporary and insignificant achievements. They work and go to the top, without regard to the duration, even if it would be hundreds of years. One person can change for the better the destiny of mankind, but on condition that she/he has already reached the top.
When choosing the top, which is in you as a state of consciousness, you will have the same powers as God.

Yes, by the way the world is built, I can prove to you that cosmic Intelligence has arranged things so that the real force can be found only at the top. If you do not believe me, you did not understand anything, and will only have the pain. I do not want this for you; on the contrary, I never want to see you suffer. But, when you do not understand much, you cannot avoid the pain. Suffering exists to force people to understand… So, it is a blessing!
Now, I will reveal one of the most important truths to know: all Masters have done it and the Initiate Science points it out: each of us will go one day to live in the region where they directed their thoughts. So, when you leave this world, you will go to rejoin the region of your thoughts. If these thoughts have been high, you will go to the most sublime region, and vice versa, if your thoughts have been directed to the Inferno, will meet the Inferno. Here is the greatest truth. So, if you only ask for intelligence, love, beauty, be absolutely sure that no force of nature can ever stop you ever from living in this region, i.e. in the region of your thoughts and desires.

19 september 2012


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