Erotic heat: how to find or rediscover the plenary joy and happiness of sacred eroticism


The text below was translated by one of you in 2011, to be offered to all the women that aspire to awake their state of SHAKTI.
You will now have to guess the author of these fascinating confessions about the Feminine Eroticism and the mysteries of female uninhibited sensuality.


The genital area, which is fully awakened in the case of the women who manifest an intense, robust and love-based sensuality, is the manifestation place of the creative sexual energies which arise after lovemaking based on perfect continence, mutual love, transfiguration and consecration of the fruits towards God the Father. For us – women – this is the expression of our sensual nature and, just as any harmonious manifestation, it has its own natural cycles which lead us to be in unison with the great cosmic cycles. Moreover, it feeds our being, regenerates our body and awakens the soul. Thus, we are happy, become strong and our existence is in unison with the divine Laws of Being. Free, spontaneous and uninhibited women go beyond the paralyzing prejudices, they become capable of asking creative questions for themselves, they integrate themselves in an entirely different manner in the love relationships based on mutual love and, moreover, they end up manifesting a giant beneficent creative energy, which they focuse according to their own needs to the superior levels of their being, thus energizing their force of love, their intelligence, memory, self-confidence, their joy to live, their creativity, intuition, empathy and happiness. Such women are radiating, charismatic, they’re much calmer, they spontaneously manifest states of self confidence and the state of SHAKTI is awakened in their being. Such deeply transformed women react to benefic stimuli which harmoniously involve the senses, such as movement, dancing, divinely inspired music, nourishment, drinks (not referring to drinking alcoholic beverages), profound inner peace, silence, beauty, the joy to live, the state of genius and blooming of latent benefic feminine potentialities.

All these are characteristic of a woman who awakens and amplifies a mysterious state of erotic warmth into her own being. This warmth is an inner force that can be fully mastered. It goes without saying that we are not talking about what some women would mistake for that kind of warmth that makes some passionate women say: “Faster, my love! Make love to me!”. This inner warmth, which is fully manifested in the abdominal area and is correlated to the harmonious energizing of the subtle center of force MANIPURA CHAKRA, is actually a harmonic hidden fire which manifests with a force varying in relation to the degree of awakening that the respective woman is already manifesting.

Due to the subtle energy of fire which is accumulated and released in this manner, such balanced and strong women who control their inner nature through the harmonious activity of the superior centers of force (especially the subtle center of force AJNA CHAKRA), such women act as they see fit, proving their intelligence, intuition and common sense. The entirely special erotic warmth of such women which springs from the area of the subtle center of force MANIPURA CHAKRA, is not an irresistible state of sexual arousal, but it is an elevated, intense state of sensory consciousness which includes their erotic energy which, thus, manifests within the love relationships based on mutual love and transfiguration. The manifestation of this mysterious warmth is not posing any limits to the women who managed to awaken it. What is characteristic of this manifestation will be briefly presented here, by us, because we could write entire pages about the manner in which those unloving men have the tendency of seducing and abusing the sensory, erotic nature of women. We could also write entire pages about the way in which some ignorant women are abusing their sexual energy when they are not manifesting love and they end up using it against themselves or even against their natural rhythms. Next, we will study certain aspects of the feminine eros, that in some situations appears to be fundamentally “wild”. When used wisely in love relationships based on mutual love, transfiguration and sexual continence®, thus, a tremendous benefic warmth occurs in the woman’s being, a warmth which helps the growth of her being and, moreover, it facilitates the awakening of the soul. In modern times, this manifestation of the sexual energy has caused states of fear from those women who were not capable of understanding their cyclic, erotic manifestations, especially when they are in a state of maximum fertility. Such moments are characterized by the triggering of some spontaneous biological transmutation processes who make them feel a state of inner warmth which is extremely powerful.

Regarding these aspects, which we will discuss in these next pages, we think it is necessary to remind you of the existence of an aspect of the feminine eros which, in the ancient world, was called “sacred shamelessness”. This state of sacred shamelessness occurred spontaneously and manifested in women under certain clear conditions. The term “shamelessness” should not be taken in the way many of us understand it today. This state of sacred shamelessness actually defines a wise, harmonious state of integration of eros which was based on mutual love. In these ancient times, there were some rituals or cults who associated women to certain goddesses who were endowed with a “shameless” female eroticism that was only apparently indecent. Rituals of this kind, which used to facilitate women’s connection with these so-called shameless goddesses did not actually consist of anything impious, but they would trigger some processes of occult resonance which were extremely strong in some layers of the woman’s subconscious. Such processes remain a mystery even today and they are far from being entirely categorized.

When women are opening themselves towards such states of complete lack of inhibitions, they become able to successfully explore the female potential, and this facilitates the biological transmutation of their creative potential into tremendous subtle energies. Thus, in the case of inspired erotic motion pictures featuring extremely sensual and uninhibited women, these aspects will be practically materialized and help us find out what happens when such women are manifesting such evident states of shamelessness and lack of inhibitions.

The very idea of the sacred character of the eros, and specifically, the sacred character of shamelessness, as aspects of a liberating eros is of vital importance for the wild nature of the woman. No wonder the matriarchal societies of the ancient world had goddesses of shamelessness, famous for their overwhelming sensuality, but still inspiring and innocent. Due to present day language, it is hard for us, women, to understand the term of “shameless goddesses” in a pure, transfiguring, uplifting, sublime and vulgar-less way. The only thing we need to do is take a look on the definitions given by dictionaries, where the word “shameless” is most often interpreted as “brash, brazen, indecent, immoral”. Very few beings are integrating the term “shameless” in its meaning of uninhibited, impudent, which shows an inner freedom, which is characteristic of a woman who completely renounces any paralyzing prejudices, any limitations who are meant to block the manifestation of her erotic energies within the act of love-making based on mutual love. Due to the ambiguous aspects of the word “shamelessness”, we can easily understand why this cult aspect of such shameless goddesses was rejected: it was because of the fact that very few human beings were capable of understanding the true nuances of the term “shamelessness”. That is why we suggest you replace the word “shameless” in your minds, with a term which is closer to our mentality, which is “uninhibited”. The term “uninhibited” can be defined as lacking inhibitions. In this manner, the term “shamelessness”, which most often causes a familiar feedback of rejection and even contempt, appears in a different light when replaced with “lack of inhibitions”. We must also never forget that in the ancient world, the term “lack of inhibition” did not exist and that is the reason why people spoke of shameless goddesses.

In spite of this inevitable decay, some pieces of history have still survived and are still present in the world culture. They show us that erotic shamelessness between two opposite sex human beings who love each other has nothing vulgar in it and it resembles a natural creature, a charming, fantastic creature that you would most definitely enjoy being visited by, especially when the heat of those erotic desires is peaking and many of you, women, would want this creature to become one of your best friends.

A few years ago, when I began telling “stories about the shameless goddesses”, many of my listeners would smile, and then most of them would laugh out loud when hearing the deeds of these goddesses or women, or upon discovering the deeds of those mythical feminine characters that tapped into their erotic energy, creatively, in order to reach states of happiness, to become fulfilled, to calm their sadness and thus, to find a state of inner balance that could not be reached otherwise. It was obvious that, in this manner, such women would feel much better in the psychic field. I was often astonished by the way in which sensual women would smile knowingly when I would take on such subjects. On some of them, I noticed that first they needed to discard their formal paralyzing education, that was telling them that such a smile, or the manifestation of a lively, healthy laughter is unworthy of a so-called well-raised woman endowed with common sense.

I’ve also had the occasion of seeing how, by behaving exactly as a well-raised woman in an inappropriate situation, some women could suffocate instead of giving themselves the liberty to breather freely, by their own will. As we all know, in order to laugh, you need to rapidly alternate inspirations and expirations. When i was becoming aware of all this, I had already known, due to the research conducted in the field of kinaesthesia (kinaesthesia = the totality of sensations which reflect reactions and movements of one’s own body), as well as due to the different somatic psychotherapies, such as Hakomi, that the act of spontaneously and profoundly breathing in makes us feel certain emotions and that, when we spontaneously try not to feel anything, we tend to hold our breath.

Laughing in great health and spontaneity, a woman can also start breathing freely and, by doing this, she begins feeling the benefic emotions that, according to her, are forbidden and should be repressed. In fact, this is not about sensations but it is about emotion alleviation and, in some cases, about the use of some perfectly natural remedies for some detrimental emotions, for alleviating traumas, stress and tensions that involved refrained crying or reactions. All these imply the evocation or recalling, often done without any visual images, of some painful events that have been long forgotten, or even the breaking of some so-called chains that are paralyzing or imprisoning the sensuous feminine nature.

Thus, it became obvious to me that the importance of these ancient goddesses of shamelessness is measured by their capacity of removing that which is excessively limiting, because beyond any appearances, the influence of these goddesses of shamelessness would only bring cheerfulness, it would induce benefic states of pleasure and would set the body in a state that had nothing to do with the predominant speculative intellect. In this manner, these goddesses of shamelessness would cause the manifestation of some harmonizing aspects into the woman’s body which would induce a state of well-being, happiness, fulfillment and joy. I had the opportunity to discover that the uninhibited female body is that which laughs out loud when hearing the story of “Dick”, the coyote, or the dirty stories of Drukpa Kunley (1455 – 1529), the Tibetan monk. Through this kind of erotic humor, the shameless goddesses send a series of benefic subtle energies into the nervous system and especially inside the endocrine system, energies which cause prompt reactions which are immediately received as a miraculous remedy.

The next three stories I’ve included here represent, we might say, a certain dose of shamelessness – that some might even consider obscene – as it should be understood: a sui generis benefic remedy which causes a certain erotic, mostly sensual delight triggers a series of benefic creative emotions. Two of the three stories are old while the third one is a bit more recent. These stories tell us about the shameless goddesses, which I like to call shameless because they’ve stayed and kept on dwelling in the lower layers of our being and they still do. From a creative perspective, we might say that they belong to the fertile land, that psychic mud which is a creative substance from which the mesmerizing lotus flowers, often mentioned in the eastern traditions, draw their sap. In order to properly understand this mystery, it is necessary to understand that the lotuses draw their sap and manifest their exquisite beauty from the bottom of the mud which they need, in order to survive. We all know that the lotus cannot grow in any place, and in the absence of that fertile mud, from which it draws its sap, we wouldn’t be able to admire the diaphanous splendor of its enchanting flower. Beyond any appearances, the shameless goddesses represent an enigmatic aspect of the woman in which the state of SHAKTI is fully awakened, of the woman who is a messenger of MAHASHAKTI, and this kind of woman is, at the same time, extremely erotic, capable of controlling and directing the tremendous resulting energies and also pure, full of aspiration and sacred. With this much needed introduction, we hope you will be able to fully enjoy these stories that we’ve prepared for you.


Regarding Baubo, there is a metaphor that goes like this: “she talks through her matrix (the YONI)”. Here we should emphasize the fact that there are a lot of “matrix (YONI) storytellers” and among them, there is the goddess Baubo, present amongst the gods of the ancient Greece which is also named “the goddess of shamelessness”. Baubo also has other older names, such as Iambe, and it is obvious that the Greeks borrowed this goddess from older traditions. Baubo is part of the wild archetypal traditions of the sacred eroticism and fertility which worship life, especially erotic life, and who existed from the beginning of time. We only managed to come across a single written reference on the goddess Baubo, which makes us think that actually, her cult was forgotten due to successive waves of invaders. We realized that somewhere under the hills and lake dwelling woods of Europe and the Orient, there are even temples dedicated to her. Such temples were filled with cult objects which represented and glorified her.

Consequently, it is no wonder we’ve come across so few information about the goddess Baubo, but it is necessary to remind you of one single fragment which belongs to this archetype and which could give us, beyond any appearances, the mysterious image of her totality. We have this fragment in the form of a story where we see Baubo appearing and saving one of the most enchanting and most picturesque goddesses of Olympus. Here is my version of the story which is founded on the ancient remnants referring to the goddess Baubo, who we can contemplate as a brilliant apparition which represents the base of Greek myths from post-matriarchal times and from the time of Homeric hymns.

The goddess Demeter, mother of earth, had an amazingly beautiful daughter called Persephone. One day, when Persephone played in the field, she saw an incredibly beautiful flower and reached towards it, leaning her beautiful face towards it. But suddenly, the earth started to shake and a great chasm opened before her. Then, Hades, the god of the Inferno, instantaneously appeared from the depths of the earth. Big and strong, riding in a black chariot with four horses pulling it, Hades was wearing his long vestments in traditional ghostly colors.

Hades caught the beautiful Persephone’s hand and took her with his chariot into the depths of the earth. The veils covering her beautiful body were fluttering in the wind. Seeing how she is being kidnapped, the beautiful Persephone started screaming, but as she was being taken deeper and deeper into the depths of the earth, her screams became less and less audible, while the chasm close as if it never existed. The young girl’s screams reached up to the peaks of mountains. The goddess Demeter heard the echo of Persephone’s screams for help into the mountains and in the water’s murmur, which expressed her pain. Then, all of a sudden, it was quiet, and the flower scent rose high into the sky. Then the goddess Demeter ripped off the bindings of her enchanting hair, letting it spread and flutter in the wind, like a dark veil. Then she rushed like a giant bird over the Earth, desperately looking for her daughter. All this time she kept shouting Persephone’s name.

The same night, an old woman who was standing at the entrance of a cave told her sisters that she heard some screams during the day. She mentioned she heard a young voice, frightened, shouting and then she heard another weeping scream and a third voice of a mother crying.

But young Persephone was not to be found. The long, frantic, endless search of her beloved daughter had begun for the goddess Demeter. She asked everywhere if anyone had seen her daughter, she went through every corner and every crack in the ground. Not finding her daughter, she went mad with rage, she wept, shouted, she begged for mercy, she asked that she was herself (Demeter) killed: but all was in vain. There was no chance for her to find her beloved daughter.

Due to the fact that the goddess Demeter was also the mistress of fertility, she then decided to seek vengeance, and thus she cursed all the plains, all the fertile ground of the Earth, yelling her unhappiness: “Die! Die! Die!” And the curses worked no child could be born, and moreover, not a single wheat ear would grow and not a single loaf of bread could be baked. Flowers didn’t grow and not a single live twig could be found to honor the departed. Due to the curses of the goddess Demeter, life on Earth was perishing. The Earth was barren; the bosoms of women were dry and had nothing to give.

Demeter stood still in the same place. Her clothes were muddy, her hair ravished. Still, even if there was great pain in her heart, she did not give up. After countless searches with no result, she ended up falling down next to a well, in a village where no one knew her. While leaning her stiff body against a cold stone, a strange woman approached her. That woman was completely naked and she approached Demeter dancing, moving her hips sensuously, in a manner resembling the act of lovemaking. She was also obscenely moving her breasts, her thighs and arms. When Demeter saw her, she almost couldn’t refrain herself and a smile arose on her face. In fact, that woman who made the goddess Demeter smile, was actually a magical and humorous creature, in her own way, because she had no head, and her eyes were where her nipples should have been. And her vulva with her enormous labia and a huge clitoris were her nose and mouth. Thus, through that unimaginable mouth, that magical creature began entertaining and delighting the goddess Demeter, telling her several completely shameless erotic pleasantries. First Demeter smiled, then she started laughing and in the end she couldn’t help herself and her strong and deep laughter sprouted from her abdominal area. Thus, the two women, the shameless goddess of the YONI, Baubo and the strong goddess of earth fertility, the mother Demeter ended up laughing out loud in unison.

This celebration of laughter that the goddess Demeter had lived through the help of the goddess Baubo took her out of that acute state of depression in which she indulged herself and gave her back the energy for continuing the search for her daughter. With the aid of the goddess Baubo, the old Hecate and the god Helios, the Sun, the search of the goddess Demeter were eventually successful. The young and beautiful Persephone was brought before her mother, and the earth and the womb of all women were no longer barren. They became fertile once more.

I confess I myself used to and still have a great weakness for the goddess Baubo. I like her more than all the other goddesses of the Greek mythology and maybe even more than any other feminine figure. I have no doubt that she is the descendant of the goddesses of the YONI from the Neolithic era, who were mysteriously having no head and who are sometimes, also missing legs or even arms. Personally, I consider we cannot reduce them to the classical goddesses of fertility, because they are so much more than that. They are the talismans from certain words of women. They are those talismans that we never allow men to see, except in some truly exceptional situations.

Such extremely powerful talismans embody the feminine erotic sensibility and they represent unique expressions of this world. They are represented by the fascinating breasts, the clitoris, the labia of the YONI, through which sensuous women feel extraordinary sensations. They are the only ones capable of transmitting these sensations to the men, when they are sensible and empathic. For them, this being laughing with all her heart – the goddess Baubo – is and remains one of the best remedies against trauma, stress, any frustrations they might have, and this is no random fact.

I’ve always thought that the dialogues between women, over a cup of tea or an apple juice are the remnants of an ancient feminine ritual, a ritual in which women reunite, they talk about their traumas, sufferings and their problems without hiding the naked truth. In such moments, women relax, they even end up amusing like lunatics and they live heavenly moments or they become capable of living just as Eve lived once in Paradise. Then, when they come back home, everything works much better for them, for they feel understood, and the fact that they share their problems and unrest with one another helps them surpass a part of the tensions on their mind.

I know it is difficult to drive men away in order to remain alone with your friends. I only know that in ancient times, women would encourage men to go “fruit picking”. This harmless ancestral circumvention has allowed them to satisfy their need of living, at least from time to time, in a uniquely feminine and intimate ambience when they find themselves in the intimate company of other women that they love and with whom they spontaneously feel integrated in a natural feminine environment.

Masculine energy is, without a doubt, something formidable, but for some women this is just as if they would eat too much chocolate. That’s why some women are in the mood for a bowl of rice and a glass of water to cleanse their stomach. We should never forget that we need time for the other. Moreover, the goddess of shamelessness, Baubo, is sharing with us the interesting idea that a certain dose of healthy obscenity can help us give up our paralyzing inhibitions and the shame that is enclosing us and stops us from being truly happy. It is true that some forms of laughter descending from these ancient stories, which are repeated throughout time and told from one woman to another are also stimulating the desire to make love and the libido. These gaily stories awaken the joy of life and give us back the taste of living. That’s why it is necessary for each of us to have, in our arsenal, such shameless erotic stories, like the ones of the goddess Baubo. In time, I’ve discovered that such erotic stories that awaken healthy ripples of laughter are also completely natural powerful remedies. Such erotic stories can help us not only win the battle against our foolish inhibitions and paralyzing shame, but they also impel us to suppress hindrances of all kinds, they help us surpass discomfort and they make women be more exciting and, why not, even happier. Try this, five or six times, when you are with other women, and you will see that such shameless little stories make wonders. Regarding the two aspects of the story on the goddess Baubo that I will evoke now, some of you won’t be very impressed by this because it is a subject discussed only between women, in a small, intimate group, when women dare to undress and admire one another…

The story on the goddess Baubo evokes an extraordinary characteristic of it: Baubo transmits through her nipples and even more so, she feels and sees through her breasts. In a woman, harmoniously developed breasts work just as sui generis eye balls. For men, this represents a pure mystery. When I tell women about this, they spontaneously nod their head with enthusiasm and they say: “I perfectly understand what you are saying!” For some women whose nipples are awakened and from which mysterious energies are springing, energies that make them feel paranormal aspects, seeing and feeling through their nipples and breasts is something real, inarguable and even more, it is a paranormal sensory quality. Women who are very sensual, who’ve had their share of exceptional lovers know that the breasts are psycho-mental organs which react to temperature, to caressing, to erotic kissing and even to some harmonious sounds. Breasts, for sensual women, are organs of the senses, just as the eyes. Regarding the possibility to “talk through the YONI” in a purely symbolical sense, it is about expressing the “primordial matter” of every woman (prima material) at the most profound and most sincere level, that is, for them, an organ of the mysterious truth. For some women, the YONI is and remains an enchanting vital mouth. Regarding this, there is nothing more to be added, except the fact that the YONI, for many women, is the basis of the most profound vein of the woman’s being, which consists of depths that only women are able to comprehend. These are the depths that the goddess Baubo talks about. In the story referring to the goddess Demeter, who was desperately looking for her daughter, nobody knows what magical words did the goddess Baubo address to her on that occasion. But those of us who are sensuous enough can get an idea of the aspects I’ve described here.


To me, the shameless erotic jokes that Baubo had told to the goddess Demeter were based on these receivers and transmitters with harmonious shapes: the genital parts. And if it really happened like this, Baubo had told the goddess Demeter a story like that one that I’m about to tell you. I’ve heard this story a few years ago from a janitor of the Nogales car park. His name was Old Red and he claimed to be of Indian descent. When I met him, he wasn’t wearing his braces and he hadn’t cut his beard for more than two days. His lovely wife, old Willowdean had a charming face, but she was injured. She told me she had broken her nose in a bar fight. This couple owned three Cadillacs, but none of them worked. Old woman Willowdean had a Chihuahua that she kept in a small enclosure, somewhere in her kitchen. Her husband was the kind of man who never took off his hat. Not even when going to the toilet.

At that time I was looking for such stories and I had just parked my trailer on their property. At first, I remember asking Old Red: “Please tell me, do you know any stories about this shameful body part?”. Then I pointed towards the genital area. This question really made Old Red happy. He gave a frolicsome look to his wife. Then he said in a challenging voice, with a big grin on his face: “I shall tell him the story of Dick, the Coyote”.

Hearing his words, the old woman Willowdean said:
– Red, please don’t tell him this story, please, Red!
– No, I shall tell him about Dick, the Coyote, he insisted.
Willowdean then turned around on her chair, putting her hand over her eyes, as if she didn’t want to see what was going to happen.
Here’s what Old Red told me, stating that he knew this story “from a Navajo indian who also knew about it from a Mexican who also heard it from an indian.”


There was once a coyote known by the name of “Dick, the coyote”. The coyote is the most endearing and also the dumbest of all creatures. Dick, the coyote, was always hungry and he always used to pull pranks on people in order to get what he wanted. After doing so, he would spend the rest of his time sleeping.

One of these days, when Dick, the coyote, was asleep, his LINGAM began to feel really bored. Therefore, his LINGAM decided to give up the coyote’s body and started roaming around in his world, he detached himself from Dick, the Coyote and started running around the road. Actually, his LINGAM was hopping on the road because he, obviously, only had one leg. So he continued hoping around from place to place. This was very amusing to him. Then he left the road, and at one point, he ended up somewhere, in the middle of the woods, where nettles grew. Dumb as he was, he jumped right in the middle of the nettles.

“Ouch! Ouch!”, he started yelling.
“Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!” he kept yelling louder and louder for help.
All that noise caused Dick, the coyote to wake up, and when he reached for his LINGAM, because he wanted to pee, in his astonishment, he couldn’t find anything there. Seeing how the desire to pee was really tormenting him, Dick, the coyote, started running down the street with his hand between his legs. Eventually, he found his LINGAM, in his pathetic state that we already know. Despite going through excruciating pain on top of the desire to pee, Dick, the coyote pulled out his LINGAM that ventured through the nettle field and after caressing him and calming him down, he then placed it right back, rushing to go and urinate.


While telling me about all these, Old Red was bursting with laughter and his body was shaking.
Tears were flowing and he was almost choking with hiccups.
“Here’s the story of the old Dick, the coyote”, he eventually told me.
And then the old woman Willowdean started lashing out on him: “But you forgot the ending!”
“What ending? Haven’t you noticed I already told him the ending?” muttered Old Red.
“Oh, you forgetful man, you forgot to tell him the real ending.”
“Ok, then you tell him yourself, if you remember it so well…”
At that point someone rang the bell and Old Red got up from his chair, creaking from all the joints. Willowdean looked at me knowingly: “The end of this story also contains the moral of it”, she said. I noticed that in those moments, the goddess Baubo was controlling Willowdean, who started to laugh, making some noises, like hiccups, and her womb started spasmodically shaking while her eyes were overflowing with tears. It took three minutes for her to be able to pronounce the next three sentences, while repeating each word two or three times between the hiccups.
“The moral of this story is that when Dick, the coyote, pulled his LINGAM out of the nettles, even when he caressed it and calmed it down, his LINGAM kept itching him. That’s why, when men are penetrating women with their LINGAM, every time they have this look on their face, a look that says: “this member itches very hard”.

So you see, this universal LINGAM incessantly itches since then, when he ventured all by himself for the first time. I do not know which one of you was the trigger for this story, but I was simply bursting my sides with laughter and that’s why, together with Willowdean, I remained in the kitchen almost killing myself laughing and even bashed my fist against the table until I lost control of my muscles.

In my humble opinion, this is the kind of shameless story that Baubo had shared with the goddess Demeter. I’m certain that Baubo’s repertory included everything that made women laugh in this fashion, with no restraint, without being afraid their tonsils will show, their belly is hanging out or their breasts are jumping around. In time, I noticed there is something truly special about this kind of laughter, that has a sexual origin. In my view, “sexual” laughter seems to reach the abyssal depths of the psyche and releases a considerable number of energies, acting in synergy on our bones and sending an enchanting sensation into the whole body. This is a truly special form of wild erotic pleasure which belongs to many women’s psychic array. Sacred eroticism and sensual life are very close to one another in the psyche. Both are facilitating our knowledge through the awakening of amazement, not through the means of an intellectual experience, but through the inner experience of the body. This is the transient experience of something indescribable which occurs both during kissing and during a glimpse of profound laughter which charges our being with benefic energy. Such intense states make us emerge from our own beings, they elevate us, they mellow our character and make us fully enjoy life. I’ve noticed that there is always a wild laughter which lurks, both in sacredness and in shamelessness, but also in healthy sexuality. This is a short transition from a very pleasant laughter to an ancestral laughter. Sometimes, this is a kind of beastly, wild laughter, which involves some sort of a trill which ascends and descends on a certain tone scale. Healthy, spontaneous and shameless laughter is a secret aspect of the feminine eroticism, it is a physical aspect, it’s primitive, passionate, energizing and it is arousing even for the others. All these are fully manifested especially when the eros has no particular purpose.

The truly special benefic effects occur when the eroticism is a vessel and a liberator. Such an eros also has a healing value, especially when it is sacred. Such an eros awakens the joy of living, it awakens the body, the emotions and, even more so, it produces waves of pleasure. It is not consisting of a single dimension, because in this case laughter is shared, it is contagious. This is the pure and wild eros of the completely uninhibited woman.

Here’s a different point of view of the shameless goddesses and of the gaily stories that women tell each other. This is a story that I’ve discovered when I was a child.


I was in Big Bass Lake, Michigan. At the time, I was twelve. All the adorable women of my family, both my mother and my aunts, after making breakfast and lunch for at least 40 people, they decided to rest on the loungers, in the sun, talking and dallying. Men were out, “fruit-picking”, or, in other words, they were spending their time picking fruit and dallying in their own, manly, way.
I was enjoying this, not far from the place the women were resting. All of a sudden, I’ve heard some strong, sharp screams. Being startled, I ran as fast as i possibly could to my aunts. Upon reaching them, I was surprised to see these weren’t screams of pain. They were bursts of laughter, and between the hiccups, one of my aunts kept repeating: “…they covered their face… they covered their face!”. And I couldn’t possibly understand why this mysterious phrase was making them all laugh hysterically, once again. They were laughing like this until some of them almost lost their breath for a short while. Then I noticed that my aunt had a magazine on her knees. Later, when they eventually dozed off under the gentle rays of the Sun, I snatched the magazine that she was still keeping in her hand, and I took a seat on the lounger in order to see what was written there, with my own eyes. On that page, there was an anecdote from the Second World War that I could tell you about, as follows:

General Eisenhower was just preparing to go and hold the troops in Rwanda on inspection (as far as I’m concerned, it might as well could’ve been general McArthur or, why not, general Borneo; the name did not say anything to me at that time). The governor of that country wanted all the African women to stand on the country road when the general would pass by in his Jeep and they were supposed to burst in enthusiastic acclamations of welcoming, waving their arms, as we all know it’s done. The only problem was that the indigenous women were only wearing a necklace made out of colored pearls and sometimes a little leather belt around their waists.

Such a situation seemed to be impossible, the Governor called the tribe’s chieftain and told him about what was about to happen. On that occasion, the chieftain told him: “Have no worries, in the end, everything will be alright!” For this, they arranged with the Governor and a few hundred blouses and skirts were made available and even more, he told the chieftain to tell the women to wear them on this special occasion, so they won’t be naked. Shortly after this, both the governor and the missionaries arranged for all the clothes to be available. On the morning of the great parade, a few minutes before general Eisenhower’s Jeep passed by, both the governor, and the missionaries discovered in awe that all of the african women were wearing the skirts but none of them was wearing the blouse. They had left the blouses at home because they did not like them. So there they were, hundreds of women standing there, on both sides of the road, wearing skirts, but they were all topless, and underneath the skirts, none of them was wearing any underwear because no one ever thought about giving them underwear. Seeing all this, the governor almost had a heart attack. He even went on and shouted at the chieftain who assured him that he had spoken with the women’s representative and she assured him the women were o.k. with covering their breasts upon the general’s arrival.

“- Are you really sure they will do this?”, the governor shouted, distrustful of what the chieftain had told him.
“- Yes, I am very sure, you shall see!”
But it was too late for any supplementary debates. Consequently, we simply can’t imagine general Eisenhower’s reaction upon seeing how the topless women all raised their skirts and gracefully covered their face.


Reading this and sitting there, under the lounger, I confess that I was simply choking with laughter. This was, for me, the craziest story I have ever heard. This was also an incredibly wonderful and exciting story. Also, I could tell this magazine was smuggled goods so I kept it for myself for years. Every time I was having a hard time or when I was close to my exams at the University, I thought about the women of Rwanda, who modestly covered their faces with their skirts, certainly laughing while doing so. This situation, which contained a crazy dose of humor, made me laugh hysterically and it was also amazingly re-comforting.

This is, without a doubt, the other benefic aspect of the shameless jokes made between women that are causing the well-known uninhibited bursts of laughter which they share in situations like these. Such moments become a remedy for ridiculous times and they strengthen women for the dramatic situations which will occur later on in their lives. Many women enjoy making jokes, either among themselves, or about women in general, either about their own YONI, or about the shameless lovemaking. Is it possible for us to imagine the eros and all that appears to be shameless or inappropriate being seen as pure and sacred? I wonder. The answer to this question is “yes”, especially when all this is nothing but a remedy that we need and that allows us to re-establish the integrity of the heart, and even to heal it. Carl Gustav Jung noticed, back in his time, that when someone came to his office complaining about a certain sexual matter, most often it was either a spiritual problem, either a psyche problem. Often, when someone came with a spiritual problem, it was actually a sexual problem. Hence, he came to the conclusion that we can turn sexuality into a cure for the spirit. This is because the eros based on love is sacred. When sexual laughter is a REMEDIO or, in other words, a remedy, we know that it is also a sacred laughter. When laughter helps us, without doing any harm, then it illuminates, it re-aligns, it puts into order, it re-established the benefic force and the power we need. We can say that such laughter is generating good health. When laughter makes people happy and helps them live better, when it makes them happy to be where they are, when it makes them become more aware of the intensity of love, when it shatters their sadness and removes their rage, such a laughter is sacred. That’s why we can state that everything that makes us stronger, more wonderful, more generous, more sensitive towards what is good, divine and harmonious, is also sacred. That’s why we can say that there is always room in the archetype of the wild woman for the nature of the shameless goddesses. Within the pure and wild nature, the sacred and the inappropriate, the sacred and the eros are not separate, they coexist, even within a group of old women who are awaiting our visit, further down the road. They are present in our psyche, waiting for us and testing their stories, laughing with enchantment, like lunatics.

July 2014


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