During your loving relationships pursue knowing each other with frenzy and adoration

Yoga Professor, Gregorian Bivolaru

Any loving relationship, any love relationship, based on transfiguration and sexual continence is at the same time a gorgeous extraordinary journey, where each of the lovers carry in their luggage, sometimes unrecognized, a multitude of secrets.


Let’s remember how happy we are in the first stage, when we discover the great mysteries or little secrets of the lover.  The favorite flowers or the favored perfume, the color that he likes the most, the colors of his clothes that suit him the best, the scent of his skin, the softness of his hair, some anatomical secret that relates only to his body, certain pleasant feelings that we feel when we are in his intimacy.

In the second stage, we feel profoundly excited and happy at the approach of our lover and his subtle energetic camp over our aura.  We instantly feel his thoughts and inner states, even when he is at distance and thinks of us with love and ardent desire.  At other times, we guess and perceive with anticipation that he comes to us suddenly and he may really appear in front of us.  We contemplate his facial expressions or admire his way of sleeping, his sensual, charming or nonchalant sleeping position, coiled up or straight, with his hands lain on this chest, just like a saint.

All of these are intimate, delicious aspects that approach each other and allow us to merge in a mysterious, profound and ineffable way with him.  Above all we wonder of the love and happiness that penetrates everything in the presence of our lover.  Then we are fascinated with the heavenly magic of our sexual fusions with him, we feel his transfiguration and frenzy and enjoy the euphoric states that appear when we experiment with the effect of the avalanche after our sexual fusions. 

Thus months and years pass, one after the other.  The time of the two lovers is pouring implacably, season after season.  If they are extremely happy, this time passes amazingly rapidly especially for them.  Certain cycles follow: summer, autumn, winter and spring.  For the loving couples that blend with transfiguration and continence, the seasons progress calmly for some, slowly for others, and for those who are extremely happy, very rapidly.

The two yogi lovers that are very happy wonder about all they have accomplished through the years, of all the nice memories they have gathered.  Always keep in mind that experiences, especially loving experiences, are the most valuable “treasures” that we can take with us when we leave definitely this world.  Knowing this, we have to continuously seek wonderful states of happiness, joy, delight, refined pleasures, high spiritual states, mystic experiences, and love.

Always keep in mind that the only “jewels” that we can take with us when we decisively leave this earth are the extraordinary experiences, wonderful feelings, and overwhelming states of love.  When at a certain moment we follow the balance sheet, we surprisingly ascertain, together or separate, how fast or in what way time has passed, together with our loving being.  In these balancing moments we notice with clarity and detachment that, during our loving relationship, the only thing that remains are experiences, memories and, for the majority of superficial human beings, so many forgotten things….

Concerning the memory of the wonderful experiences, it is necessary to note that, especially in the case of women who do not transform themselves spiritually enough when they are involved in a couple relationship, they forget what they need to remember and they remember especially what they should forget.

In the moments when, full of clarity and detachment, we make the balance sheet of the loving relationship in which we were involved, we should first consider how happy we’ve been together, how happy we are together, how often we have had spiritual experiences together, how close we have been to each other, how deeply we have awakened the glorious androgynous state in our inner universe, because of the magical complementary presence of the other one, what good friends we have become, how intimately and profoundly we merged in certain invisible, subtle spheres of our beings, how emphatically we have reached to become, how deeply in us has awoken, due to this relationship, certain paranormal capacities, and how intense and profound our souls have merged.

Generally speaking, each balance sheet made with clarity and detachment should show that, during the time a loving relationship existed, a great happiness continuously existed.  In the case when we realize during the balancing, with clarity and detachment about our relationship, that happiness has disappeared long ago, replaced with suffering, tension, anxiety and all kinds of torment, we doubt the existence of a so called loving relationship in which we are involved.  In a similar situation, we can doubt the existence of love, in us or in the other being with whom we are involved in this relationship.

If, in these moments of clear analysis, we suddenly have a state of inspiration that makes us understand that in our so called loving relationship there exists no love or the love has disappeared long ago, we have to stop immediately, because continuing this way only feeds us with amplified masochistic tendencies. Such situations appear especially when only one of the lovers loves, and the other one is profiting in a vampire-like way from the love which is offered to him, without having or manifesting any love for the other one. When we face such situations we should realize, with clarity, that if we continue in the same larval way and maintain such a relationship in which there does not exist mutual love, we only become debauched. Regardless of how much we love, if the other one does not love, such a relationship is perverted and the human being that indulges in it only debauches.




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